Skiing Holiday Checklist - Don't hit the slopes without packing these!

10 Useful and exciting items for a ski holiday

Packing for a holiday can be hectic, especially when that holiday is a skiing/ snowboarding one. There are the essential items to pack:

ski gloves,

snow jacket and,



Thermal base-layers (tops and pants),

Thick warm socks.

One or two fleeces

But once you have all of these here are a few items you that would make you more comfortable, entertained and safe; whether your going to France, America, Japan or elsewhere.

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1) Buff Neck Scarfs

Being on the on the slopes to have is a cold face can ruin your enjoyment. The harsh winds of the mountains can create a wind chill well bellow the actual temperature.

These breathable head scarfs come in many designs (see below) and protects your face cold environment. They can be worn around just your lower face, wrapped around your head, under a hat or helmet, like a balaclava or even as a hat itself.

2) Hand warmers

When the temperature gets low a great item to have with you is a hand warmer.I would strongly recommend taking a few.There are two types of hand warmers Both have positives and negatives:

  1. Reusable ones that require you to boil them in water after every use- providing instant heat.These are the warmest and quickest type but turn hard and do not last for as long.
  2. Single use sachets that fit well in gloves and require shaking to activate. These Hand warmers last for the longest and stay soft and therefor can stay in your gloves as you ski. The single use type can take a while to warm up though.

Find out how far you traveled.
Find out how far you traveled.

3) Phone charger

The mountains can be a dangerous place make sure that if you become injured you have a way of contacting someone. Remember to take Your charger so you can recharge your phone over night. Portable batterer back ups are available cheap and can be very useful some of them you can even use AA batteries for charging.

Other items I recommend carrying around are:

Money: useful in an emergency or hot chocolate stop.

Receipt: Good to be able to prove your purchase of a lift pass.

Map: Know where you are, and how to get back.

4) GPS Device

By slipping a GPS Device (such as a walking GPS or iphone) into your Bag or Jacket pocket While skiing you can get fascinating stats about your day. You will be able to brag about your top speed or overall distance. You should also be able to find out your average speed and height descended or climbed. If you have an iphone (or equivalent) do a quick app search just type in Ski distance or ski altimeter.

Record your own ski video.

5) Action camera

Ever wish you could , watch that fall again and again? show all your friends that jump you did? With the help of a sports camera you can. These cameras are built for action and are easily attached to a helmet or ski's. These are readily available to order on the internet or by in a shop- just remember to check its built to be able to film winter sports. Many people have one lying around their house, so why not ask around and see if you could borrow one.

6) Lip Salve and Suncream

Take these to keep your lips and face moisturized as the cold can really dry your features. Not only will this save you from having cracked and dry lips but the sun cream should prevent an embarrassing goggle tan line.

7)Snowball makers

Everyone loves a snowball fight, and when on holiday with a lot of snow what better way to spend time with family and friends. Make sure you are on the winning team by packing on of these snow ball makers, the're great fun and can make a bunch of perfect balls in a second.

8) Head to the pharmacy

"I'm aching in muscles I never new existed"

Ease your sore and tense muscles from a day's skiing (or snowboarding) with a muscle pain relief cream, so that your ready to hit the pistes a gain tomorrow morning. From my experience, i think it is a good idea to have a hot tub as well, keeping your muscles fresh should also reduce the risk of injury.

9) Colorful clothing

When skiing with other people it helpful when they can spot you. I suggest wearing something distinctive and colorful to save you getting separated from your group. Fluorescent items are fun idea because they stand out as well as being trendy for winter sports.

Keep your hands Warm while you wait.
Keep your hands Warm while you wait.

10.Glove liners - a 'must have'

When you go skiing you have at least two layers covering every part of your body but not your hands: you have socks and boots, thermals and a jacket but nothing to stop your fingers freezing. This was me until I got myself a pair of glove liners - the're just thin gloves that you can wear under your gloves on colder days. These little things could save you from not enjoying your self because of cold fingers.

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CyclingFitness profile image

CyclingFitness 3 years ago from Nottingham UK

Out of curiosity wouldn't you recommend salopettes?

jadlh100 profile image

jadlh100 3 years ago from united kingdom Author

thank you for pointing that out, I must have accidentally deleted that line when checking the spelling .

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