Things to Do to Prepare for the End of the World

A lot of people are feeling that the End really is near. Why? Well, a lot of things are pointing toward something bad: the BP Gulf oil disaster, an increasingly powerful and intrusive government, strange and ominous weather patterns, and unusual prophecies such as the Mayan (and other) predictions about the end of the age in 2012.

No one can say for certain what will happen, when it will happen, why it will happen, or WHAT will happen...but it can't hurt to prepare. Here are some things you can do to at least feel more secure!

  1. Stockpile canned food
  2. Store extra 5-gallon cans of gasoline
  3. Store extra 5-gallon cans of water
  4. Purchase a portable generator
  5. Buy a water purifier
  6. Get a shotgun
  7. Get a handgun
  8. Get a rifle
  9. Stockpile extra ammo
  10. Learn basic first-aid skills
  11. Learn self-defense
  12. Grow your own food in a backyard garden
  13. Store extra non-hybrid seeds
  14. Build a fallout shelter in your backyard
  15. Outfit one room of your home as a "safe room"
  16. Start buying silver coins
  17. Start buying gold coins
  18. Get a compass
  19. Get a good pair of binoculars
  20. Get a hand-crank-powered emergency radio
  21. Install a solar electric system in your home
  22. Move to the middle of nowhere
  23. Get an older vehicle that contains no microchips, fix it up, and ruggedize it for all-terrain use
  24. Start working out
  25. Stockpile dry beans and rice
  26. Stockpile whisky and rum for barter (or use)
  27. Learn basic camping, outdoors, and survival skills
  28. Invest in a selection of manual (non-electric and non-air-compresser-powered) tools
  29. Own a trained, intelligent attack dog
  30. Learn to shoot firearms

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Michael E. Horton 6 years ago

You're ready.

American Romance profile image

American Romance 6 years ago from America

uh if its the end of the world should we really concern ourselfs with these things? I mean its the end right?

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