The Truth About Tiger Woods "Accident" and How He Cheats On His Wife Multiple Times For Years

What Did Tiger Do And Why Did He Have So Much Sex

As you all have heard by now probably that Tiger Woods was involved in an accident over the Thanksgiving Day Holiday. There are many questions that need to be answered by Tiger or he risks losing a lot of money.

He does not have to talk to anyone. He can be a private person, but we all want to know what really happened.

He should talk to someone, since people are spreading rumors like he is having multiple affairs and his wife found out about it about 11 pm the night before. They were having a huge fight and Tiger was injured by his wife. To cover all this up someone told him go drive your car at 2:23am and crash. The problem is his wife says she broke the back windshield trying to get him out.

He was supposively cheating on his beautiful wife with multiple people for years.   They are pictures and emails to prove this.   He should just admit it and go on from there.   David Letterman did it and he has almost no repercussions.   I am sure Tiger will get off scot free too.   He thinks his wife will not leave him no matter what he does, since he is Tiger Woods. 

He is Tiger Woods but he is also human and so is she.  She is definitely not happy with what he has done and now their private life is not so private.

If this was the case why did he have cuts on his face and no air bags were deployed after he hits a fire hydrant and a tree. They said the tree jumped out in front of him. That was strange. He is trying to cover up how she beat the crap out of him.

Of all my years seeing traffic accidents this one is very, very suspicious.

He just has to be honest and explain what happened. If he does not do this he will lose endorsements, since people will know that he did cheat on his wife many times and some sponsors of him will hopefully drop him. Only because he is being dishonest also about talking all those steroids.

He could use the steroid usage to blame for his behavior such as cheating on his wife and then crashing his vehicle.

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stricktlydating profile image

stricktlydating 6 years ago from Australia

It doesn't seem like he's actually a very honest kind of guy, so I don't think he'll speak about it. And I think he was on sleeping pills when he had the car accident as one of the mistressess has said she took them with him and his neighbour said he was snoring on the ground after the incident. Anyhow he's done a brilliant job of damaging his reputation and his marriage.

bfishgold profile image

bfishgold 6 years ago Author

I agree with u.

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