Does it benefit a child to play sports?

Does it benefit a child to play a sport?

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There are many benefits to your child playing a sport besides just the physical aspect. I know as parents we like to wear our kids down so they take a nap. Well that’s nice to, but that is not the purpose of this article. This article will address the benefits of your child playing a sport or being a part of regular recreation.

I know as parents we want our kids to excel if they play sports, but that is not reality. Some kids are just better than others at certain sports. Parents, it is ok if your child is not as good as the next child, because they can still benefit in many ways from the experience of playing a sport or other recreation. Research shows that children that play sports perform better in school, develop discipline, and learn how to get along with people.

There are dozens of activities for your child. Most of the sports activities begin around age 4. From my experience you should choose a sport that is similar to your child’s personality and interest. For example if you know your child is assertive and outgoing then you may try basketball or soccer. These two sports are very close contact and your child will have to be willing to be assertive in taking the ball from another child. On the other hand if your child is not aggressive and a little shy you may want to try gymnastics or swimming. These sports are more independent and they can control the pace of the sport. I think a key thing to remember is not to push your child into a sport if they are not comfortable. My oldest son at age six is very good at baseball, but prefers to play soccer because baseball is too slow for him.

5 ways how children benefit from playing sports:

1.) It provides regular exercise for your child
2.) Your child learns to work as team
3.) Sports can assist your child with problem solving
4.) It can increase your child’s confidence
5.) Your child learns how to win and lose

Some resources that may be useful in finding out more about the benefits of children and sports.

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