Top 5 Male Bodybuilders

Number 5

5. The man that seems to have no luck at all. Some call him "The Blade" and others just call him by his name. Anyway, a symetric bodybuilder that has everything but enough musclemass. Everything is perfect, latissmus, pecs, arms, calves. More mass on everything and he would be brutal.

Dexter Blade Jackson

Number 4

4. It's even hard for me to say, but this guy has too much musclemass. By watching his trainingmovies I don't even want to train biceps any more. The big german, the smoking bodybuilder. Health isn't an issue for this guy, I wouldn't be surprised if he woke up dead tomorrow. With his size and smoking and all it isn't so long away from a heartattack. Calves calves calves, what if this guy had it.

Markus Rühl

Number 3

3. A young warrior in the world of bodybuilding. Some call him the gift, and some would kill for his symmetry. Year after year people keep telling each other that this guy is gonna win! But no, he finishes up second or third or fourth each time. There is not much to say about him really, he is a gift to the sport and the picture will speak for itself.

Phil The Gift Heath

Number 2

2. One of the favorites. Most people that follow bodybuilding is sure that this guy is gonna take home the Olympia title in a short period of time. No doubt about it. With his posing routine and his musclemass, and his symmetry he will take over the scene. The only negative part about him is the stomach. But everything else is wow!

Kai Greene

Number 1

1. There is no doubt that this bodybuilder is the top 1 on the scene right now. With his attitude, muscle, symmetry, posing, pretty much everything he wins the crowd while winning the judges. Known as the guy with the funny haircut he wins the olympia a total of three times. I think everybody knows his name. Jay Cutler.

Jay Cutler


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