Catch Carp In France

 Here are some excellent tips for catching carp in france.

1) Carp in france love tiger nuts. Usually the lake owner or the baliff will offer these to you. They do not like you taking your own as it is important that they are correctly prepared otherwise it can be harmful to the fish.  Stock 2 on the hair and also a pop up bit of sweetcorn to balance out the bait and attract more fish with it's colour.

2) The carp are generally bigger so you want to use a larger bait. A 20mm boilie is generally the best bait to use in france.

3) Use french brand baits if you can. There are bigsports stores in the UK that are french, and these are the best ones to buy the bait from. The fish are used to these baits so you increase your chances of catching.

4) Go between May - September if you want to catch more fish.

5) If you can move around the lake if not catching. Don't stay in 1 place for the week and not catch a thing.

6) Take note of what other anglers are doing, and what they are catching on - and copy if you feel it will be beneficial.

7) Take a large landing matt. However most venues will usually provide you with Matt and Net, to save their lakes from diseases and fish kill.

8) Always ask the baliff. Don't worry that he has been asked the same questions a 100 times today already - just ask him. It's his job!

9) Prepare a good particle bait. This will usually be available to you when you reach your destination. Always take advantage of this.

10) Stick out plenty of small pellet to attract the fish in to your swim. Carp in france tend to sit on about 1kg of bait.... so make sure you have plenty of feed otherwise you will run out.

There are some links on the right hand side and at the top of the page that have real good venues in france, i would recommend them to anyone who is thinking of going this summer.


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