Top Five Greatest heavyweight boxers of all time

Number 5 Rocky Marciano

Rocky Marciano

  Number 5 is the beloved Rocky Marciano from Brockton, Massachusetts. To this day he is still the only heavyweight champion in history to retired undefeated with a record of 49 wins 0 losses and 43 knockout. He has a great record but during his title reign there was not many quality opponents to prove himself better then number 5.

Number 4 Larry Holmes

Larry Holmes

  Number 4 on the list is the great Larry Holmes from Cuthbert, Georgia. Larry had a great record at 69 win 6 losses with 43 knockouts. Larry beat all the great fighter of his time including Muhammad Ali, Ken Norton, Earnie Shavers and Mike Weaver. He has one of the longest title  reigns in history.

Number 3 Joe Louis

Joe Louis

  The brown bomber is number 3 on the list and for good reason. He retired with a record on 66 wins 3 losses and 52 knockouts. Joe louis fought all the best of his time including toomy farr, Max Schmeling, Jersey Joe Walcott and Tony Galento. He really gave all he had to win his fights year after year.

Number 2 Lennox Lewis

Lennox Lewis

   Lennox Lewis gets the number 2 ranking for his great achievements during his career. His record was an outstanding one with 41 win 2 loses and 32 knockouts. One of the most feared fighters because of his great power and boxing skill. He beat all the best opponents who were brave enough to face him. although he lost twice he defeated both his opponents in rematches and retired as the world champion.  He also won an olympic gold medeal in 1988.

Number 1 Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali

  Number one is awarded to Muhammad Ali for his great career. Like Lennox Lewis he was also an olympic gold medalist. He pro career was outstanding he beat the best possible quality opponents on all time including Joe Fraiser, George Foerman, Floyd Patterson and a long list of other great fighters. He really fought some unblievable fights that required much more than talent to win. His carrer record is 56 wins 5 loses and 37 knockouts.

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