Bodybuilding- The Secret of Building Muscle

I think "How can I build muscle fast?" is one of the most recurrent questions in the bodybuilding industry which still goes on unquenched. Only a good in-depth understanding about building muscle can solve this wonder.

Close look on a "muscle fibre"
Close look on a "muscle fibre"
protein for better muscle development
protein for better muscle development

Firstly, "muscles" are not a single entity, but in turn, composed of several bunch of fibres named as "muscle fibres", which can be further differentiated, but I don't want you to get confused.

So, to develop huge muscles, new muscle fibres need to be added or developed to each muscle group which result in altogether development of a muscle.

But the interesting thing is, muscles do not grow unless they have a reason to. That is why we, bodybuilders spend arduous hours at gym, to induce a reason for muscles to grow by weight lifting. Muscle fibres are damaged to a great extent while we lift weights[explains the pain during succeeding day/s].Now, body responds to this situation by rebuilding and adding new fibres as an attempt to adjust to the weights[adaptation]. We don't want our muscles to adapt to same weight(absolutely not!!...), but in turn, we lift more weights to prolong this building process. This process is possible because, the stimulation produced by weight lifting produces growth hormone and also testosterone[the male hormone].

Next most important thing is the "protein diet". Unless you care to include a good deal of quality proteins in your meals, my friend, you are wasting your precious time at gym. Because, proteins are the building blocks of body tissue and it should be made available continuously especially during weight lifting. It is always advised to consume a bit more amount of proteins than the basic daily requirement, because it should be used for repairing muscle fibres but not entirely for the energy needs.

That conclusively brings us back to the golden rule of bodybuilding- "lift weights, lift weights, lift more weights and eat your protein". Now, don't get me wrong there. This does not mean that you go to gym next time and lift 250lb or 300lb like a pro builder(darn it is a lot heavy). But one should try to lift max weight he can with less repetitions.

All that being told, let us peek on how to tune our workouts. To get a massive body, you should never overdo anything. I strictly do the following principles which pays me much.

  1. Never speak unnecessarily. Yes, thats right, you heard me!!. Don't waste your time at gym, once you are warmed up, don't let u cool down by discussing how great your biceps look or how great one of the other guys lifts weights bla bla bla... Get to work. Squeeze it out.
  2. keep your timing. Do each workout with equally spaced intervals(30-60sec), but you may take up to 2min if doing heavy weights.
  3. Be persistent and go according to your schedule. If it is triceps you gotta do, do triceps. Hey, that guy is doing biceps.... let me try too. No, thats not gonna work, thats gonna exhaust you.
  4. Eat your protein. 20min to 30min after workout is the most perfect time to have protein intake(egg whites, milk, chicken breast, meat, fish etc). Body tends to digest and absorb almost all of it according to the supply at this time. Also, make sure you take enough carbohydrates to meet the energy needs(starchy vegetables such as potatoes,corn, and foods with added sugar).
  5. Get your rest. Be kind to yourself, give yourself some rest. Sleep 6-8hrs which will enhance muscle growth.

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DrPPoorluk profile image

DrPPoorluk 7 years ago from NH

Hey! How'd you get my pic on here without me knowing!

Just kidding. Nice hub. Very informative.

Tiara designs profile image

Tiara designs 7 years ago from undisclosed location

I think this is great for someone wanting to build large muscles but I would love you to write something about sculpting or finely toning muscles. I am a girl and I want to just look firm not – like a body builder.

Great hub, I enjoyed reading it and picked up some tips...

aj's profile image

aj's 7 years ago from Saskatchewan, Canada Author

thanx Tiara, but u too can being a girl, tone your muscles by getting into proper workout regim and diet... take care...

Daniel Carter profile image

Daniel Carter 7 years ago from Western US

Good hub aj's. I'm a bodybuilder as well. Hard gainer traditionally, but as of late have been able to increase nutrient assimilation which helped a lot. It is all about the protein, to be sure. Looking forward to reading more of your hubs! Welcome to the neighborhood!

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