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Cricket's first tour took place way back in 1877 between England and Australia, which Australia won by 45 runs. Since then, cricket has produced many excellent players that are still inspiration for many players. The techniques used by players like Donald Bradman, Vivian Richards are advised even now.

International Cricket Council also brought a list of greatest cricketers of all time which suddenly was a point of debate all over the world. The list placed Sachin Tendulkar at the 28th position. Great players like Brian Lara, Steve Waugh, and Allan Border didn't even got a place in the top 20.

The list below has a fair representation of players from all the countries in which cricket is a popular sport. West Indies ruled the early days of international cricket, the list below has three West Indies players. England and Australia is represented by two players each. Whereas India, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan is represented by Sachin Tendulkar, Muthiah Muralitharan, and Imran Khan respectively.

10) Sir Garfield Sobers (West Indies)


A career spanning of twenty years which is decorated by more than 8000 runs in which he made 26 centuries and 30 half centuries. Gary Sobers as he is lovingly called was an excellent all-round player.

The left-handed batsman will always be remembered for his extra-ordinary record of hitting six sixes in an over in a first-class cricket match. He was the first player to make this happen.

9) Dr. William Gilbert Grace (England)


The opening right-handed batsman is considered as the most influential cricketer of the 19th century. Grace nicknamed as WG, The Doctor, The old man, The champion in various stages of his career as a cricketer. The doctor nickname because he was a medical practitioner apart from being a great cricketer.

8) Adam Gilchrist (Australia)


Adam Craig Gilchrist known for his gentleman's approach in cricket. A player known for his ability to crush his opponent by the wide variety of shots that he possessed.

Cricket world cup 2007 was the last world cup that he played. He was struggling to get good scores throughout the tournament until he blasted and made a match winning century in the finals against Sri Lanka.

7) Muttiah Muralitharan (Sri Lanka)


Muthiah Muralitharan the highest wicket taker in test cricket and one day internationals. I wonder that any one will break his record of 800 test wickets in test matches.

6) Brian Lara (West Indies)


The greatest test batsman, Brian Charles Lara, holds the record for highest individual run getter in test cricket. Four hundred not out against England in 2004 will certainly not be broken any time soon.

5) Sir Ian Botham (England)


A genuine all round player who debut for England in 1977 and made many records until he retired himself from international cricket in 1992.

One incident that comes to my mind about him is where a match was taking place between India and England in 2007, a TV reporter of a news channel was interviewing an old lady near the ground where the match was scheduled. The reporter asked the lady about "Who is your favorite player to look out for in today's match". The lady firmly replied Ian Botham. This confused the reporter, but it reiterates the popularity of Ian Botham even 15 years after his retirement.

4) Vivian Richards (West Indies)


Excellent player of fast bowling, though he played his entire career without a helmet. Made 8540 runs in which 24 were centuries and 45 were half centuries in test matches. Another 6721 runs in one day international career marks his versatality in both forms of the game.

3) Imran Khan (Pakistan)


He was retired after the 1987 cricket world cup, but was called back in 1988, which eventually led Pakistan winning the next world cup in 1992. He single handedly picked his entire team for the tournament. Players like Wasim Akram, Inzaman ul-haq were the findings of Imran Khan who went to further shine the Pakistani cricket team for many more years.

2) Sachin Tendulkar (India)


More number of people follow Sachin Tendulkar than the famous football player or for that matter any other sports icon.

Each and every record book in cricket will certainly have a mention of Sachin Tendulkar. Highest individual score of 200 in one day international. Recently also completed 100 centuries of his international cricket career.

1) Donald Bradman (Australia)


Sir Donald Bradman's position of greatest of all time cricketers cannot be argued at all. The legacy of Don will continue to amaze and inspire budding cricketers from around the world for many centuries to come.

Do you agree or disagree with the list. Share your views in the comment section.

I just love getting comments!

© 2011 Kannan Reddy

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Share Your Top 10 or any Comments 50 comments

neetesh singh meerut 12 months ago

Virat kohali

Ahan 2 years ago

LIST same but SRT 1 and SDB 2

cricket fan 3 years ago

are you kidding?... where is kallis.. oh might be he is uncomparable with anyone of the legend. King always King

rathishkannah profile image

rathishkannah 3 years ago from India

Gavaskar is missing in the list. Sachin should top the list.

velandhiran 3 years ago

top 10 players:





5.Imran Khan



8.Wasim Akram



naveen 3 years ago

sachin must be first

Rashi 4 years ago

fantastic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Adam Starr 4 years ago

You cant be serious!!!!!! How can you argue with statistics!!!!!!

JACQUES KALLIS... Overall!!!

imran 4 years ago

One Player is missing that is Inzamam ul Haq,

norman 4 years ago

kallis the best

just look at his records in batting , bowling and fielding

he is dravid and imran combined

Francois 4 years ago

What amazes me is that no one seems to mention Jacques Kallis who in my opinion is the greatest all-rounder to ever play the game. With 12641 test runs at an average of 56.94, 11498 ODI runs at an average of 45.26. As a batsman he is already one of the greats. Out of the top 10 highest run scorers of all time he has the highest average and has scored the second most test centuries. Sachin Tendulkar has 8 more than Kallis but he has gone to the crease 53 more times.

His bowling stats are also not bad with 280 Wickets in tests and 270 in ODIs at averages of 32.63 and 31.69 respectively.

He not only deserves to be the greatest all-rounder of all time, he needs to get his recognition as one of the greatest cricketers of all time.

Aadil Shah 4 years ago

Where is Sir Dravid? And Ian Botham in the top 10? Kapil Dev deserved a spot too..

Waz 4 years ago

One name I never see in these articles about the top 10 all time cricket greats is Jacques Kallis. 4th in all time test runs, 2nd to the great Tendulkar in number of centuries, boasts all this with an average of 57, and to top it off, he is not a bad bowler either by taking more than 270 wickets (and 3rd in number of catches by a fielder). He matches Sir Garfield Sobers in batting averages and beats him in the bowling average stat. Does that in itself put things in perspective.

I just hope that by the time he retires he will be given the merit he deserves.

arshed mehmood 4 years ago

javed maindad and inzamanulhaq also in the list

WILLSO 4 years ago

hey,are you crazy?where is ricky pointing? ricky pointing is the no.3 player in the world of cricket.ricky won the 3 continue world cup as captain.......this is the wrong list cause without ricky.....

Hemanth Kumar Achilles 4 years ago

top ten greatest batmans are..

1). Sachin Tendulkar

2). Sachin Tendulkar

3). Sachin Tendulkar

4). Sachin Tendulkar

5). Sachin Tendulkar

6). Sachin Tendulkar

7). Sachin Tendulkar

8). Sachin Tendulkar

9). Sachin Tendulkar

10).Sachin Tendulkar

Anis 4 years ago

Wasim Akram(Pakistan) Needs to be in top ten also

parvez jakson 4 years ago

whole heartdly agreed with your list! great read ,thanks

kannanwrites profile image

kannanwrites 4 years ago from Mumbai Author

@Srikar Charan Good reason to ponder upon.

@Rock Gilchrist is my personal favorites.

Many thanks to both of you for taking the time to comment.

Rock 4 years ago

Gilchrist should be out of the list and it should include kapildev. And gavaskar shane warne and border

srikar charan 4 years ago

sachin should be one.......

takin d time factor and advanced game play conditions

kannanwrites profile image

kannanwrites 4 years ago from Mumbai Author

@Naren Thanks for chiming in. Totally agree with your opinion. But they are definitely in my top 20.

Naren 4 years ago

the list is not possible without some great players like SUNIL GAVASKAR,SHANE WARNE,GLENN MCGRATH who had a phenomenon record in international cricket

ramesh 4 years ago

without shane warne there is no best team with spinner.records are not important,eventually shane warne is better than muthaiah muralitharan in spinning the keep warne in all time great cricketer.

SilkDepartment profile image

SilkDepartment 5 years ago

@champ come on think about it first before posting. How did prepare for an overseas tour when he was on a ship for 10 weeks to get there ? He played on uncovered pitches. Just think about that....India could not play on the hard n bouncy pitches of this Aussie tour and those pitches would have been the best batting pitches Bradman ever batted on. He also had to deal with WWII, which in all probability robbed him of his best years. Bradman is twice as good as the 2nd best !! Who is the 2nd best is open for discussion. By the way you forgot to mention India as a team Bradman played against. He made centuries and a double century against India

kannanwrites profile image

kannanwrites 5 years ago from Mumbai Author

@champ Thanks for chiming in with your comment, but that's so unbecoming that you say just because Bradman had long break between two matches he scored good runs every time.

Bradman was a man with extraordinary talent which we all should commend.

If today's lot of cricketers get such a break you know what they will tell at the end of the match. They would say they are "short of match practice" that's why they couldn't perform.

champ 5 years ago

@skill department

Bradman played 58 tests in his 20 year old career with an average 1 match in 4 months.....he had 4 months to prepare n every talented player would average nearly 100 if they get such a long b/w 2 matches...tell him to play 188 matches, he would not even come near to sachin....n 1 more point, there were only 4 important teams at that time..england..WI..NZ...n australia.....not as many as 20 during sachin's time

atharva 5 years ago

Deccan chargers from dlf ipl rocks!!

MOHD MAAZ 5 years ago

sachin tendulkar and ricky ponting are good batsman ian botham is good allrounder K.sangakara and A.gilcrist is good wicket keeper /batsman imran khan, m.murlalitharan are also good but first three position is this SIR DON BRADMAN SIR VIVIAN RICHARD AND BRIANLARA

anshu 5 years ago

sachin should be 1

dcvxc 5 years ago

Sachin must be out of list....

Jom 5 years ago

Hi Aakash you commented about "Sachin Tendulkar Doesn't deserve the second position . he deserves the last place among all cricketers in the world . Even Malinga , Brett Lee are better than him ." I think you are poor in Cricket.. his batting, bowling and fielding he performed always well. he is the number one in modern cricket and all times. Sachin not considered as a bowler that u compared with Malinga , Brett Lee.. Where you from man.. so sad :( now onwards before commenting just ask to some one.. shame :)

Aakash 5 years ago

Sachin Tendulkar Doesn't deserve the second position . he deserves the last place among all cricketers in the world . Even Malinga , Brett Lee are better than him .

SilkDepartment profile image

SilkDepartment 5 years ago

Ajit writes " Sachin Tendulkar should come first! ". That's hilarious. Let me put it to you this way. If you average 50 with the bat in your career you are considered a champion. Bradman averaged basically 100 (99.94). Twice as good as a champion !!! Nobody has even come close to that. He did that on oncovered pitches and without the protective equipment such as chest pads, forearm guards and helmets. Bradman is clearly No. 1 with daylight 2nd. It's that simple !!!!! The best batsman - Don Bradman. The best fast bowler - Dennis Lillee. The best keeper/batsman - Adam Gilchrist. The best spinner - Shane Warne. The best all rounder - Jacques Kallis. They are the 5 certainty's in any list of the top 10/12 cricketers in history. As I'll go for the top 12 the other 7 would probably be (in no particular order) Sachin Tendulkar, Sir Garfield Sobers, Sir Viv Richards, Sir Len Hutton, Glenn McGrath, Curtly Ambrose and Sir Richard Hadlee.......honourable mentions to I.Botham, B.Lara, I.Khan, W.Akram, A.Knott, M.Holding, J.Garner, N Harvey, L Hutton, F Worrell, D Compton and R Ponting

nizum 5 years ago

yes you are right sandy,i also dont think that Gilli desrve the no.8 palace.He desrve no.1 spot.that's right.

GALIB 5 years ago

If anybody deserve the no.1 place,no doubt he should be gilchrist. my top ten list is 1.ADAM GILCHRIST 2.DON BRADMAN 3.RICKY PONTING 4.LARA 5.MCGRATH 6.WARNE 7.RICHARDS 8.SOBERS 9.BEVAN 10.KALLIS

sandy 5 years ago

i dont think gilchrist deserv's. But Ponting is must.

kannanwrites profile image

kannanwrites 5 years ago from Mumbai Author

@atuljayakrishnan We agree to disagree!

Anyway, thanks for your valuable comment.

atuljayakrishnan profile image

atuljayakrishnan 5 years ago from INDIA

good list , but couldave included the likes of Malcolm Marshall and Dennis Lille at the expense of Botham and Khan not coz they r lesser playerz, but to me, an an all time list not having the formerly mentioned dosnt seem fair enough.

kannanwrites profile image

kannanwrites 5 years ago from Mumbai Author

@Siddharth Ganguly Sunil Gavaskar is definitely on my greatest cricketers of India.

siddharth ganguly 5 years ago

playerz like shane warne n sunil gavaskar hav bin missd out itz not nly west indies n england can produce legends

Verily Prime profile image

Verily Prime 5 years ago from New York

What of Michael Holding?

kannanwrites profile image

kannanwrites 5 years ago from Mumbai Author

@Zain Glad that you shared your top ten. The only disagreement to me is Sachin scoring so low in your list.

And Len Hutton was excellent in his era, glad your list had him.

zain 5 years ago

the top 10 should shape like this




dennis lillee








prince 5 years ago

Bloody hell you have missed out mcgrath!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nizum 5 years ago

mcgrath is a great bowler,he should be in this list

bob 5 years ago

Lara should

Rossyb profile image

Rossyb 5 years ago

A top XI ever is certainly tough and I think you've had a good go. But not much use as a team - where are the opening bowlers?

I agree with Ajit that McGrath might deserve a slot but there's also a case for one of the Windies fastmen - maybe Ambrose. I would also go for Hadlee over Botham even though Both was a great match winner.

And what about Boycott? 100 first class hundreds and all that.

There is an old saying that if you want to pick someone to bat for your life pick Bradman but if you want to pick someone to bat for his own life pick Boycott!!


Its an impossible task to get a perfect XI.

Interesting hub- I hope there are more comments to follow

SpiffyD profile image

SpiffyD 5 years ago from The Caribbean

Compiling a top ten from all eras is very difficult, especially as there is the evident recency bias. @Ajit W.G. Grace was the first real superstar of cricket. My disagreement is with Viv Richards, Ian Botham and Adam Gilchrist. Gilchrist was a good batsman-wicketkeeper, but Jacques Kallis merits a place in this ten. I think that Sir Richard Hadlee is better than Sir Ian Botham. Hadlee took 431 wickets from just 86 matches and had a batting average of 27-odd. Botham's batting average was around 33, but he took 383 wickets from 102 Tests.

Glenn McGrath would not necessarily make my all-time, but there should have been room for Shane Warne, the first man to 600 and 700 Test wickets.

Ajit  5 years ago

Sachin Tendulkar should come first!

and there are many more cricketers much deserving than adam, murali, and the second guy.

There is Sunil Gavaskar, a batsman who used thrash the bowlers all day during his time.

Then there is Shane Warne, the leg spin legend!

Then Glenn Mcgrath, the most economical wicket taking bowlers of all time!

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