"Me" time!

When not at work and I have time for myself, how do I spend it?

Wow, thats rare nowadays! Given the demand for time and attention to a lot of other things outside of work, its a valued opportunity for me to have time, alone by myself.

Let's see. So what do I do? How do I let time pass by? Well, it actually depends on a lot of things for me to decide on what to do. My whereabouts is important, my resources count a lot too - and definitely my mood.

1. I read. I ready the Bible, inspirational, aspirational books. I read hubs. I read blogs. I read "home" magazines. I read "travel" magazines.

2. I walk. I exercise. Either I walk an hour in the park or in the mall, I just engage myself to physical activity. Sometimes when I am in the mood for it, I do gardening.

3. I go to the spa to have a de-stressing time for myself. I relax my mind and body.

4. I go to the salon ang get a trim or a manicure.

5. I shop or window shop - depending on my avaliable resources.

6. I write. I write blogs, hubs, short stories, poems - whatever it is I feel like writing. I just like to express myself.

7. I pray. I thank God for all my blessings.

8. I sleep and let my brain rest.

9. I clean the house. I move furnitures. I fix things that need repair.

10. B.I.B.O. - I breath in, breath out.

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wings001 profile image

wings001 8 years ago from Saint Louis, MO

Great answer!

Cellebrate! profile image

Cellebrate! 8 years ago from Manila, Philippines Author

thank you mr coach

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