Throwing A Knuckle Curve Ball

How to Throw a Knuckle Curve

In order to keep from damaging your arm, try not to throw this pitch on a consecutive basis. It will also keep your opponent guessing if you mix in other pitches in between the knuckle curve.

First, you want to hold the ball just like you would hold it if you were throwing a curveball. Next, curl up your index finger and touch the edge of the seam with the knuckle closest to the end of your finger.

Throw the ball as if you were throwing a fastball, but use your middle finger to snap down on top of the ball. For a better break, flick your index finger as well.

If you desire more break, put your index finger underneath the ball, and throw the ball like a curveball.

If you desire more speed and accuracy, tuck both of your fingers, keep them together, and throw the ball overhand like a fastball.

Mike Mussina, Justin Verlander, and Randy Wolf are a few of the pitchers who use the knuckle curve.

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