UFC - Kimbo Slice And The Ultimate Fighter 10 Rumors

So Many Rumors

First of all I want to take this opportunity to say that the hate Kimbo Slice gets is just amazing to me, hes an exciting fighter to watch because he goes in and swings for the fences. He didn't dub himself god of all things MMA, it was fight fans who hyped him into superstar status. Kimbo has just played the cards he was dealt and in my opinion hasn't given me one reason to resent or hate him. He got knocked out by Seth Petruzelli but he didn't have to take that fight, he could have told Elite XC to take the fight and shove it since Shamrock had to drop out but he didn't, he fought who was put in front of him. When Elite XC went under Kimbo could have went to China and Japan for the money but he didn't, he took Dana Whites offer and put his reputation and MMA career on the line for a shot to join UFC.

With all that being said lets get into these rumors, a lot of these rumors have come directly from The Underground http://www.mixedmartialarts.com/mma.cfm?go=forum.posts&forum=28&thread=1473563&page=1a forum on mixedmartialarts.com. By clicking the link you'll find a thread which was created by a user named Big Wes which was created in 2001 and is said to be the account of Wes Simms. Simms stated on the forums that he had brought his ipod touch into the house which is how he was able to get online. He also says that "Kimbo loses by brutal knockout in the first round of his fight and storms off the set afterward".Note he doesn't say semi finals, he doesn't say quarter finals, and he doesn't say that Kimbo loses his first fight. To me this rumor just makes no sense, before the fighters go into the house they have to sign contracts stating they won't leak information. Why would Wes Simms risk never being able to compete in the UFC and risk getting sued just to post something about Kimbo on an Internet message board?

The next rumor that I've heard comes from MMAshare.com http://www.mmashare.com/new-kimbo-tuf-spoiler--dont-read-unlesssssss-t7479-s30.html This rumor states that "Kimbo Slice and Roy Nelson fought to a split decision with Slice taking the fight. The call was very controversial and for the first time in TUF history Dana White was offered the power to overturn the judges decision by the cast and judges and didn't. The ruling stands. So far Kimbo has knocked off Simms and Nelson." An earlier thread in this forum states that in the first fight Slice had beaten Wes Simms which is reinforced in this rumor. Now out of all the rumors this makes the most sense to me because 48 seconds into the TUF commercial you can see what looks like Kimbo Slice pounding on a down Wes Simms.

The thrid rumor i've come across while looking up info on TUF 10 is that Nelson actually knocks Kimbo out in the first fight. I have no links to this one but the rumor is out there and i just felt the need to cover all my bases.

Last but not least, another rumor from The Underground in the very same thread as the first one I linked, we have this. "Looks like Wes got kicked off the show. Apparently he was lounging out by the pool when Kimbo walked by and made a sarcastic remark about the spiderman speedo that Wes had on. So Wes got up to confront Kimbo and for some reason Kimbo threw a punch at Wes. Wes ducked under the punch and came back with a head kick that knocked Kimbo out cold and made him fall into the pool where he sunk like a rock. Wes then sat back down in his lawn chair and continued lounging. The other guys in the house saw the bubbles and kimbo's flip flops floating in the pool and came running and jumped into the pool to save Kimbo from drowning. Rampage had to give Kimbo mouth to mouth to revive him. Word is that Dana is PISSED off." I choose not to believe this rumor just for the simple fact that the image of Rampage Jackson giving mouth to mouth to Kimbo Slice is something I never want to see come true.

Well there you have it, hopefully I've saved some people a lot of time having to dig through search engines to find out what may have happened on TUF 10. In the end it looks like were just going to have to wait and see what really happened.

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Adam B 7 years ago

I appreciate all the hard work but I seriously doubt that shit went down. Actually, I hope that last rumor is true, not because I hate Kimbo, I don't, but that would be some crazy shit to see on TV! How fucking cool would it be if dude is sitting by the pool, lounging, minding his own business, Kimbo comes by and makes a stupid comment and gets knocked the fuck out and...into a pool? That is awsome. To top that off, if the guy sits back down like nothing just happened while Kimbo is sinking to the bottom of the pool...well...that is just pimp.

HA! I doubt it thought. I also am amazed by the hate Kimbo receives. I hope he does well but I thik Nelson has more experience and think he will probably take the show.

BSLIONS profile image

BSLIONS 7 years ago from Richmond, Va Author

I dunno, the guy who posted that Kimbo beat Nelson by split decision seemed like he was 100% sure that's what happened. It being controversial would make sense too since the UFC would want Kimbo on the show as long as possible. I just wish that Bobby Lashley would have signed on for this show, that would have made it the perfect season.

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Adam B 7 years ago

Yeah, Lashey would have been the icing on the cake. I think Lashey is actually doing things the smart way by working his way up the ladder and getting some valuable experience with the lower level organizations. Once he has evolved a little more, I thing he will make the leap to the UFC and make some waves.

mmamadman666 7 years ago

They are gonna be showing the Ultimate Fighter 10 online over on http://watchmmafree.com

*thumbs up*

Chico Whoretiz 7 years ago

The Simms/Slice pool fight is totally false. If you watch the Spike TV videos on Kimbo, which take place after the TUF 10 tapings, Kimbo and Wes Simms are all buddy-buddy. In fact, Kimbo really seems to like him.

Plus Roy Nelson had good thigs to say about Kimbo. It sounds like he was fairly mellow in the house and apparently the best cook there.

My guess is that he doesn't win the show, but doesn't go out like a punk. The guy is smart enough to not bite the hand that feeds. As long as he comes up with a decent showing, Dana will put him in a PPV match.

UFC0101 7 years ago

Yea i heard something about kimbo getting knocked out the first fight of the ultimate fight also. it came from a pretty reliable source

JP 7 years ago

I heard from a very reliable source that Kimbo does not win Tuf 10. My source is related to someone very involved in the UFC. If I tell you how he is involved my source may get found out and I don't want that to happen, but you all know who the guy is. Anyway, I don't know how or who Kimbo loses to, but he does lose.

pooptastic 7 years ago

I personally think Kimbo is probably a real nice guy, he never seems to talk much smack and ever since he lost that fight is more grounded and humble.

jwarner450 profile image

jwarner450 7 years ago


Sam 7 years ago

I know a man who writes for an MMA magazine in Hawaii. He talked to Quinton himself. He says Kimbo is fighting Wes Sims in the semi finals, and Roy Nelson already made the finals. So Kimbo atleast wins a couple fights. Choose to believe me or not IDC. But I know my source is legit. Come talk to me when it all unfolds to be true.

7 years ago

I think that Kimbo was actually fairly humble in interviews and when on camera. He doesn't act like he is big time at all.

I am defo rooting for old man Kimbo in this series.

I think that Rashad is defo the smarter coach as well.

tksensei profile image

tksensei 7 years ago

Did you say he could have gone to Japan or 'China'? Did you mean Korea?

BSLIONS profile image

BSLIONS 7 years ago from Richmond, Va Author

Japan, China, Korea, lets just say he could have went over seas and call it a day.

tksensei profile image

tksensei 7 years ago

Just wondering because I know MMA-type events are popular in Japan and to a lesser extent Korea, but are not - to my knowledge - yet a big draw in China.

Jason 7 years ago

They show TUF over on http://freetvfeeds.com

Danton Young profile image

Danton Young 7 years ago

He didn't fight in the first episode.

Jack michel 7 years ago

Very interesting a story circulating in the episode in japan and china

Steve 7 years ago

Please tell me how Kimbo is fighting Wes Sims in the semis and Roy Nelson is in the finals if Kimbo is fighting Roy Nelson on Episode Three? Unless Roy loses by this "controversial decision" and comes back in as an alternate only to win his way to the finals? Please. No alternate has ever made it to the finals, and I doubt Kimbo loses and comes back as an alternate to fight his teammate in the semis. Considering Team Rampage is down two guys, the likelihood of Kimbo fighting his own teammate seems pretty unlikely for a semi final bout.

Tattoo Art 7 years ago

Funny how everyone wants to know what happens to Kimbo and apparently I am one of them as well...

Kimbo definitely intrigues me.. just that I don't if Big roy could have really made it, or got knocked out again ala in the arlovski fight..

Jimmy 7 years ago

Steve, no one has been eliminated yet. There have been no eliminations and word is that eliminations wont start until episode 5. First two fights were preliminary fights.

BSLIONS profile image

BSLIONS 7 years ago from Richmond, Va Author

Well I guess that's why they were rumors, I might go snoop around some more and see if I can dig up anymore possibilities

TheJoker09 7 years ago

The footage your talking about is not Kimbo pounding Sims its Marcus pounding Brandon.

ryan 7 years ago

From watching the show it looks like roy nelson is fighting kimbo slice in week three's episode so out of the three rumors that BSLIONS states. The only one that makes sense is roy nelson kncking out kimbo slice and since wes simms is on kimbo slice's team it is impossible that they can fight fight each other. It is only possible that the decision rumor between nelson and kimbo being true is if the wes sims and kimbo fight didn't happen first.Like I said the rumor of nelson knocking out kimbo could be true, but we will have to wait and find out next week when the third episode airs.

IloveTUF 7 years ago

i personally like Kimbo. He seems like a laid back kinda dude.And anyone talking shit about him is just ridiculous. i mean if u look at all the other dudes interviews on the commercials and online websites, ull see they're all saying "OMG MAN IM GONNA WIN THIS IM THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER URE NOT, IM GONNA BE THE CHAMP!(vigorously drinks from a can of red bull) YEA!!!!" while meanwhile kimbo is just like," i can take the critisicim that dana is giving me, i know i am not good in mma but that's why im here, im gonna prove myself, i gotta prove to everyone that i can be a mma fighter" kimbo is a great man with a lotta respect. i highly doubt any rumors that circulate him getting knocked out and LEAVING THE HOUSE?!?! really? people kimbo is a good guy, and if these rumors prove to be true well, lets just wait and see. i hope they arent

ian 7 years ago

maybe i'm the only one that thinks this and maybe i'm not, but i personally hope kimbo knocks nelson out cold. I hate roy nelson. not because he has an enormous beer gut, but because he is a prick who thinks he's better than anyone else. The only rumor that makes any sense is the controversial decision. Nelson knocking kinbo out may be true too, but wes simms isn't the kind of prick that would risk his chance at the ufc, and he definitely wouldn't take a sarcastic remark from kimbo so seriously. They're pals, and simms is a goof himself so that wouldn't happen. out of all of them the controversial decision is most likely, but who knows maybe none of these rumors have any truth to them.

lloveTUF 7 years ago

i agree with Ian. he makes a valid point that the contrversial decision makes the most sense

BSLIONS profile image

BSLIONS 7 years ago from Richmond, Va Author

I'd actually like to see Nelson knocked out by somebody myself, he comes off as a prick to me too.

UFC Insider 7 years ago

I was told by someone from behind the scenes, that Kimbo gets beat by Big Country. Remember you read it here first. This is not a rumor. I wish it was because i'm a big Kimbo fan.

MikeNV profile image

MikeNV 7 years ago from Henderson, NV

Too much. Did you ever watch Pride? If you did then you know Bob Sapp. I see Kimbo as a less skilled Bob Sapp. Less size obviously. Kimbo will not be able to go 3 rounds with a skilled fighter because he'll be gassed. Kimbo has no ground game and any skilled fighter will just let him punch himself out then get him on the ground. I miss Pride. Dana White is not ... well I'm just not a fan of the way he does things. But he knows how to make money and has powerful ties to the casino industry so he'll be around a very long time.

Alonzo 7 years ago

UFC Insider:

Can you tell us how her lost? KO, Submission, decision, injury?


mdp 7 years ago

I know a man who writes for an MMA magazine in Hawaii. He talked to Quinton himself. He says Kimbo is fighting Wes Sims in the semi finals, and Roy Nelson already made the finals. So Kimbo atleast wins a couple fights. Choose to believe me or not IDC. But I know my source is legit. Come talk to me when it all unfolds to be true.

Kimbo is fighting roy this week, thus they could not both be semi-finalists. Thus I'm calling BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!

Dainty White 7 years ago

Watch out for Brendan...

john 7 years ago




UFCfan 7 years ago

You seriously should not comment on MMA ever again. You're apparently a clueless Kimbo Lover. Much like EVERY other Kimbo lover. Let's clear a few things up here. Just because someone swings for the fences doesn't make them exciting to watch. Maybe the laymen MMA fans might think that's exciting, but however anyone and everyone can swing for the fences. If a fighters isn't tactical and well rounded then stick to watching your local amateur mma fights because there you will see guys mostly swinging for the fences. Not to mention a lot of those guys are much better than Kimbo. And yes, Kimbo didn't build himself up on national TV at all. However, he didn't stop it either. He let all that fame and hype come in, so yes, he's just as guilty as Elite XC when it comes to him being hyped up. If you witness a murder and had nothing to do with it, you'll still be prosecuted for not stopping it or coming forward when you know something. And as far as Kimbo not having to take the fight with Seth, yes he DID have to take it. If he hadn't it would have been 10x more of a disaster for Kimbo and Elite XC. He knows full well had he not taken that fight it would have damaged his image and it would have been even worse for Elite XC. Elite XC could do whatever they wanted with Kimbo. Had he not taken that fight, when he knows he's their poster boy... BAD news for Kimbo. So he took the chance and thought he was taking a nobody and BAM!!!! Stupid piece of S**T got exposed. He would have been much better off had he accepted the challenge from Frank Shamrock after Ken pulled out. Frank offered but Kimbo turned him down. He wanted another easy opponent. So how about you not speak about the issues with MMA publicly when you are clueless and just want to defend a garbage fighter. Or is it you're such a garbage journalist that you stick together with your own kind? Scrub. Go get a job at McDonalds.

BSLIONS profile image

BSLIONS 7 years ago from Richmond, Va Author

Aww look, I've got my first troll, how sweet. First of all I'd like to thank you for visiting this article thus making this garbage journalist some money, thanks. You've got the right to your opinion and I have the right to mine but I'm going to take a wild guess here and say that if you were in Kimbo's position you would have stopped the hype machine? Yep, I also bet if you found a briefcase full of money on the ground you'd turn it in to the police, and every time somebody offers to pay for something on your behalf you politely turn it down. I mean its obvious that your inner character is of Christ like proportions, and your intelligence level is on par with that of Albert Einstein himself. Listen closely troll, take your feminine ways and your jealousy filled rants some place else because you sound about as ignorant as that Redskin's linebacker that has been in the news recently. Kimbo Slice is a good guy and an alright fighter who is working to become a better one. I was simply trying to say that there is no need for jealous assholes such as yourself to slam him every chance they get essentially for no reason. Understand? Or am I going to have to explain it to you again slower so you can finally get it?

dany 7 years ago

that last rumor was insane hahahaahahahahaahahah lol

Ph3n0m 7 years ago

I'm Just saying I would love Kimbo to whoop Nelson ass, but U never know in MMA, so Imma wait & see.

ufctx 7 years ago

Well I think this speaks for itself. You be the judge!!

ufctx 7 years ago

Well I think this speaks for itself. You be the judge!!


Steve-O Keniv-O 7 years ago

All the rumors aside... Show starts in two hours, hope Kimbo wins but i have a feeling Nelson wins..

Steve-O Keniv-O 7 years ago

All the rumors aside... Show starts in two hours, hope Kimbo wins but i have a feeling Nelson wins..

kimbo, huh? 7 years ago

guess he lost. Now i dont really want to watch if iam not sure kimbo willl fight again. That clip at 48s there was a ref there so it was a fight. Iam speculating that he will be usbbing in for someone, even though it might be planned. kimbos how they get their nice ratings this season

marcusisbeast 7 years ago

i like kimbo and all but as ^^^he said, they have to keep kimbo to get ratings. i think its gay that kimbo lost roy is fat, but now they let him back him and put marcus jones out how gay is that i mean come on TUF

RoyIsAFatASS 7 years ago

Watching that fight annoyed me extremely...it was a horrible fight and roy nelson is fat and just sits on him...i wanted to see way more action...his punches were weak...its not necessarily that kimbos ground game is bad...its just roy was nearly 40 pounds heavier and just sat on top of him...hope kimbo gets back in...hes a good guy and he shouldn't be hated as much as he is...hope he gets to fight again because i dont think im gunna watch anymore unless he does get back in

Greg Quinn 7 years ago

well looks like kimbo did "lose by knock out" but it wasn't much of a KO..and basically you could see kimbo had better hands....he just needs to learn grappling better

BSLIONS profile image

BSLIONS 7 years ago from Richmond, Va Author

Check Out My Roy Nelson Vs Kimbo Slice Fight Review


madgoldtop 7 years ago


sounds like you know it all. it also sounds like you are a cowardly piece of shit.no kimbo lover here i am a me lover you dumb piece of shit

Jimmy 7 years ago

Watch the UFC 104 replay over on http://watchmmafree.com

*thumbs up*

happy 7 years ago

kimbo will come back you will all see

Jake felding 7 years ago

I am related to Kimbo and apparently he and marcus have a brawl in the pool in episode 9, wes jumps in and tries to stop it when marcus holds him down and kimbo starts humpin him. then apparently roy nelson snogs rampage before his semi final fight.

Troy 7 years ago

I heard about the snog between rampage and roy nelson but i heard it was in episode 10

droid 7 years ago

Theres another rumar saying that "titties" throws a tissue at kimbo and kimbo, kimbo then throws a punch and knocks him out. kimbo then sticks the tissue dwn and around his balls and his crack and then stuffs it down titties mouth. THIS IS TRUE

Abdul Mubin 7 years ago

I heard titties and kimbo have a naked bath together and then roy comes in and then rashad sees this and he gets jelous so he jumps in before he knows it he is getting molested by the other fighters

rashad jackson  7 years ago

titties is a tranny pre op and gets booted out for not being truthful on his app this leads to bimbo and a unamed man from rashads team getting a decider bout for the progress to make the quarters up

Leon 7 years ago

This whole site is an epic fail.

Frankenship 7 years ago

Kimbo has a spot on the ultimate fight night,

but not for the contract. He'll be in the

preliminaries. If he loses, I hope that he

doesn't blame it on Bos Ruten again.

Leo 7 years ago

None of your xources were right so get over it..... For you Kimbo haters it looks like he may get to the finals because the preview for Wednesday says you will be surprised after the next episode...

sean 7 years ago

and nothing was right he fought and beat houston alexander lol

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