The Strangest Weirdest and Most Random Football Mascots


I was trying to think of some ideas to write some hubs and being a football fan I had a great idea.  There are some weird mascots out there and I thought it would make an interesting hub to write about them and include some pictures!  I looked around and did not see many other similar hubs or articles so decided to go ahead!  Just in case any Americans reading this are wondering what type of football I am talking about - it’s soccer!

One strange mascot!
One strange mascot!

Moonchester - Manchester City

Starting off with the strange Manchester City Mascot “Moonchester”  For some reason Man City think that their mascot should be a weird blue alien.  To be honest his name is not exactly the best either but at least he is creative I suppose!

West Ham - Herbie the Hammer

West Ham’s Mascot is also a little odd.  I know their nickname is the Hammers but even so they don’t need a hammer as their mascot do they?  

Herbie the Hammer
Herbie the Hammer

Everton - Mr Toffee

One of Everton’s mascots is Mr Toffee.  This comes from the fact they are nick named the Toffees but it still looks pretty strange.  I think they would have been better of just getting a toffee mascot and forgetting the “Mr” part!

Mr Toffee - maybe we should forget the "Mr" part next time
Mr Toffee - maybe we should forget the "Mr" part next time

Barnsley - Toby Tyke

I love the Barnsley mascot Toby Tyke!  He looks so cool in this picture and must be one of the weirdest and most random mascots out there

Surely the coolest mascot around!
Surely the coolest mascot around!

Southend United - Elvis the Eel

Southend United has two mascots and both are pretty strange.  I personally prefer Elvis the Eel but there is also Sammy the Shrimp!  The Shrimpers live up to their name!

Elvis the Eel - Southend United
Elvis the Eel - Southend United

Arsenal - Gunnersaurus Rex

Arsenal’s mascot always makes me laugh when I see it!  It’s the Gunnersaurus Rex which is pretty random and looks funny too!  I actually quite like it!

The best dinosaur mascot
The best dinosaur mascot

The Annual Soccer Mascot Race

Derby County - Rammie

5 Derby County’s mascots is a ram and it looks quite funny to be honest!  Also what is on his knees?

Derby County - Rammie
Derby County - Rammie

Yeovil Town - Jolly Green Giant

Yeovil Town’s Mascot happens to be the Jolly Green Giant!  

Bury - Robbie the Bobbie

Finally the Bury mascot Robbie the Bobbie and all I will say is that it actually scares me!  His eyes are too big!

One freaky mascot!
One freaky mascot!

Who is your favourite mascot?

  • Moonchester
  • Herbie the Hammer
  • Mr Toffee
  • Toby Tyke
  • Elvis the Eel
  • Gunnersaurus Rex
  • Rammie
  • Jolly Green Giant
  • Robbie the Bobbie
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Overall as you can see there are many strange, weird and random football mascots out there and these are just 10 of them!  I am sure there are many wackier ones out there somewhere!

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premierkj profile image

premierkj 6 years ago from Republic of Ireland

Most of these could have a future career in horror films. I'm staying away from Yeovil because the Jolly Green Giant might get me!

ns1209 profile image

ns1209 6 years ago from UK - England Author

I know!

wandererh profile image

wandererh 6 years ago from Singapore

I thought mascots are supposed to be cute and lovable? A few of those could give me nightmares!

ns1209 profile image

ns1209 6 years ago from UK - England Author

I know there are some strange choices!

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