The Variety Of Change = Titanic Individualism Part Three of Three

Putting Rod

Once over, the “free” part - the game did not resemble a restful state at all! Also, the shooter’s scoring capabilities do not resemble the “old timers” free throw performance either! On the contrary, defense and offense alters the perfomance by the performers. Sometimes shot making becomes contorted by the rules of “clock” control.

The point to be made here is what of the games shooter? Has one evolved in accord with one’s basketball anatomy and frequency of shot making specificaly as a guard or center?

It’s understandable, perfection comes from perfect play/practice, not just any old play/practice. It shouldn’t be a mystery that Sam’s underhand “flip” although effective, had not a “brother” in any and all other shots on the linear court. Darwin’s discovery of design, and an evolved state made repetition, similarity, frequency, familiarity, the boss.

The “perfection” part equips us with self-confidence. Our environment reduces us or expands us as individual economic dependents. Who will find their environment, and sustain the art?

If an art form is benefical to our welfare should there ever be a state of denial whether self-imposed , or negative outside forces working their way?If it so why is it so?

To get an inner city kid off the street and into golf requires one to go to an environment that is unknown, with the exception of TV’s vicarious connection. That’s exactly what is going to happen. How? Transportation figures in. What of equipment?

Answer: There is one club of importance in golf like the “free throw” is in basketball. It is called the “wedge shot”. Arguably,It is the most important of golf clubs. It’s not a lay-up, nor is it happening outside the line, a three pointer as in basketball. It’s not a fairway or tee shot in golf. It is close to the basket and close to the green. Irregularities abound in these areas. The art form challenges here.

If you’re good with the wedge - you’re better than good with the other thirteen. If you practice/play the wedge completely ie., undulation, angle, trajectory, spin, speed, etc., you’ll master the art. See your shadow and increase your light. The laws of the natural world of golf draw conclusions of the laws that rule the universe.


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