Trouble on the Terraces. Arsenal v West Ham at Highbury 1982. icf ?

Billowing smoke scatters the Arsenal and West Ham thugs on Highbury's North Bank.

1982 and an English football (soccer) match was not always a pleasant event to attend. It was a couple of years before Maggie Thatcher's clampdown on the activities of Soccer Hooligans and the gangs were becoming more vicious and more willing to use a frightening array of weaponry, which was only too obvious at this particular game. Arsenal versus West Ham was always likely to be a major flashpoint. West Ham had always had a large trouble making following, and had a particularly large and violent gang called the Inter City Firm (ICF), named after their fondness of travelling to away games First Class on the Inter City Trains, and were generally thought of as the top gang in the Country. Arsenal, although they had seemed to be successful in breaking free from the Skinhead element which had plagued the club in the late 60's, were not without their own violent followers, and had an up and coming young street gang known as the Gooners, a spoof name for the official club nickname of the 'Gunners'. May 2nd 1982, an hour and a half before the kick off and the fans were streaming into the ground. In the preceding years it was common practice for the ICF to march onto the North Bank, which was the Arsenal stronghold virtually unopposed, with very little resistance from Arsenal's followers. However. this year was to be different, and there was a very uneasy feeling as I stood on the North Bank on this particular sunny Spring Saturday. Having been part of the hooligan scene years before, I could tell who was who, and I could see the West Ham fans gathering on the North Bank. The Arsenal fans sensed this and attacked immediately, and their rivals were kicked and punched and quickly dispatched from the sprawling terrace, which when full could hold up to 20,000 people. As the police battled to gain control, another West Ham gang had forced their way into the middle of the North Bank and set off a smoke bomb. Clouds of thickening smoke billowed across the pitch and pandemonium broke out. The players, who had just about started the game, were led off the pitch, and panicking Arsenal fans stampeded onto it for their own safety. This left the large West Ham gang cock a hoop in the middle of Arsenal territory. There they were, the largest most vicious gang of football thugs in the country doing what they did best, bullying and taunting their beaten rivals. Only, something was wrong. Not all of Arsenal's fans had panicked, and the next thing they launched a counter attack, and probably for the first time in their lives, the ICF were on the back foot, and were brutally pushed right to the edge of the North Bank. The police desperately fought to surround the ICF for their own protection, and despite numerous attempts by the gooners to attack again, the police line held firm, and the ICF were held until the final whistle, and then escorted to safety. Sadly, this was not an end to the trouble on this particular day, and about an hour later an Arsenal fan was surrounded by a gang of West Ham thugs, and brutally stabbed to death. His killer was never caught, but folklore has it that he himself has also gone to meet his maker. It was the end of an era, and West Ham never again ventured onto Arsenal's North Bank. And in the following years, Arsenal were known to have taken liberties on West Ham's Manor, a feat previously unheard of since the old skinhead days of the late 60's. This ultimately led to several undercover police operations, and many of the main players were arrested and subsequently charged. Nowadays, thankfully the only winners on match days are the police. And premiership matches, although missing the old boisterous atmosphere, are much safer places to be, with attendances on the increase, and families very much in attendance. If you are interested in watching an Arsenal game, visit for ideas on buying face value Arsenal tickets.

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Dave 7 years ago

Great read that!!!!

Arsenal Football Fan 6 years ago

Good to keep the memory of these things alive. Good that the days of football violence are largely gone.

samtenabray profile image

samtenabray 5 years ago from uk

Fantastic read, very well written and overall very interesting!!

Steve (Leedsgooner) 5 years ago

I was on the North bank when this all kicked off & it was scary stuff, fortunately it's a lot safer going to games these days...

vince 4 years ago

Oh my post deleted again. You really have a problem with people questioning your take on things don't you.

Skinhead 69 profile image

Skinhead 69 4 years ago from England Author

I deleted a couple of posts because of disgusting language, if I've deleted yours by mistake then I apologise. Please feel free to repost.

Passerby 4 years ago

I was there on the day and confirm this is a very good and accurate account. However I have been aware even from the day after the event that the vast majority of West Ham fans present that day are blissfully unaware of the first encounter you mention and this leads to some confusing assumptions. For the sake of clarity I would like to add the first encounter you mentioned in the above account took place as soon as the turnstiles opened, with very few police around and a handful of people in the ground. The main Arsenal firm (Gooners) enter the ground closely followed by West Hams fiercest (ICF) , they go hell for leather at one another on the west side of the North Bank by the top stairwell. Any thoughts this particular gang of West Ham ICF have of taking the North Bank are extinguished and they end up in front of the West Stand . The Arsenal fans from this encounter then position themselves by the West Ham fans on the North Bank but by the West stand this leads to them being out of position when the next gang of West Ham fans attack the middle of the North Bank. West Ham fans present that day I leave you to ponder….

Skinhead 69 profile image

Skinhead 69 4 years ago from England Author

Thanks for the input, I'd go along with that. Unfortunately all the comments so far from West Ham fans have had to be deleted due to obscene language or just calling the author a liar. Talk to some of the decent West Ham old boys and although they have a different perspective of events, their version doesn't differ from this one a great deal. The main sticking point is whether or not the ICF were surrounded by the police for their own protection or to stop them fighting, but this is circumstantial, the fact is they were surrounded.

Passerby 4 years ago

………….the fact is they were surrounded by an Arsenal firm that an hour and a half before had seen off another West Ham gang twice if not three times larger which contained most of the main boys one of which is now a well known author who writes books congratulating you on meetings leads me to side with the author of the article on the sticking point.

jimmy myatt 4 years ago

confirmed we gave them a battering

jimmy myatt 4 years ago

every dog has his day. it was the end of an era for west hams crew, we were no longer scared of them.we stood our ground,and gave a good account of ourselves.

Hilly 4 years ago

A couple of weeks later Spurs took the North Bank.

Passerby 4 years ago

Let’s get the facts straight, 1967 -1973 Arsenal take all three sides of Tottenham’s ground as Tottenham have the worse crew in London. 1976-1981 revenge time Spurs get their own back and take the North Bank.

1982 the year you refer to Tottenham are in the North Bank singing songs surrounded by the OB that’s about it mate. The vast Majority of the covered area is held by Arsenal, with Denton’s mob certainly making more of an effort than your lot. Stalemate I would say.

1983, your ground 500 gooners swan down the high road like they own the place , attack the corner pin are in the shelf and Paxton. Our ground was Boxing Day non event

1984, Tottenham come into the North Bank early in the exact same place as West Ham in 1982, they have more numbers than West Ham and still get battered. They never come into The North bank again, and now years later I am hearing stupid excuses like the game was all ticket and denial the event ever took place.

Tottenham’s problems of the pitch go from bad to worse during the 80s when they can’t even raise a crew to go to west ham and have to print leaflets to encourage their boys to make the trip, in contrast the Arsenal Gooners are going to west Ham and getting results. It speaks volumes when West Ham old boys from the time say the only firm in the whole country going to West Ham and having it with them regularly during the 80s were the Gooners. Like the man said above “every dog has its day”

jimbo 4 years ago

i was part of the Gooners firm (clock enders) in the late 70s and Early 80s , i was part of a large south London following who traveled all over the country , love your account of what happened on that day , happy days real firms from the day rated us highly , ask the Everton boys about a certain Friday night match at Everton gooner legends

Passerby 4 years ago

" with Denton’s mob certainly making more of an effort than your lot"

That quote does deserve a special mention before its lost in time. The OB managed to separate the Arsenal and Spurs fans on the North Bank but Denton and his mob managed to work their way to the base of Tottenhams crew from here they steamed up into the spurs fans who backed up into each other in an attempt to avoid them creating a gap, stood in the middle of the gap is Denton and a few of his lads beckoning the whole of Tottenhams crew to come and have a go, nobody stepped forward.

Another sorty into the Spurs fans Denton picked up I was told a knife wound to the leg, he goes to the front of the North Bank hops onto the pitch while the game is going on and gets a st John Ambulance man to bandage his leg over his jeans, hops back into the North Bank and steams straight back into the Spurs fans. This time he is arrested and led along the side of the pitch to a huge cheer and applause from the Arsenal fans on the North Bank.

under 5 4 years ago

passerby the time the yids printed leaflets was to muster a mob for a home game against us that's how bad they were

as for the gooners top days out home and away in the 80's, done well at UP in 85 following year got run on to the pitch when they came in the west side lower tier

plenty of fun and games during the 'hackney rd wars' as well

biggsy 4 years ago

my recall of that day was the turnstiles open between 12,30 and 12,45 after a certain amount of success the previous year we were up for it and the so called icf started to arrive with a certain amount of arragance they were in for asurprise at the left hand side of the north bank we just stood at the top of what was very steep terricing they expected to just walk up and take over had they had done in the past but this was different and after many years of humiliation we were ready and no matter how hard they tried they could not get up the terrace to even get into the north bank at that time and as more and more gooners become more vocal in this dramatic change from the norm this crew were shown up for what they were when a few managed to get in a the front of the nb remembering it was divided in to sections we went straight into them unfortunitly i got arrested and taken down to a pen at the side of the clock end and stayed until the end of the match that was to prove the last big game of my time as a front line gooner i was lucky at highbury corner magistates on the follering monday at 10,am about 100 fans who had been arrested turned up to see their fate but because of the sad murder of a gooner by those cowerds the press were baiting for blood i was remaned in custody for three weeks in pentonville and when icame out with a six month suspened sentance i decided at the ripe old age of 22 to retire and managed to miss all those glory times at upton park thanks for the momories and by the way dont expect those scum to ever tell the truth all the best NUTTY RON

Skinhead 69 profile image

Skinhead 69 4 years ago from England Author

Steve, had to delete your comment mate, try again in proper English!!!!

Not text 'speek'

mk 1970 4 years ago

is that jimmy myatt of hemel

Buzzcock 4 years ago

Anyone ever ask Denton why he changed his club colours? He was a Spurs fan in his early do know that?

Mark64 4 years ago

My experience of this day was quite a funny one to begin with,myself and a dozen or so others plotted up at the back of the north bank and within 30 seconds of getting in we got rumbled and it kicked off which led to us getting dragged out by the old bill and thrown out.

There i am standing outside the north bank feeling sorry for myself as i haven't got enough cash to get back in and up pops this random bloke who ask me if i can't get in,i say no and he hands me a ticket for the main arsenal stand for nothing,after chatting for a minute it turns out he's off duty CID with a couple of spare freebies(if only he knew).

I got in my seat just as the smoke bomb had gone off and felt a bit pissed off that i was missing all the fun but was happy to be in the ground so couldn't complain,fair play to the goons as they were certainly well up for it that day and kept trying to get at the few west ham at the back off the north bank although it all looked a little half hearted from where i was sitting.

After the game ended i joined up with those coming out of the north bank and headed to finsbury park station where it seems a meet had been arranged by those in the north bank.

For some reason i was at the front of the mob going down the tunnel at finsbury park tube and just as i turned left at the junction of the tunnels i run head first into denton,miller and that lot,i literaly froze in shock and took quite a dig from denton but the chaps behind steamed straight through and scattered the gooners on to the platforms.

We all know what happened shortly after at arsenal station so i'll leave it there.

The same season in the return fixture denton and his chaps got found out and run all over the place,i witnessed the great denton run into an off license and lock the door behind him till the plod arrived.

Harry Of Holloway 4 years ago

That's all right Mark64, every fella runs however great and game they are. remember a certain Mr Pennant having to put a mates of his kid on his shoulders as was getting near the ground. Quick thinking even if it was bang out of order in our eyes, as he was surrounded by us lot ready to ruin him. Has he managed to get out from hiding under the landladys bed at the Globe yet? Brilliant. Respect to your lot, you always had a cracking mob and yes it got moody at times but no doubt we had 2 of the very best in London in that period I reckon. Although at one point we were definitely ahead as proved when we done you in on Camden High Street around 87. R&R

Mark64 4 years ago

@Harry Of Holloway

That wasn't a dig at denton mate,i had a lot of respect for him tbh and as you say everyone has it on there toes at some point.

Yeah we were on the slide after the 86 season what with the ferry incident with the mancs,the court case against a few of the top boys and some silly infighting killed it all off,shame really as despite me being on the wrong end of a stanley a few times it really was an enjoyable period of my life.

I won't be writing any books on the subject.;-)

jimmy 4 years ago

yes jimmy myatt of adeyfield hemel,i was at many of arsenals main confrontations in late 70s 80s, believe me we didn't hold back.derby pop side was a good one

mk 1970 4 years ago

mk 1970 hi jimmy remember it well bletchley gooners

TheLostGun 3 years ago

I was at the West Ham game in 1982. I was standing just above the point where the smoke bomb went off (funny, but I am pretty sure there were two smoke bombs).

I wasn't very old, just turned 13, but I remember a West Ham fan, skinhead, only 1 eye, just wandering around at the back of the North Bank.

Any ideas of who he was?

Anyway, I didn't get involved but I had a bloody good view of everything that happened after the smoke bombs had gone off.

frank the gooner 3 years ago

i was in nb up 84, good crack

Mark64 3 years ago

@frank the gooner : You'd have been made a bit more welcome in the south bank mate, i remember your lot having a bit of fun in the west side seats in the late 80's.

I'll give you goons credit for being one of the few mobs who turned up at the Boleyn not wrapped up in an escort.

mickey69 3 years ago

i was in the north bank that day there was about 500 west ham in there that day it mostly kicked off just before the game started smoke bombs and all there was one hell of a ruck that went off the gooners first of all were on the back foot but did manage to fight back abit before the police managed to separate both firms alot gooners were going mad that the icf were in the north bank again we were then moved out and taken back to the clock end but alot more admiration was given to the gooners

Ian Legg 3 years ago

I was there that day and was an active participant in the events ,which haunt me to this day . A good friend John Dickinson was killed after the match and I would have given anything for this not to have happened .

His family would have done the same .

There is no glory in violence and death only sadness and shame .

Rip John ,I will never forget you !

Hilly 3 years ago

1982 Spurs fans had the back of the North bank and no amount of twisting the facts can change that. Spurs took the North bank weeks after West Ham failed to. I was there. Dentons firm was the only one putting up a fight. As commented on it was at the bottom of the North bank not the top which was full of Spurs. Once Denton was nicked it was all over as far as the Gooners firm was concerned. If having a view from behind the goal is not taking the North Bank what is? After all! the right side of the North bank, including the railway side, was a lot bigger then the left. So once you got halfway under the covered bit you was 2/3rds in. Spurs ruled the roost from late 75 to 83. 84 was even as i remember us failing to take the North bank..was it not vouchers they used to get in? and i do recall your lot getting thrown out beneath the shelf and Paxton end that year. Small effort. Arsenal ruled the roost late 60s up to early 75. The tide turned when Spurs done them outside at Finsbury park in 75 springtime after trying, but failing,to take the North Bank. You will always get biased views from both sides and the Chavs have a more blinded view when it comes to their exploits lol.

Skinhead 69 profile image

Skinhead 69 3 years ago from England Author

The vouchers thing was way before 84. Boxing day 79 I think.

Passerby 3 years ago

And theres me being all economical with the truth in your favour and giving you credit for just being in the North Bank, so Tottenham the firm that had to print leaflets to help raise a firm for a home game against West Ham managed to take the North Bank where West Ham failed?

West Ham actually came in and put up a fight, tottenhams main firm the heavies from Bethnel Green made it up the stairs mainstand side before being fronted, your main boy with tinted glasses and his cronies turned round and scrambled back out over the turnstiles much to the horror and shock of their mob still queuing to get in. The OB closed the turnstiles not before just three Arsenal fans and one Chelsea fan along for the ride also scrambled over and called it on to the Spurs mob outside, they in turn shat themselves and melted off down the road. As for H*****S and his mob they where smashed over the stairs on the tube side. It was left to the nobodies and choir boys who had come in avoiding eye contact and had sat down reading their programs to suddenly spring into life with "come on you spurs" 10 mins before KO knowing full well the OB would surround them that gives you the impression you might have achieved something. The fact that you got battered outside the Clockend entrance after the game shows what would have happened if it was not for the OB inside the ground. The fact 1984 was not all ticket and not vouchers and you got smashed into the West Stand again with no OB around further proves my point.

At your ground same year 82 written by an honest Spurs fan,

"I think we backed you off intially outside the ground and by the macdonalds in the high road but you had us on our toes by the bingo hall and it a major embassment for us at the time as whilst every firm got run at times we had some good ones with us and you went through us."

Mark64 3 years ago

Funnily enough i was at the game v tottenham in 82 with half dozen other west ham in the clock end,we weren't there for a ruck we just wanted to take in a north london derby.

The way i saw it was tottenham had a go on the left hand side of the north bank and got as far as the beginning of the roof before the old bill steamed in and formed a line all the way down the north bank,after that there were sporadic scuffles going on but nothing major and tottenham stayed there until the end of the game.

We never really saw much outside the ground as we weren't there for any bother so we just slipped away.

Very impressive derby i must say,the hostility was excellent,it doesn't quite match up to an old firm derby but it was on a par with us against millwall.

mustard82 3 years ago

the gooners did have a few rucks with west ham, put up a better show than tottenham, however tottenham took the complete piss on several occasions at highbury.

when did arsenal ever put a firm on the shelf ? never

few people on here talking anti tottenham stories , but anyone mention the huge firm taken to mill wall, boxing day 77.

as the leaflet story, which is true, tottenham wanted to take a firm to west ham and handed them out outside the ground, to organise numbers, but the old bill intervened, fucking embarrassing

Skinhead 69 profile image

Skinhead 69 3 years ago from England Author

''however tottenham took the complete piss on several occasions at highbury''

As did Arsenal at Tottenham on several occasions late 60's early 70's

Nutty Ron 3 years ago

i hate to disagree with muster 82 but I think you will find that the year about 79 when we won 5 nil at the lane we had taken the park lane about 1 30 there was some resistance in the Paxton road end but after a bit of resistance the shelf was taken

Sean 2 years ago

Nutty Ron, you are a liar. taking the park lane ? that was the away end you moron. you weren't in the shelf or paxton that day. only west ham ever tried that after 75, and then only in testimonials or youth cup games. in 83, some goons tried very early in the day to go on shelf and paxton, they thought these were scarfer areas and being cowards they might get a result. they got smashed. top boys as well. dont argue.

Mark64 2 years ago

@Sean Haha you must be referring to the FA Youth Cup Final second leg at the Lane,fuck me that was a mad old night,i seem to remember being able to walk around the whole ground that night and there being a fuck load of missiles available as you were in the middle of some building work at the time.

I also remember the Bill Nicholson testimonial being fun particularly as that was the season i got nicked twice at the lane in the same season,two £50 fines from Tottenham magistrates and not a sniff of bird.

Those long walks down the seven sisters road were some of my favorite West Ham awaydays,it always went off without fail during the late 70's early 80's.

Passerby 2 years ago

Tut Tut Sean, show some respect, it was Nutty Ron here and his complete dislike of West Ham that found him in the South Bank holding your lot together in the 1980 League cup, oh the irony, you are at your very best and it’s a Gooner you followed.

What happened before 75? The Arsenal boys from that period never even considered Spurs to have any kind of crew and took what part of your ground they wanted. Remind me how many times did your lot take the shed?

Read and enjoy

Mark64 2 years ago

@Passerby Thank christ i keep an eye on this blog mate as i find out something new everytime.

Haha the spurs were marshaled by a gooner in the 1980 cup quarter final,i didn't know that i must admit.I spent the whole of that game in the south bank laughing my bollocks off at how feeble spurs were even with an apparent full firm turnout,they had the whole south bank and we still took the piss out of them.

They really didn't enjoy the journey back either,from green st onwards they were terrorized by the under 5s of all people,the older lot didn't see the point of hounding them on the underground so left it to the young uns.

Sean 2 years ago

always given west ham credit, best organised of anyone. this counted more than numbers. chelsea make up stories, simple as, very little respect for them. arsenal, well, i know most of them from the 80's when they were very fashionable, and i know they had a little bit of fear in the back of their minds whenever they hear the word Tottenham, theres a reason for this. would like to say it was fun, it mostly was, but stabbing people who are essentially a mirror image of yourself ? killing them, like john dickinson ,RIP, was killed? we should hang our heads. we killed the game and turned it into the sterile thing it is today.

Jack 2 years ago

after the 1984 game at highbury, would anyone care to remind me what happened when 60-80 spurs met over 3 times that number in avenell rd and st thomas rd after the game ? i've read some jackanory on here, i really have. ffs. stop showing yourseles up.

Skinhead 69 profile image

Skinhead 69 2 years ago from England Author

Jack, wouldn't it be easier for you to just tell us what happened?

mustard82 2 years ago

typical biased gooner blog, have heard from a reliable source that from late 60s to early 70s the gooners took the piss at the lane etc, however since I've been going since 76, tottenham have nearly always had the upper hand. why is it in the last 20 years tottenham have to go to chelsea for a proper row ?, as for that 1972 article about london gangs, any chance it was written by a gooner, west ham or chelsea journo, ?

the best firm I've ever witnessed at tottenham was chelsea

Dom 2 years ago

So who was there at Highbury in August 1980? Anybody want to be the first to tell me of a TRUE account of what happened before and during that game?

Passerby 2 years ago

Mustard – “have heard from a reliable source that from late 60s to early 70s the gooners took the piss at the lane etc”

1982 – I was positioned early in the North Bank Avenell road side just under the cover mid-way down. I went to get teas for me and my mates, the tea shed was at the back of the North Bank. On the way bank, Some heavies scoot past me heading towards the turnstiles, one is wearing a bright green tee shirt he nearly ran into me and side stepped at the last moment. I remember him looking past me, I did not clock what was going on and looked into the North Bank to see if they were being chased saw nothing and carried on down the North Bank. 5 minutes later my mates younger came down the terrace pissing himself laughing saying the main yid firm just got clocked coming into the North Bank. They got ran back out a across the turnstiles and Arsenal followed. My mates brother then said Arsenal were in the road calling the rest of the spurs firm on who in turn saw their main boy scrabbling around on the floor, shit themselves and started to melt off down the road. I found out only a few years ago the lad in the green tee shirt was Chelsea with a well-known Gooner. These were your main path clearers of previous years , they piled in and the rest of you back filled singing we took the North Bank. Your run ended by running out of the North bank across the Turnstiles and bottling from a handful of heavies. Hence on the left that year you made no progress whatsoever. You sang Tottenham and were surrounded by OB.

Peaks and troughs we were good, then your turn, we were good again mid 80`s , then your turn.

steve yid 2 years ago

iwas with dainton against wet spam that day asenal done wet spam and laer that night there was running attles down hackney road stoney cut 3 wet sham nd whn sp[urs printed leaflets it wasor he game at sighbury whn goons made it vouchers for north bank RIP D

Skinhead 69 profile image

Skinhead 69 2 years ago from England Author

Any chance of rewriting that in English?

BN 2 years ago

@Passerby I've been going to spurs for over 40 years and I was at all the games you're referring to. You seem to be yet another Arsenal fan who has a real problem dealing with facts & therefore make things up, plain & simple.

You wrote, "Let’s get the facts straight, 1967 -1973 Arsenal take all three sides of Tottenham’s ground as Tottenham have the worse crew in London." The biggest load of rubbish I have ever heard of in my life. 3 sides of the ground? Are you being serious? You should have your own comedy show.

1984 game at Highbury - you could only get in to the North Bank with a ticket/voucher. Those tickets/vouchers were only available from Highbury. Why? To stop Spurs fans getting in the North Bank. Fact!! This great battle that you're referring to in the ground never happened. You're lying.

1982 - another one of your so called battles which you claim Arsenal won. That simply didn't happen. Spurs took the North Bank. Deal with it.

Arsenal in the Shelf? I was right there as the 10-15 blokes who had made themselves known were, unfortunately for them, battered. It was painful to watch. Every year we used to hear "Arsenal reckon they're coming down and they're gonna take the Shelf". And every year, do you know what happened? Absolutely nothing.

1982 and 1983 at WHL - sorry, but are you actually saying that Arsenal came down to Spurs in the early 80's and took liberties? You attacked the Corner Pin and are in the Paxton? I mean, this is just hilarious. Fiction!!

Typically, some west ham fans have tried to rubbish Spurs. Give them their dues, they're the only ones who have done significant things inside WHL. But some of the crap that's been written here. Spurs being marshalled by a gooner in the 1980 quarter final? This is more comedy. Spurs never played West Ham in a quarter final in 1980. Which one are you referring to? All you need to know is that a very well-known west ham fan has openly admitted that he wrote in a book "Arsenal always gave us problems" just to wind-up spurs fans.

Arsenal are a fantastic club, but I just don't understand why so many of their fans seem to have such a hang-up over what went on off the pitch. Don't be greedy, you've won most things on it.

BN 2 years ago

Apologies, I always thought the quarter final was in early 81 (trying to be too clever). In fact, it was december 1980. Spurs turned up and it wasn't pleasant inside the ground with west ham chucking anything, including a lot of razor blades, down at spurs from above.

The rest of my message I assure you is fact.

tom yam profile image

tom yam 2 years ago from Nakon Sawan Province, Thailand.

March 1977.Birmingham City (away)

Before the word”casual” had even been heard of, what passed as fashionable at Tottenham in the early spring of 1977 was Doc Marten boots, jeans and a black donkey jacket with PVC shoulders. Any connection with football might be given away by wearing the smallest enamel pin badge you could find on the left lapel. The scruffier you looked then so much the better. I wasn’t yet 16 and still at school but I looked like I had just come from a building site.

So attired, I boarded the train from Euston to Birmingham New Street. Some of the Sheppy lads had a good supply of Carling Black Label and they tossed me a couple of cans for the journey north.

In those days our main firm always travelled away by coach. They didn’t take any dead wood and it was by invitation only. At just 15, I hadn’t done enough to receive an invite so I had to travel by train and take my chances. There was no organisation back then and it really was pot luck who you found yourself with. And so it was when we arrived at New Street with a mixed bag of faces. We were about 80 or 90 handed. In years to come I would be happy to go anywhere in the country with half that number if they were the right heads. These were not the right heads. Quite a few I hadn’t seen before and most of them I didn’t know well enough to give me any confidence that we could hold our own if it came on top. I bumped into D as we excited onto the street where a couple of double deckers were waiting for us. His greeting nod was followed by his eyes rolling up and a resigned shake of his head as he was obviously thinking the same as me. Then there were shouts of “Lets walk” and “Stick together”as the buses were shunned. It was a brave call and one I almost came to regret.

It’s a long trot from New Street to St Andrews on any day of the week but on a Saturday lunchtime with our numbers dropping every few hundred yards it seemed endless. D and I thought about going back to the station to see who arrived on the next train. But our clothes, accents and everything about us screamed “Cockney bastards!” We knew if we were caught out on our own then we could expect no mercy. So we stayed with the vanishing mob. At first there was no sign of any old bill and thankfully no sign of any Brummies. As we neared the ground that was all about to change.

We passed a boozer on the right whose windows were a sea of angry faces. By now we were down to about 25 heads. The boozer started to empty behind us and the first glass landed some distance short. The area around the ground at that time was undergoing large scale demolition so there was no shortage of ammunition. The air was instantly full of missiles. We moved slowly backwards, scanning all the time for incoming. I was momentarily distracted whilst trying to judge the bounce of a brick in front of me when D pulled me sideways. As he did so another half brick shattered on a lampost just inches from where I had been. I gave a nervous laugh but I knew we were in trouble. We both glanced over at P with what must have been “ What the fuck are we gonna do” looks on our faces. P answered our silent plea with a rally cry. “Come on Tottenham, what do you think we’re here for? “ Fucking load up”. There was debris everywhere and I soon had 2 lumps of rubble in my left hand and a “thrower” in my right. We advanced steadily down the incline stopping only to pick up more ammo but mostly throwing on the run. Our gambit payed off as the Brummies bottled it. Most of them backed off down the hill and still more melted into a side street. A few made the big mistake of trying to take refuge in the boozer. The unfrosted top half of the windows were all smashed through as we drew level with the pub. An ordinary street had been turned into a warzone in under 3 minutes. We stood our ground on the corner at the top of the hill for a couple of minutes more but there was no counter offensive. Then, when it was safe, the old bill moved in. This was before CCTV and being arrested for what was really quite serious disorder wasn’t much of a worry. The police moved us back up the incline and around to the ground.

There was a designated visitors entrance but no segregation once inside the ground. The covered all-standing terrace behind the left hand goal was enormous. Tottenham were plotting up at the top of the steps to the right. An ineffectual area of no-mans land and just a smattering of West Midlands finest were all that seperated us from hundreds of baying Brummies. But this time it was different. KR and SS had arrived with the coach firm and there were good heads everywhere! We surged into the Brummies again and again. The air was a shower of beer, spit, coins and abuse. Me, D and P were right at the front with some of the older lads from Walthamstow. I felt at least 2 feet taller, almost invincible. D and me even initiated one of the charges with SS and B looking on and backing us up. It’s almost impossible to describe my feelings by mere words on paper but anyone who has been on the frontline in similar circumstances will know exactly how I felt.

On the field, Chris Jones and Glenn Hoddle scored to give us a rare away win (2-1) and the double over Birmingham that season.

When we returned to New Street after the game D bought an early evening edition of the Birmingham Post. I remember it being pink just like the Financial Times. The front page carried the story of the trouble that day at St Andrews and in the centre was a photograph of the disturbances inside the ground. D held the paper up for me to see and my eyes fell onto the clear image of me and D in plain view right in the thick of the carnage.

If the events I have described happened today then you could expect your front door to come crashing through at 6.00 am on Monday morning with an arrest leading to a lengthy jail term. (and maybe rightly so) but back then it was just part of the crack.

Happy days !

RP (Ramsgate)

P Goon 2 years ago

I was there on the north bank that day as part of a large Clock end contingent,we would NEVER stand on the NB unless our end was allocated to away fans,as was sometimes the case back in the 70's & 80's when I used to go,the reason for this is that the NB was full of div's, scarfers,rattle shakers! & old men & women wearing coats covered in Arsenal badges etc !.& most of em came from the sticks,ie,we didn't know em & we didn't wanna know em-all of em were proper muppets.

The only reason we were in the NB that day was to stop the ICF from taking liberties with our divs,again-we had come of age,the clockend had a firm back then that was truly feared,& truly capable.

What people started to realize was that when we turned out in force for big games our main boys from Archway,Bethnal green,Mile end,Barnsbury,Old street,Walworth road,Elephant & castle etc all joined up & together we took no prisoners.We didn't take the piss either,ie,no innocents were ever harmed by any of us-we were a noble,honorable sort of warrior all dressed impeccably!-we were 'dressing' way before any other London clubs-I distinctly remember wearing Lacoste polo's & fiorucci jeans in 1978 when i was still at school-like a lot of others on the clockend.The NB dressed like Spuds fans at the time-like a bunch of tramps.I do remember that some of the Yids & Millwall soon followed our fashion sense,then West hams under 5's-Cass& Gardner still looked like a coal miners at the time!.

The difference between us Gooners & the ICF in the early 1980's was that they had a main firm comprised of 25-50 year olds who had nothing better to do with their sad lives other than go to football & batter everyone,including kids & scarfers all over the country,they also had a young mob-the under 5's-who were used as spotters & cutters,most of em carried blades & were fuck all without em,we bashed them at every opportunity wherever we met em around London.Us on the other hand were mostly youngsters-all our old firm dropped the football thing & went on to bigger & better things,you can read about some of these older Gooners on the net or in crime books !.

Us youngsters were aged between 16 & 23 ish & never had a chance against the full force of the ICF-until that day in 1982 when we were totally up for it.

We heard the ICF were coming into the NB early as usual,we got there as soon as the doors opened at 12 & immediately spotted a few under 5's doing the same so we bashed them right there & then & they fucked off out the ground before they were put in the ICU for 3 months or more.

At about 1.30 this same group of under 5's entered the arena along with about 100 main ICF boys ( including Andy Swallow & Cass) by the stairwell closest to Arsenal tube,we were about 50 handed & waited for them to reach the top of the stairwell before we attacked-we smashed em to fuck-claret everywhere,for the 1st time in the 5 years I'd been going football I witnessed the ICF getting battered.

Plod then intervened & took the ICF into the lower West tier,where they remained for the rest of the game-impotent bullies who got a taste of their own medicine for a change.

At 2,30 all their old grizzlies lead by Bill Gardner piped up with their boring 'IIIIIIICCCCCCCFFFFFF' chant on the right hand side of the divvy NB followed by their smoke bomb & it was OFF.They didn't move us one inch backwards-we met in the middle-went toe to toe for about 5 minutes til plod got it all locked down,some of us were tooled up so a few of em got hurt bad-as did some of ours but it was 50/50 that day,the ICF finally realized the score and embarrassed about being taught a lesson in the NB they left the ground & some were intent on murder,JD was their victim,rip John.

tom yam profile image

tom yam 2 years ago from Nakon Sawan Province, Thailand.

@ P Goon........ Nice seem to know what you are talking about... happy days ! !

P Goon 2 years ago

Cheers Tom-I was at most of the confrontations with West Ham from 79-85-in the grounds,on the pavement,on Euston road/Kings X,& the legendary 'Hackney wars' so I know what I'm talking about.

We hated West Ham before the JD murder,after that May day we wanted revenge big time &we went to work that same day & I'm very surprised a few of em didn't join JD 6ft under-God knows we tried !!.

Contrary to popular belief your lot (Spurs)wasn't our top priority in the early 80's-sure we had run in's with you at the twice a season meets & on one occasion we met at Birmingham new st after we both played in the midlands one saturday which was particularly vicious as a few of yours got bashed & slashed as they came down the escalators to front us on the platform-I personally never condoned the use of blades(unless it properly came on top for us against bigger tooled up numbers,especially up north) but there were psycho's attached to most clubs back then who would rather stab someone than hit em-cowardly & just wrong,besides-we knew a few of your lot cos we lived in the same 5 mile radius of Finsbury park,a few would even come over ours for certain games,as did some Millwall-who we had no beef with back then as we never played them & loads of ours came from S.E London & knew all their top boys well.

We had plenty of rows with Chelsea though when we met them at train stations etc-they were fuck all,we used to laugh em off most of the time-especially when their top boy **** pulls a blank firing gun & aims it at Denton one time at Kings X when he was a bout to be ruined after their mob did what they usually did back then..RUN AWAY hahaha.

They were one of the worst London mobs at the time-the majority of em came from pikey estates in Surrey,hunted in packs,attacked scarfers etc then claimed results pff,now some are writing books to rival Jackanory in the fiction section at WH smiths !!.

Apart from West Ham we absolutely HATED the scousers-Liverpool in particular-we hated the cunts cos of their snidyness & use of stanleys.

I remember confronting a big firm of Liverpools top boys at Euston,a few punches were thrown then old bill waded in & separated us as the scousers were about to be annihilated,then one sneaky scouse cunt managed to mingle in amongst us in the chaos & said "Goodbye cockney" to one of ours before he slashed him right down the boat & legged it-if it wasn't for one of the British transport police he would've bled to death as the scouse cunt hit an artery & the blood was pumping out the side of his face about 5 yards-the BTP applied pressure on the wound & saved him-the scouse cunt legged it out of Euston & was never caught.

They weren't so much 'happy days',we just did what we did as a tribal pride/territory thing-it was well fucking dangerous back then,I took loads of kickings,got stabbed,bottled etc,got nicked untold times-silly really,I'd hate my kids to be involved in anything like that now.Luckily us old uns can get on now,hopefully !!.

tom yam profile image

tom yam 2 years ago from Nakon Sawan Province, Thailand.

In Ramsgate we had lads on all the firms in London +man utd, wolves and everton so we got all the stories first hand from whatever was happening around the country. When we played each other we had a gentlemans agreement to just keep apart. The Herd got into the Paxton for an evening kick off one time and it was funny trying to bash people but keep away from the ones i knew....we all had a good laugh about it back at Victoria on the way home. But you're right, it could get hairy at times up north....those mickeys are sneaky cunts all right.

BN 2 years ago

Spurs weren't Arsenal's top priority in the early 80's? To a man, every Arsenal fan I've met over 40+ years of going seems to have an obsession about Spurs and their firm(s). Why is it that Chelsea, West Ham, Leeds and a few more have a deep hatred of Spurs? There's good reasons for it. I don't see it ever mentioned about Arsenal. Oh yeah, I forgot, Arsenal don't talk about it, they don't rush to make films, they never attack shirts, they don't use blades. And then they go on to tell us how "a few of your's got slashed". And I've seen first-hand many innocents getting bashed at Highbury. The other thing is some of the names that people have referred to in the early 80's would've only been 15, 16 or 17 (with the obvious exceptions). Top boys at that age? Very doubtful! So something doesn't add up.

And suddenly we hear that Arsenal had this feared firm in the early 80's. News to me as I was at all the Spurs/Arsenal games. By mistake, I even ended up in the North Bank with an old chelsea mate for an Arsenal v Chelsea league cup quarter final in the mid 70's - full of chelsea in the middle of the North Bank and despite a few rushes from both sides, everyone stopped when they reached the OB line.

Arsenal definitely had (have) a firm - no question. But the obsession of trying to re-write history during the mid to late 70's and 80's doesn't wash when it comes to Spurs. If anything, Arsenal's gamest firm seem to be around post Hillsborough and Heysel towards the late 80's. No question Spurs have been done many times, none more so than by West Ham.

Skinhead 69 profile image

Skinhead 69 2 years ago from England Author

Don't know who's trying to rewrite history but there is no question that Arsenal had a top firm in the late 60's to early 70's, and in the mid 80's to early 90's. Also had an absolute crap firm mid and late 70's.

mustard82 2 years ago

arsenals gamest mob was mid to late 80s no question

tottenhams best mobs were mid 70s to early 80s then early 2000s

west ham mid 70s to mid 80s

best mob I've ever seen yids contingent that went to mill wall boxing day 1977, well over 500

overall best firm consistently was the ICF, organised and compact

new who everyone was and very canny

P.Goon 2 years ago

Don't know who BN is referring to as 'trying to rewrite history' but if that's a poke at me let explain.

If you're a Spurs pensioner who's glory days were the 1970's & you wore a donkey jacket with LBH on the back I'll excuse you,I was talking from a young football casuals point of view of the period from the early 80's-about how we saw things back then-the fact is you weren't on our radar cos the ONLY Arsenal mob at the time were the young clockend Gooners who were all casuals & only fought against other teams casual firms-trust me,we never touched shirters or scarfers.As for the bit where you said we never used blades as if that's the general consensus !,what I said is that I personally never condoned the use of blades at football but some of ours did use them-perhaps not as much as other firms of the time like Liverpool & West ham-but they were used by some on our firm,that can't be denied...

As for the part in your rant about some of the faces mentioned were "only 15/16/17 years old" at the time of this particular game,ie Arsenal v West ham May 1982-if that was another dig at my take on things well again you are wrong cos Andy Swallow was about 21/22 then & a top boy in the ICF along with Cass who was also around the same age.Maybe you older hoolies! weren't too familiar with the younger lot then,maybe its something to do with the fact that you lacked the class,youth & glamour of a prototypical young football casual & you're feeling a bit left out & inadequate/irrelevant ?!.

You are showing your age as well as your naivety when you mention the north bank non incident in the mid 70's with Chelsea-every top boy in the country knows that from the mid 70's onward's Arsenals main fighting firm were in the the clock end-like I said before,we thought the north bank were just there to watch the football &were regarded as being a bunch of 'divs' by us in the CE !,that's why every 2 bob mob in the country just walked in there & took it in the mid 70's til the early 80's-cos our mob was in the other end,& you all knew it.Look what happened when we went into the NB to defend it against the naughtiest firm ever to walk this land-absolute carnage,no one EVER took that end again when we defended it.

Come to think of it-no one ever took the clock end either unless opposing fans turned up in massive numbers & were allocated the whole end-then we'd all go in the west stand & launch attacks from there by either getting on the pitch & attacking-as in the Villa promotion game,or when Man utd got the whole clockend one year we weren't having-us CE boys mobbed up in the NB,walked down the terracing shouting "UNITED..UNITED" to which the ob responded by herding us all through the west side & into the clockend-Utds end that day,needless to say it kicked off & we backed the whole Manure firm off around us on all sides,we stayed there the whole match & utd didn't wanna no after our initial attack.

Arsenal had no mob back then?,ok pal-you obviously weren't ever there.

P.Goon 2 years ago

Sorry about the errors in my above post-the biggest error was the Aston Villa game I mentioned-it was the 'title' game in 1980/81? not the promotion game,don't know where that came from!.

BN 2 years ago

@P Goon looks like i've offended you and for that I apologise. None was intended.

You've misunderstood me - I wasn't referring to west ham fans being 15/16/17. I know how old the 2 people are you mentioned, but my reference was to the arsenal lot. Many of the ones that could stand toe-to-toe with a lot of people in the mid to late 80's weren't in their 20's then.

Just to be clear, I was born in '62 and was always known as a casual myself (still got a pair of Farah's).

I also wrote "Arsenal definitely had (have) a firm"'s there in black and white.

If you don't want to believe that I was there, that's your choice. No hard feelings I hope. I'm definitely not here to have slanging match with anyone. You've got your stories and we've got our's.

P.Goon 2 years ago

Apology accepted BN-sorry mate,I misunderstood you-thought you were having a pop at me & responded in quite a stern but civilized manner I thought !!

BN 2 years ago

@ P Goon not a problem. Enjoy this season - if it is possible to enjoy football nowadays. I have money on Arsenal finishing 2nd. And us 7th (looking a bad bet already).

P.Goon 2 years ago

Cheers BN-Arsenal are driving me mad this season,so hit & miss,cost me about 8 large in lost bets this year already,bunch of overpaid vagina's!.

mile end 2 years ago

i was in the NB in 82, we knew the gooners was up for it and it was a great row, both firms went for it, but to say we was surrounded by plod for our own protection is ridiculous, it was purely to stop us having another go at the gooners, i had a lot of respect for the gooners back then, only firm to bring it to us at U.P, dentons firm had it with the older boys and millers firm with the U5s, and from what i can gather the only firm apart from west ham to take the shed, we took it year after year late 70s early 80s and the gooners took it i believe late 70s, the yellow paint game, i know chelsea took the NB highbury xmas time 77, to have their xmas ruined boxing day 77 by west ham who took the shed that day, i have to say back then arsenal and west ham were top firms, spurs and chelsea were second rate

tommy 24 months ago

i remember it well, dont care what anyone says west ham did take the north bank, they come at us from both sides, like a pincer, i got battered and so did my pals, after the game they were waiting for us at bottom of north bank stairs and we run back into the north bank, sorry but its true. RIP John D

Skinhead 69 profile image

Skinhead 69 24 months ago from England Author

By the same token, I remember it well and I don't care what you say. West Ham did not take the North Bank that day, sorry but that is true.

tommy 24 months ago

they did take it, they ended up in the middle of the north bank, i know they didn't stay there but in my book if a firm attacks an end and ends up in the middle its taken, i was there in 75 to, FA cup, they had thousands at highbury that day and had more or less the whole of the north bank, the whole game, im a gooner but have to admit west ham were a force back then, by far the top firm

Skinhead 69 profile image

Skinhead 69 24 months ago from England Author

Not disputing that they were a force back then and I would also agree that they were the top firm. But it's bollocks to say that if a firm got into the middle and then got kicked out then it's taken. The original story is spot on, they got kicked out of the middle and then got surrounded by the police otherwise they would have got done. Accept it mate, they were the top firm but bit off a bit more than they could chew at that particular game.

P.Goon 24 months ago

The fact is the ICF's top firm got done on the west side of the NB prior to the smoke bomb incident,& that's a fact.That bullshitter Gardner has said many a time "Me & my pals were never at football for a row-but if we saw any Hammers fans in trouble we'd steam in to protect them" etc!!,is that why he led the charge after the smoke bomb ?!?.

Give West Ham their dues-they were the top firm back then closely followed by Millwall,us Gooners in the early 80's were never a match for either of em-they had seasoned old grizzlies in bucket loads-luckily! we were on good terms with Wall back then & we would even join up with em sometimes at Waterloo/London bridge to have it with the irons!.

We had a young-ish mob but within it were about 50 chaps who would & did stand toe to toe with ANYONE & usually came out on top against similar numbers,we left victims everywhere-especially over Hackney/Clapton/Mile end/Bethnal green hahaha!.

Ask any honest Hammer who was there that day in 82 & they'll admit that they got a real shock in the NB,& a good number have said that they got done good & proper-many of em changed their opinion of us that day & gave us the due respect-hence they never tried the NB again at Highbury,they knew they would've fared even worse than in 82' cos most of us were still growing physically,& our numbers were swelling.

The Hammers also know that they got turned over throughout the 'Hackney wars' when it was usually even numbers.

P.Goon 24 months ago

@Tommy-nice try son!,I'm guessing that you're either an ex-shirt wearing northbanker (not ryhyming slang btw!!) or a West Ham shill going by what you're saying!.

Can I just ask you this-what fuckin pincer movement??,there was only ONE way they came at us in the NB when the smoke bomb went off & that was from the east side of the stand,ok,some of em were plotted up right at the back/top of the NB prior to the smoke bomb & they were stood there shitting themselves cos we were standing right next to them waiting to ruin them if they made a move,OB was all around them by then-they knew the score & when it kicked off the 2nd time they stayed put leaving only Gardners firm to do the icfs work-which failed,why?-cos we fronted em & stood toe to toe in the middle with them after the NB divs shit themselves & ran onto the pitch-I remember it all like it was yesterday mate.

& where did this mob of icf come from who were waiting for us outside the NB after the game cos we all trotted out in one big firm & didn't see any West Ham welcoming committee!!,in fact us lot in the NB walked down towards Arsenal tube & walked head on into the icf lot who we battered before the game &who were put into the west tier by the OB-& we smashed em again & run em down Drayton park before we went on to meet their other lot down Finsbury park,it was about an hour after that we started hearing that one of ours got stabbed around Arsenal tube-we didn't find out til later that it was JD.

Skinhead 69 profile image

Skinhead 69 24 months ago from England Author

@P.Goon re your 1st paragraph, make you right about the shill bit.

P.Goon 24 months ago

@Skinhead 69-fair verdict fella !.Respect to you & our old 60s/70s firm-Johnny Hoy,Jenkins,the little Highbury,Barnsbury & Holloway lot-you were all legends to us kids at the time-you put us on the map by destroying anything & anyone put in front of you in your day,we had a lot to live up to & I don't think we came close to topping your achievements!-we did have our moments though!.

Kin L-if only most of your opposition firms knew who & what they were fucking with back in your day I reckon most of em would've stayed in bed hahaha-nice one fella's :)

Skinhead 69 profile image

Skinhead 69 23 months ago from England Author

Thanks mate, I appreciate the comment. Mid eighties must have come close to it though from what I've heard.

P.Goon 23 months ago

Yeah,we regained some self respect after a few years in a void-we suffered so many embarrassments & humiliations due to a lack of numbers (I was one of those '10-15' who got smashed on the shelf at WHL in 83-at least we tried hey!).

Dainton rip & a couple of other older lads stepped up & helped us get our act together.

Just for the record-Dainton wasn't invincible,he got battered like the rest of us sometimes-but he would've been the 1st to admit it-unlike some of these Jackanory 'authors'?! around today who basically just spin fannys for a living!-you know who you are,fair play though,there's enough mugs around who actually believe your bollocks-these 'authors' immediately spring to mind-Pennant,King,Tanner,Leach & that Wall muppet who reckons 30 wackers waltzed into the tavern in 88' & smashed/glassed every Gooner in the pub hahaha-you didn't even make it through the door ya fanny!!.

Things got very heavy by the mid 80's (more weapons used than ever) but we reveled in it!,our biggest results were non match days against the ICF (those itk know what went on).

That game against West Ham in 1982 was the turning point for us-mainly due to the JD murder & the show we put on against the no.1 firm of the day,it helped bring in more local bods into our firm & made us step up our game a notch or 2,the rest-as they say-is history!.

jimmy myatt 23 months ago

None of us can have clear memory after 30 odd years...a good read cheers!

P Goon 22 months ago

That maybe hard to believe Jimmy but I think I'm a bit adhd or part 'rainman' or summink !,my memory is pretty good with regards to the shit I got involved in during the late 70's & 80's-I still get flashbacks of events I'd totally forgotten about & am then able to recall these incidents in vivid detail when I think about them,weird or what?.

I'll tell you what really made me laugh recently-I had the pleasure of finally getting round to reading Cass' book 'Congratulations you have just met the ICF',I'd swerved it for so many years but curiosity finally got the better of me cos I'd heard so many people calling it the biggest load of bollocks they'd ever read-until Cass' next book came out!-that ICF book remained at the top of the bollocks tree until it was finally topped by the Headhunters series of kiddie fables.

The bit that got me pissing myself in the 'congratulations' book was Terry Sherrins & Andy Swallow's account of events in the NB 1982-I've already explained in some detail what occurred on that fateful day-I have no reason to lie (I'll leave that to the Chavs & the ICF,the grand masters of spin),& anyone with half a brain who was there knows that what I said was straight up truth.

Their account states that Swallow was in the first group of ICF who came up the west side of the NB stairs ( & got humiliated then put in the lower west tier by OB for the rest of the game) in a 'small mob'(150 strong!) &proceeded to batter us! then they all went & sat in the middle of the NB waiting for the rest of the ICF to show!(I suppose that's when they took the opportunity to pop the champagne & unleash the picnic hampers)-fuck me the geezer must be like one of those transcendental shaman types as well as an undefeated for 30 years hard cunt & overall top class spiv!.

Terry goes on to back him up in his 'story' & places Andy & his mob at the epicentre of the big battle after the smoke bomb went off,well,you gotta back your mates up aintcha !!.The reality is that little man syndrome Andy S. was stood fuming in the west tier-he missed all the action having been done & run already LOL.

If you ever read this Andy-are you still selling snide Prada & trying to exchange the aforementioned hard to sell junk for the services of less than average 'superstar' dj's for producing tracks for your latest talentless gormless E'd up monkeys?.You always was a snake Andy,one on one you were fuck all-ended up on your arse around me more than once,just like your fat little bullshitting wannabe gangster pal Carlton-Dunham really Dunhim hey?! haha that was funny,'hard man' Carl blobbing about in a ring getting hammered-now that was the real Carlton we all know & love !!.Regards ;)

P Goon 22 months ago

Hahaha-a classic Swallow "Hold me back boys" moment !-40 years & still at it-what a tool,your mum & kids must be so proud of ya.

O.S whu 19 months ago

ive just stumbled across this article looking at write ups of west ham taking the Shed, interesting read, some biased in my opinion but i think we are all a bit biased at times, i think Tommy (earlier comment) was a scarfer, reason being i was there that day, im not going to lie and say i was in the north bank as the small mob i was with got sussed by plod and they chucked us in the clock end, when the gates opened around 15 mins from the end about 40-50 west ham walked round to the north bank from the clock end to join up with the west ham in the north bank, when we got to the north bank we run up the stairs and the arsenal coming out run back in, i think Tommy must have been one of them and that's why i said he must of been a scarfer as the arsenal coming out of the north bank at that time were obviously leaving early to avoid any trouble, they wasn't fighters, as for the pincer thing? well he must see some funny shaped crabs, but to be fair west ham did have 2 mobs in the north bank, that was clear to see from the clock end, and some arsenal leaving comments here have also stated that, but a pincer?no, and as for 75, he must be refering to the FA Cup QF, i was at that game as were most of the east end, ive read somewhere west ham had 20k at highbury that day, and west ham did own the north bank, theres a vid on youtube of the highlights and when Alan Taylor scores in front of the north bank the whole end celebrates, i just wanted to clear them points up as i think a couple of you were a bit hard on him, most of your comments are spot on but i could question a couple of things, but i wont bother, i used to like the west ham arsenal tear ups, the running battles down hackney road to, i remember another game (cant remember the year) it ended 6-0 to arsenal, i was in the schoolboys with some younger west ham and a mob of west ham run from the west side of the north bank to the middle, arsenal stood there ground and west ham run straight thru and ended up on the east side where they got wrapped up in plod, it was quite funny tbh, i think alot of west ham under estimated arsenal in them days, i was with a mob of about 50 that left upton park and marched down to plaistow to ambush arsenal, we thought 50 would be enough, hence my comment of under estimating, when we got to plaistow about 200 herd come charging out of the station and we had it on our toes, again i cant remember the year, tbh the ICF was our biggest mob but the Mile End mob was the real loons, proper head cases,anyway ive said enough, id like to end by saying RIP John Dickinson, having a tear up at football was one thing but killing people is out of order, way over the top (i remember a shotgun was found by plod at a west ham millwall game) way over the top as i said, no need for all that, and congrats on your FA Cup win yesterday, see you next season, PEACE.

O.S whu 19 months ago

P.Goon 19 months ago

Fair comment OS,you sound like a decent fella & you tell it how you saw it without the bs,unlike a lot of your lot.

Met loads of your boys in calmer surroundings in the years following all the tugs in 86',found most of em to be just like us-mustve been something to do with all those smiley pills LOL!!.

Also worked with a load of ex-icf in Barcelona during 92/93,got on like a house on fire considering our previous history!,we just laughed about it & one of em-a ginge from Bow road- made us all crease up about the time I pointed him out with his little firm after they tried to slip in behind us at the top of the NB in 82'& he "almost went full rectal prolapse"!! when they were surrounded hahaha!!.

Most of you were good lads-that doesn't include your blade carrying merchants,though we had em as well,or your bullies who used to think kids & scarfers were fair game-the Yids are doing a fair bit of that lately I hear,you know-old school 'no one is safe' activity,if your gonna do it do it properly lads-between people who wanna know that's all I'm saying,if one of ours did anything that cowardly in our day he would get properly served up off us & get mugged off as a fuckin div,nothing hard or brave about slapping a non combatant is there?.

Anyway,respect to you OS.

O.S whu 19 months ago

same as you mate i didn't agree with hurting straight goers, most of the west ham old school had a rule, we have it with the ones that want it, but you always get some fools that take the piss, some of our U5s were a bit like that, slicing non hooligans etc, i lived in Hoxton for about 10 years and i know a lot of gooners, ive also been quite a few Arsenal games with them, i was at the Arsenal Wallsall game, cant remember exact year, but ive read some yid comments hear and there how they took the north bank that day, utter crap, they had a mob in the clock end to the left of the middle with a stupid spurs flag and that was it, i do say thingsw as they are or were, if we got run then id admit it, its not all about winning the fight anyway, i think its more to do with bottle and standing your ground, everyone gets turned over at times, anyway mate good luck next season, but let someone else win the FA Cup ffs ha ha

phil spurs old school 19 months ago

ive been watching this site ages now,i was active 76-87,and was at all the rows that mattered here and abroard. 77 gooner testimonial we take and hold half n.b(pat rices) I think? we were in 2nd div. then right through to 84 we terrorize goons fact.. remember our mob walk all way back to seven sisters one game,and you had acrew all most mixed inwith us at back,,i see my pal and top gooner from enfield..we fucked you at sainsburys...and on and on

phil spurs old school 19 months ago

am I the only one to remember testimonial?? what a mob we took that night!!!!

P.Goon 19 months ago

@Phil-what has any of that got to do with the 1982 Arsenal v West ham game?.

Also,everyone on here-even guests from Spurs & West ham have said what they had to say but also had the decency to pay their respects to one of ours who was murdered at that particular game.

Btw-you must have been 'terrorizing' the schoolkids & shirts (as usual) from 77-84 cos you sure as fuck weren't bothering us,we waltzed up your High road to WHL a number of times in that period you speak about with no OB escort,about 300-500 of us usually-& you were nowhere to be seen.

So a few scarfers got a slap off you lot in the NB & usually what immediately followed was you Yids getting smacked all over the place by us.

Yids were way down the pecking order back then & no amount lies will convince anyone to believe any different.

As for West Ham-they did in fact actually do most of the terrorizing..especially against you Yids,you were shit scared of em in that period,they ran you ragged all over London,same with Chelsea-we were the only mob in London bar Millwall who would stand against them at that time.You had the numbers,we had the quality so stop talking out of your arse pal.

Old school 19 months ago

Always rated gooners as top firm mid 80s, grew up and went clubbing with a lot of their boys b

To say their were better firm wise than Spurs is nonsense semi final Wembley was no show gononers 2nd semi gononers got ruined at kings cross

mustard82 19 months ago

gooners had a top mob late eighties no question

but the real wars are chelsea v tottenham and west ham v mill wall

Old school 19 months ago

All sounds like anti Spurs site to me

As posted earlier rated gooners very highly!

The game in question Spurs in north bank both firms fronted each other SS at front Spurs mob, OB all over it evens in my eyes

Saw goober pal week later said we did well

Everyone gets done now and then.....wham know when it's on top, but never admit it

rip bear

phil spurs old school 19 months ago

p.goon seeing as there has been loads on here bout us including from you!!!!! don't ave a pop at me for saying my bit. and of course big respect to lad who died.ok!!!!!! I was at testimonial and you did have boys in n.b and we had half,fact mate..and yes west ham took piss them days,with everyone. and we always had upper hand on Chelsea, so get your facts right,i was close pals with one of your top boys who at least admits it,then mid 80,s you lot got upper hand,ok mate. 76-84 we smashed you. and you lot have lived on a couple of results against west ham for ever..just when I thought this was a truthfull chat. p.s I was also at rows where we got done, east ham included and always hold my hands up,unlike many on this clearly anti spurs site. and r.i.p the the bear

Rob old school 19 months ago

Phil what are you on was you at all the Spurs v West Ham games?

Yes they done us but, we also held our own against them a few times

The night you were in Paxton and shelf you got terrorised I admit dress wise years ahead of us in style stakes

Happy days

rip bear

phil spurs old school 19 months ago

skinhead 69-what ever peoples stance,great site mate, down memory lane. very sad when people lost their lives! we lost people. the escalater,and was there at time our buddy got shot in Brussels. so r.i.p to those who ever they run with,who never made it.

phil spurs old school 19 months ago

rob old school

don't understand

yes was at most of them

what you mean when us in shelf and not west ham,explain?

Rob old school 19 months ago

Apologies Phil post was meant for P goon

Getting me at it.....your so right living off couple of results against Wham

As one of earlier posts says everyone bates Spurs ......wonder why????

phil old school 19 months ago


yes its enough to drive you mad with anti spurs comments, I could mention loads of times when we screw goons them days,but people like p.goon wont have it..and I was pals with and done time for it with a lot of arsenal faces, I mite even know p,goon, now that would be funny.

P.Goon 19 months ago

@Phil-When I referred to Chelsea I was saying that they got mullered regularly by West ham,wasn't saying that they were battering you lot,i know they weren't that good-never rated them mugs-ever.

Truth be told we never did much,If anything against you Yids away from the match-there wasn't that much hatred between our firms in the late 70's/ 80's so nothing much happened except in &around the grounds on match days.Firm on firm there were brief battles,but fortune had it that we rarely met head on,though I already admitted to taking a big slap in the shelf one year-think it was 83',needed stitches in my head after that one !!.

If we hated each other that much it wouldn't have been that hard to arrange meets non match days like we did with West Ham-& that was only done because we were so riled up about JD's murder,but it never happened with you lot.

We used to bump into Chelsea,Millwall,Yids,West ham &Qpr up west clubbing almost every week-Busbys & Lyceum in particular-& the only times it kicked off was between us Gooners & Chelsea with everyone else joining in against them LOL-they got well fuckin caned twice when I was there,though one of ours got hit by a fast moving car on the pavement outside the Lyceum after one battle(driver never stopped though someone reported seeing a Chelsea sticker on the window!).

No one should die at football,could've happened to anyone of us anytime,we were lucky.Rip everyone who never made it home.

phil old school 19 months ago


yes my arsenal pal was at lyceum then,and agreed Chelsea totally overated,very good at smashing midland towns up.but fuck all in London.we had the firm to match west ham,but them days they had the phyci on us,and if say one of them got hurt,they be trying to find out who done it,then do a home visit

very snidy and below the belt mate.slags. but you and us both had our moments and would not ave missed it for the world. after spam took poor j.d life. did they attack your boozer in hackney midweek?? what happen there?? I was AWAY at time so never really know bout that one,can you fill the gaps?

P.Goon 19 months ago

P.s anyone can say "we did this ,we did that" back then so lets just say we were all at it,we all had results,just as we all suffered kickings/hospitalisation/deaths/nickings/prison etc-are we all proud of that?,I aint & that's the truth.

P.Goon 19 months ago

@Phil-(Allegedly!)that same May day JD was killed we firmed up & took it to them up Hackney road,it was a bloodbath mate,stabbings,slashings etc etc & they wanted revenge-was ding dong for about 2 years,us always going east,don't wanna incriminate myself so lets leave it there.

phil old school 19 months ago


but imglad you took it back to them

they needed to know they went to far,the slags

peace brother

P.Goon 19 months ago

Cheers Phil,their good uns knew the score & were willing to go all the way on the killer(even some of you lot were actively hunting him),shame the cunt jumped in front of train !!.Peace mate.

P.Goon 19 months ago

@Phil-excuse me if this comment appears twice cos I just pressed 'post comment' but it didn't appear!.

Regarding JD's murder-some good uns in the icf were up for going all the way on him or handing him over to us,but he left London soon after,even some of yours were on his case too.Shame the killer ended it by getting himself splattered under a train though eh ?!.

Rob old school 19 months ago


Totally agree with comments regarding ICF

I despised those slags pal of mine had home visit (what's all that about?)

As for JD murder cowardly

We did have a bit of fear factor against them but that changed late 90s-2000

P.Goon 19 months ago

Home visits?-bang out of order getting your family or women & kids involved,only the nutters from Canning town & a few I know of from Poplar & Stratford would do that sort of cowardly shit.

Hope your pals turned it on em & didn't get badly hurt.

Some football bods didn't abide by any code of honour or have any kind of morals-these are the psycho's that fucked it for everyone & got the courts dishing out heavy bird & banning orders for fuckall.

Some of these psycho's like to call John Dickinson 'the ambusher'-what a load of bollocks,JD was on his way home & didn't get involved after the game,he was with about 200 other Arsenal &they were all mainly shirts & scarfers waiting on the southbound platform for the Kings cross train-unfortunately for JD the train pulled in with a massive mob of Icf coming from the battle with us at Finsbury park,some West ham try & justify his murder by saying JD was waving a blade about (or a broomstick,depending on who's telling the porkies)& all 200 of these scarfers were 'tooled up',more bollocks.West ham reckon they were attacked as the doors opened & they just jumped off & disarmed all these tool carrying Gooners & turned it on em-like fuck,all lies.Hate the way these cunts are looked up to like some sort of folk hero's by mugs who don't know any better &on top of that make a mint out of lying about their exploits & distinguished acts of heroism,it winds me up just thinking about it.

phil spurs oldschool 19 months ago

rob & p.goon

yea im glad we turn the tables on spam 90,s onwards. yes in my day they were very organized,and that,and a lot of good firms let them take liberties due to the pyhci thing..and when they did come unstuck it would devastate them!! next thing they wanted names "who hit me". pricks....back then,the whole of London loved it when they got served at new cross,wacked at their own ambush!! and yes p.goon it makes me sick ,seeing them write that crap,and their stupid tours (A nite with) with that Chelsea idiot. set up by a mug reporter,how ever many excuses!!! and the other one on news everytime theres football stuff like he was really such a big shot and his "congratulations book.. and im sure it was sallow who caught me with snidy sucker punch near bruce grove 82 ish.

P.Goon 19 months ago

LOL Phil,your last sentence made me crack up !!.

Yeah,West Ham were on the slide late 80's after all the tugs & the fact that a lot of their top boys got heavily involved in Acid house & started earning serious £££,Andy was one of the main players.

The thing that made the ICF what they were from 1980-85 I suppose was what this top lecturer bod had to say about them:- "they were 'united' in a' bond' of common unity that only a hard grimy poverty riddled upbringing on a diet of regular beatings,Martin Peters,jellied eel's,pie & mash,Geoff Hurst,& hand me down clothes could facilitate-I would've turned into a raving lunatic too if I was born into all that,y'know what I mean spam?!"-Matt Hopkins,Lecturer in Criminology at the University of Leicester!!.

BN 19 months ago

@P Goon

@ Rob

@ Phil

Interesting comments from all of you and nice to hear mutual respect. Sorry if i'm going off the main subject, but always interested to hear which mobs outside of London you rated. Apart from the obvious names, I always thought that man-for-man Boro were right up there - terrifying place. Everton too - i remember going up for an fa cup quarter final (I think it was the '82-83 season). Typical spurs, we were the cup holders and rolled over so easily to lose 3-0. It was naughty (a few people got cut) and if it weren't for the fact that my giant mate was so pissed, our little group would've been in a lot of trouble. But he seemed to confuse the scousers as he just leared right back at 'em in a over floppy/pissed way when they started giving us gip. I think some of them thought he wanted to make friends.

Btw, again just a guess, but I think like Phil i might know P Goon too.

We'll leave it there.

PS/ arsenal for the title next season. Spurs?? God help us.

phil spurs old school 19 months ago

bn-yes mate I was at everton cup 83 5th round,welost 2-0.

we had ago at them in seats above us in away end,and had a huge mob walking down scottie road to station,lots of little off,s and afew of ours cut.

terrible place to go back then,get lost and you in deep shit .fuckers!

im sure same day arsenal went middlesbough,my mate came back with black eye,he said it was on top to fuck,,

p,goon may be able to tell you more on that one mate.

leeds,sunderland naughty. 2nd div we came well unstuck roker park..and you were def going to get grief in side streets of mosside!!!years later I had biz with some of the old guvnors,shared apint and laughed bout them days,

P.Goon 19 months ago

@B.N-agree with you about Boro & Everton,both very naughty places to go to & you had to keep your wits about you & your pals even closer!!.

Not bigging ourselves up but we done well in both them places,though the only place in England I had a bit of apprehension about going to was Merseyside,you just never knew what'll happen & you just hoped you wouldn't get too badly cut !!.

Always hoped for a big turn out for them games cos you knew what was waiting for you at Lime st!,& from about a mile from the station the graffiti on them big concrete embankments didn't fill you with much encouragement!-one massive bit of sprayed scribble has stayed with me to this day-it read "DIE COCKNEYS"!! lol.

We were well fucked off about being ambushed year after year at Lime st by hundreds of dirty scouse bin dippers & then having them follow our escort up Scottie rd with loads of them openly carrying machetes & swords etc-in plain view of the ob !-cunts.One year we decided to give em a Cilla Black style 'Surprise surprise'!!-we got off the inter city at Runcorn I think then got a local shuttle train up to near Liverpool centre-about 150-200 of us.We then strolled up towards Lime st & as we approached we saw a huge mob of bin dippers in & around the station,we all kept quiet until we were bang on top of them-the look of surprise on their faces when they saw what was behind them was priceless!,most of em scattered when the first few got boshed then it was mayhem for about 5 minutes before the ob stepped in-I know we hurt quite a few of em(some of em got cut)& they were livid about getting done by Cockneys on their own manor,again! hahaha.

Always running battles after the match up & down Scottie rd & in Stanley park(was there ever a more aptly named park!?),a few shirts would get cut/bottled/bricked/kicked senseless but us lot held our own & gave em both (Everton & Liverpool) a good run for their money-never took a step backwards up there cos it would have been game over if you did-the ones that did got tripped up,battered,slashed & robbed.

You know that whenever & wherever you went up north it was gonna be game on cos in my eyes everyone up there was a no life jobless knobheads who came from places where literally the only pleasures they had in life was fucking,fighting & drink/drugs-plus they all despised us out of sheer jealousy for our material wealth,opportunities,nicer looking birds,capital city comforts & entertainment...& the fact that they were constantly getting slapped by 'shandy drinking Cockney bastards' hahaha.EEE its grim oop north !!

P.Goon 19 months ago

P.S-I remember bumping into the little ginger scouse fucker who cut one of yours really badly in 81/82?-you know the one who cut a huge LFC in one of your pals back?.

We were in Euston station scouse hunting & got talking to some 'friendly' urchin who pointed him out to us,we were just about to properly fuck him & his firm up when a load of ICF strolled in which diverted our attention towards them !!-they got mullered & the scousers took the opportunity to leg it!.

P.Goon 19 months ago

Again-sorry if this comment appears twice cos I pressed 'post comment' but it didn't appear.

@B.N-P.s-I remember being in Euston station scouse hunting one saturday when a 'friendly' urchin approached us for a chat-don't know why but he pointed out the ginger scouse arsehole who cut a massive 'LFC' on one of your boys back in 81/82?,as we were about to go into them in strolls a load of ICF who were also out scouse hunting,our attention was diverted towards them so we never got the chance to get the scouse ginge.What he done was well out of order,cutting your teams initials into someones back-wtf ?.

phil spurs old school 19 months ago


I was at that cup game,it was 5th round,we lost 2-0.

we had apop at them in seats above us before game,but numbers drove us back.and later we had huge mob marching down scotti road,loads of little rows around tower blocks,afew of our lot got cut that day..horrible place,if your got lost or separated you were in deep deep shit!! arsenal played at middlesbough same day,my pal came back with black eye,said it was amad day. p.goon mite be able tell you more. leeds,sunderland too,we came well unstuck 2nd division at roker when Brixton and older crew bravely went in their end..also man city very dangerous round mossides side streets,even worse in dark.years later done some biz with some of their older guvnors up there,was strange aving pint in the moss,but we had a good laugh remembering it all.and they treated me like royalty.respect. but I think then mersyside had to be most on top,with the phyci of the blades or losing your clothes if you got caught

BN 19 months ago

@phil you are right, just looked it up - excuse the memory which is definitely not what it was.

Of course I wouldn't swap those days for anything, but that walk to the ground (there was only a few of us) was one of those experiences where you thought "how the hell did we get away with that?"

phil spurs pld school 19 months ago


yes I know that kind of feeling,at that game the o.b were grabbing people at randem and chucking them out,laughing,knowing the fate that awaited them in the street,scallys with stanleys..I enjoyed p.goon account of sneaking in to city and coming behind at lime st,great move.

I remember getting to spam late on my own,when them under 5,s used to sniff you out, had to walk the gauntlet,go in their bit and get o.b to let me through to us,same feeling as you. they were the

P.Goon 19 months ago

Cheers Phil-now you know we wasn't just 'one trick ponies'!.

We done the biz everywhere we went back then-we just never felt the need to write books about it or mouth off so nobody but us,the victims,& the Ob know anything about it LOL.

We were much better away than at home back then cos there were less divs getting in the way,& everyone that travelled with us knew the score.

Heres a list of places & battles up north where we performed well which you probably won't hear about in any of their books ! :-

Deansgate v Mancs-when the men in black became the men on their backs!,then we jumped off the train somewhere south of Manchester & had it toe to toe with their top firm right on the platform-they got spanked.Also done their cockney reds untold times-in London & everywhere else,I recall Banana Bob& Dobson 'the paki'(he fuckin hated us calling him that,never done fuckall about it though!) running for their lives a few times!.

York-though most of em seemed to be from the Leeds service crew they got a right old shock that day,thought we'd have it on our toes-stood firm all day,

Newcastle-straight out the station & smashed right into em-they didnt know what hit em that day,piece of piss to deck a fat drunken northern bar code-mugs,stick to chinning police horses ya tramps,

Boro-cup 84-big battle in the park day!,thousands of em-& they all seemed to be fat skinheads!,looked like a right bunch of tramps too-they took a major slap that day-& 15 of us went in the Holgate end before the match & run the whole end !!.. til they regrouped & smacked us out of there LOL,they made excuses later that it was all old men & kids in there-BOLLOCKS-it was their end & they ran,who the fuck smacked us out of there then?-the old men & kids?-fuckin northern fannies,a bit of honesty for once hey chaps?,

Sheffield-another naughty place-lots of blades & tools,they don't like it when firms from south front em up,left many victims there.

Stoke-in the Boothen end,major battle,done well considering their numbers,

The only place where I can't remember doing anything significant is Leeds-the ob swarmed ya as soon as you arrived & thousands of Leeds would be waiting for you but it was virtually impossible to get at each other before the match.About 40 of us managed to slip the escort once&got into their Kop,but we got sussed immediately & we got kicked out the ground-then I got attacked by a nutter outside wielding a fucking axe!-I hid behind a mounted policeman until he kindly got me into our end!!-phew!!.

phil spurs old school 19 months ago


we will never agree bout certain events between our firms.

but we were pretty similer in ways, same schools,work,mates,etc,etc,

and a few were known to switch sides,both ways. but we too had agreat away crew.the 2nd div was for sure my fav! great tear ups, derby,stoke,brighton,saints, etc.

and the firm we took to wall boxing day 77 was arwsome,after the panorama doc and all their threats,,we held our own inside & out,and took it to them old k road, a result for us,and very under reported.

early 80,s man u, run them warick road after bricks stop,got off train at oxford rd and smash them all way to picadilly station,then smash cockney red mugs,who then as usual get locked in 1 carriage of train for protection!!!! could never understand cock reds, back then they could turn out mob in London,but never rated them,tratiors!!!

so yes both our mobs had some top results out of London,

mind you in 2nd div I personaly got a slap at, wait for it-Swindon ,luton,(in arndale,off their blacks),sunderland & blackpool...oh well shows you could get caught out anywhere,anytime!!

P.Goon 19 months ago

Hahaha-Swindon ?!?-that's almost as bad as us getting ambushed in Oxford by a bunch of inbreds!!-we went mental on the cunts,no mercy-couldn't believe the liberty they took!.

Yeah us boys from Arsenal,Spurs,West Ham & Millwall are/were very alike-dressed,acted & spoke the same language!,Chelsea are the odd man out in London & we could spot em a mile off,&then theres their ridiculous mockney accents!-they have to be the biggest bunch of wankers ever to call themselves a firm-they were humiliated so many times by all of us yet they still have the nerve to write fairytales-they were just never in the same league as any of us,never will be.

phil spurs old school 19 months ago


I think we should go on tour.

(a night with, p,goon & phil spurs old school) lol

we could and would speak it how it was,not like them idiot,think themselves superstars-c.l c.p and j.m.

the latter who found fame by getting caught out by the most under convincing reporter there ever was!!!! was shit they spill ,and dickheads pay good money to listern and convince themselves they never run etc.

agreed Chelsea worst out of us all,totaly over rated pricks.

P.Goon 19 months ago

Good idea Phil !-but I think people are getting bored shitless of all that bollocks-I bet there's a lot of empty seats at their do's nowadays.

I can't understand how that fat wank Marriner has been drafted into all that-he never had a row in all his time going football-unless he had some serious verbals with the old ladies in the pie kiosk at Stamford bridge?,he's a prize shitter who mouths off,does a bit of bouncing about &bit of seig heiling then escapes to the back of their mob when it kicks off & lets other pricks like 'nightmare farmer boy' Frain take all the slaps hahaha-he thought nobody ever noticed that!,"I won't say I was a top lad-but I was a respected lad over Chelsea"!!-yeah,respected by pikey tramps in Burberry baseball caps wearing big hooped gold earrings-load of fuckin plebs.

MFC85 19 months ago

Came across this page a while back and pop back now and then for the comments, some good honest posters makes refreshing reading from the bollox that gets spouted on most sites! Always surprises me that Gooners are not always given the respect they should, back in the mid 80s they had a big reputation- certainly in London, i suppose it's a case of 'those that know-know!!' Coming from my angle ( Millwall) after the youth cup game they gave us a run for our money (sometimes literally!) everytime we met. Before that it was all cordial 'cos of the Walworth and SE London connection, I knew a couple that went with Arsenal back then and would tell us of their results- Legging Chelsea all round Earls court- West ham at plaistow and going over to the ICF club (Lipsticks?) on a Friday night, but also they were very honest when they got done, Luton away in a park and up at Leicester after a game are two that I remember them confessing to!!! No shame in that, anyone who was going football as a chap back then will know it was a case of win some, lose some! Arsenal were miles ahead with the clobber too if I'm being honest , we had our smart chaps at Wall as did West Ham, but the Goons always seemed a step ahead!! A little while after that youth cup match at highbury I nearly came a cropper at a U2 concert at Wembley, when a mob of Gooners, about 25-30 of em, with some of their main faces strolled past me, one of em in particular took a second glance at me before carrying on, I held my breath I can tell you that!! That was the danger in being a football lad in the 80s, it could come on top at any time any place!! Great days great memories!

P.Goon 18 months ago

@MFC85-you know the apple fella !,cheers for the compliment.

I think that most of the mobs in the 80's who didn't rate us obviously never met us-or they did but won't admit to it!-any firm who did happen to bump into us definitely knew that they'd been bumped into-but some never like to admit to ever being done by anyone-Chelsea,Boro,Newcastle,Stoke,Sheffield u & Baadiff are just a few in that category.

Here's an excerpt from the latest Chav book called "Us Headhunters dun all you cunts-including F-Troop,Gooners & the ICF on your own manor"-

"When we stepped onto their manor,they would all scream like little girls & run away & hide,some would even emigrate to Australia-that's how scared they all was of us-even the police were petrified of us,I was personally known to take on whole towns in Kent single handed & come out on top-& no one ever made me dance & sing while I was being terrorised in my own boozer by the ICF-honest guv!.

When I walked into their mobs favoured part of the terraces leading like the respected & known Headhunter that I am they all shat themselves & parted like the Red sea &all but one bowed before me,I gave a pass to all those that bowed cos thats the kind of fella I am,innit?,the one geezer who denied me was dealt with severely-he hasn't walked since then,& that was ages ago,good afternoon gentlemen,Steven Hickmott's the name,pleased to make your acquaintance".

MFC85 18 months ago

Chelsea? Couldn't rate em very much to be honest, we played em three times 84-85 and they never gave us any problems, at one of the games at the den it was easy pickings round new cross, I felt sorry for some of em, as little groups of Wall would cross the road and mingle in and silently whack em up! Most of em were denying they were even chelsea!! After that match their mob thought it might be a good idea to walk down to the elephant and castle, a large firm of em to be fair, but when they reached the heygate it went 'pearshaped' for em shall we say!! As for Stamford bridge, well they just didn't have the minerals for it. My opinion is that Chelsea had too many out of towners following em, and so if it got on top it was every man for himself type of thing, if you looked at us, West Ham and Arsenal the main lads were 40-5o strong, all mates sometimes family, drank together, worked together so you couldn't run,( unless it was a seriously bad sketch!!). Very early on in the '83 season I was round Waterloo with a couple of others we decided to plot up in the station and have a nose at Arsenal who were coming back from Southampton, their train pulled in and 200+ gooners strolled silently and confidently through, chests out arms swinging, decked out in every kind of expensive sportswear you can imagine, Fila Borg tops, tachinni track bottoms, ellesse tennis polos, different coloured adidas trainers, diadora and nike trainers too, loads of pastel coloured lacoste t shirts and polo tops, a proper streetwise london casual set, they looked and acted the part. Anyway a month or so later we was up st pancras on the hunt for some Sheff utd, who we played earlier that day , when the police turned up en masse, Chelsea were coming back from a match up north, well the first thing you could hear was em singing, not the done thing them days, then when they came through loads were dressed in them green flight jackets, even a couple of proper skinheads among em, they clocked us and gave us the verbals, and a lot of em had like Home Counties accents, that for me was the difference between them and the other London firms, you knew a lot of em, not all, were just singers and train wreckers really, whereas West Ham for example you knew were dangerous and if you weren't all together and up for it, you could be in real trouble, ask any Wall at kings cross the night we came back from Doncaster when the ICF gave us a 'Warm Welcome' back to London!!

P.Goon 18 months ago

Good read that MFC85,though I would say that at the time when we was all most active (1980-90) West Ham had more like 200 top bods-quite a few of em were very handy boxer's too,some being 15-18 stone of pure hate,& they had about 500 young un's & clingons!.

Millwall had a similar make up but smaller in numbers-but you made up for the deficit by being well organised & totally fearless-that counted more than numbers in my opinion,how many times have we all been confronted by mobs 2/3x larger & found em out when we steamed in & most of em scattered leaving only their 5-10 top boys at the front shouting "STAND STAND" whilst they are getting upped left right & centre!?,that happened week in week out with most mobs-Millwall,West Ham,Spurs,Boro,Everton & Leeds are a few that come to mind who always stood their ground-respect has to be given to all of those.

MFC85 18 months ago

Yeah take your point about our friends from the east, they were a horrible lot who liked to go that extra mile to get one over, especially us. They were similar to us in many ways, for example their older lot didn't really care for fashion it was just about giving someone a kicking, our panorama vets were the same, leather jacket, stonewash jeans and a load of scars, fuck it that'll do!! The ones I hated were the U5s - nasty bastards, they were the original youth mob I suppose! Where we were different was as you say the numbers, we had home crowds of 5 thousand back then and travelled very light, in that Cass ICF book they talk about jumping us at London bridge, that was true, so was the bit about the petrol bomb, but what they said about us with 300 lads was way way off the mark, we had about 70-80 and that was a good turn out for us going north back then!! Even when we mauled them at new cross we never had a huge mob in the hundreds, it was great though when a well known half caste U5 had to climb up a lamppost and onto a garage roof pleading for mercy "spare me life chaps"!! Although I hated em I did respect em, and I think any honest hammer from back then would say the same about us, although after that ferry thing with Man Utd they started to wane a bit, it's ironic that the book that CP put out was meant inform the general public of how mean they were ended up making em a bit of a joke '25 years undefeated' and all that, people like us, the ones who matter, KNEW how mean they were back then, certainly early 80s anyway. I know there's been a couple of books written about us, one of them was by a journalist under a moody name who just copied stuff off the net, which why it is total guff, just bullshit. The other one I've not seen but the geezer who wrote it looked a bit familiar but certainly no one knows who the fuck he is!! There is a 'omertà' over Wall about a book, I know two of our top fellas have been offered big dough to write one, but no chance, leave that to the publicity seekers eh??! I guess there's no chance of a Herd book anytime soon? (Tongue firmly in cheek!)

phil spurs old school 18 months ago


totally agree on your comments bout west ham.

and like I mention in previous post,all of London were chuffed when it went pear shaped for them at new cross,and that lads rooftop escape was the laugh of the day,as most of us new the fucker.

shame their books were full of fairy tales.

got to hand it to them as they were heavy firm,and very naughty.and it makes me cringe to this day how they had the phyci on us early 80,s. but that did change later of course.

big respect to wall pal. had couple close pals who run with you then,both loons, like p.goon say west ham ,wall ,us and arsenal all had topfirms in our city. Chelsea don't come into it..and going on that extract from that pricks new book, seems like they still live in cuckoo land.

P.Goon 18 months ago

LOL Phil-I made all that 'new book by the Headhunters' stuff up!-but that's the kind of crap that twat SH has said somewhere else in one of CP's many boring stretched out 'I'm well fuckin' hard me' pamphlets.

Got to give it to CP-he is one illiterate thick cunt,probably the biggest selling illiterate thick cunt who ever lived! clap clap.Love it when he's interviewed & tries to give it all 'I know long words' act then pronounces the words wrong &/or uses them all out of context!-now that is fuckin hilarious-you should do stand up Cass-oh,I forgot,you do!.

It wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if it was actually him who put together that latest Wall book either!!.

MFC85 18 months ago

Seriously? Another book? What's left to write about? The Hokey Cokey with Cardiff down kings rd? Mr nightmare getting ironed out by Hibs? Breaking the land speed record down the Edgeware rd? With Tottenhams finest in hot pursuit! Blimey!, just let it go fellas!!

Never had much to do with Spurs til the ill fated 'friendly' in 2001,(that's for another day) but we did share a common friend, another no longer with us, so Stevie S, rest in peace pal, and thankyou for Pompey away 93, you saved my arse, and I'll never forget that. "WALK DONT RUN!" ;-)

phil spurs old school 18 months ago

yes r.i.p

its strange really we hardly ever ran into your lot back in the day.the friendly game, I was well off doing other things them years.

I went to both games,boxing day and the bank hol in the old 2nd div.

of course the panorama thing spiced it up lovely. your place box day had to be one of best crews ive ever seen from us.classic years back then.

and early 80,s.we always respected wall.and of course always wanted you to fuck west ham. oh memory lane,seems like yesterday!!!!!!

P.Goon 18 months ago

LOL Phil-I made all that up about the Headhunters book!!,though that's the kind of crap I've seen them cfc dickheads SH & MK write in some of Cass' many 'I'm a proper head case me' books!.If being a top firm is judged on the number of times they got absolutely battered & humiliated then the chavs are without a doubt the UK's best mob EVER!!.

BN 18 months ago

In order to show a bit of impartiality, surely we all have to admit that Chelsea did have some very game people - not the TV personalities who seemed to be laughed at, even by some of their own. But I know a few Chelsea, very decent people, who would definitely stand their ground with anyone and everyone and to be fair they always held their hands up when they got done. One was/is short & stocky from (as it happens) London - we all may know him - you couldn't meet a nicer man. Back in the day, he was fearless.

And while we're at it, let's not forget Hayes. What was it about the place that pulled out so many game people - Chelsea, QPR, Spurs (and I'm sure other clubs) - they all came from Hayes.

P.Goon 18 months ago

@BN-yeah of course Cfc had a few game chaps but not enough to stop em taking some ridiculous hidings from the REAL top firms.They just had way too many out of town clingon muppets following them who were just not made for the frontline,they would've been more at home on jackanory or on a 100m sprint track!,they were a hindrance rather than an advantage-we all had em but Chelsea easily had more than their fair share.

I was there on a few of the occasions where they've(Chelsea) written utter bollocks about what occurred at those particular meet's with us-coming into the clockend & destroying us etc was one-no one ever came onto the clockend when we were in there & done anything of note,certainly not in my time anyway.

At Stamford bridge when apparently we all walked past them with our heads down in silence with Dainton getting terrorised by their young uns before melting off home should read as follows-Gooners turned up at Fulham broadway,we made some noise & threw some shit at them from across the road whilst hiding behind the ob,as usual,Gooners broke through ob cordon & smashed us everywhere,we got legged up north end road &up Kings road,made a pathetic attempt to save face when all our top bods got properly ironed out,the end.

Hayes?-doubt if many chaps live round there anymore as that place has become yet another non white Isis/muslim enclave,I'd nuke all them cunts if had the keys & codes!.

phil spurs old school 18 months ago


lol,lol I was half asleep when read your book bit,ha

but it was so much like the norm for them that it could be an

yes of course Chelsea had game lads,i knew a few,but like you said,against us 4 firms they 9/10 come a cropper,plain and ever they want to dress it.

and I remember my pal coming back buzzing about them coming well unstuck against you northend road, to confirm your account of it.!!!

Blue tom 18 months ago

Am Everton fan and the best firm I have seen at Goodison or Anfeild is that Gooners firm that came to Anfeild in 78 for the League cup semi final ,the had about 7,000 every one of them was a boy loads of punks with them the smashed Liverpool before and after the game.

P.Goon 18 months ago

Top input Tommy la' !!-I wasn't there so can't comment on that.

It's funny how us Gooners have gone from being invisible wannabe's & 'trying to rewrite history' at the start of this blog to having unbiased confirmation of the actual facts/acts! emerging & confirming our position as a top firm back in the day huh?!?.It's our own fault I suppose for not writing that book lol !.

Those that know KNOW-we had a lot of game heads & some proper dangerous characters on our firm back then(like most inner city firms)-if you met em in combat you knew about it-Islington & the surrounding areas,where most of our top bod's came from,was & still is a very naughty part of London so we obviously had quite a few local nutcases with us-but there were far worse head cases out there who didn't waste their time with us & fv I can assure you!.

On the other hand you had West Ham & Millwall with every single loony tunes on their manor turning up regularly for a row!,& like most of us Gooners at the time most of them couldn't give a fuck about the football or the result-most of the time we left the match & hadn't watched a single second of the game,nor did hardly any of us even know the result!,didn't care-it wasn't about the football to most of us-it was all about hurting the opposition,sad to say but true.

jj 18 months ago

The herd were still game early nineties.

Skinhead 69 profile image

Skinhead 69 17 months ago from England Author

@Croc Belt, I sort of got the gist of your first two posts but you completely lost me on the third one mate!!!

Croc Belt 17 months ago

Just read it myself and see what you mean Skin, do me a favour pls mate and delete the lot. I was reading something on newsnow Arsenal and somehow stumbled across your site. It's a good one. All best to those on here and RIP every soul who's perished fighting at football.

P.Goon 17 months ago

Righto Croc Belt-confusing posts mate,wd!.

I can't work out which team your allegiances are with?!.

Wall top dressers in 76'?-mate,all football chaps like the majority of Britain dressed like glam rock clowns/coal miners/bin men in 76!.

Everyone's seen the 77' Wall panorama prog'-& the earliest recorded gear wearing football bod's weren't on it!!,although the U.K's first alleged casual mob could have just been keeping a low one away from the camera's-highly unlikely,but a possibility!.

Community shield today-my moneys on Chelsea,gotta be honest,I can't remember the last time we beat em !.

Rip Cilla Black !.

Croc Belt 17 months ago

Since you claim to have lost eight (its all gone Danny Dyer) 'large' of late, Arsenal should be victorious then eh?

P.Goon 17 months ago

Yeah,easy to say after seeing Arsenal go 1-0 up in the 1st half hey?!.

Croc Belt 17 months ago

I'm over in the south of France my brother and got the kick off time mixed up. I turned the radio fir what I thought was the start when they were just about to begin the 2nd half. No need to get churlish...

P.Goon 17 months ago

Churlish?!,yeah alright Colin Firth !!,now you're starting to sound like an iron,I literally ain't got a clue what that word means so it wasn't intentional!.

Anyway,just keep yapping ya mug,someone else might entertain you,doubt it though cos you come over as a bit mental-no more bites from me.

phil spurs old school 17 months ago

croc belt-my take on boxing day..

it was 11.30 kick off, asmall lot went over on first train and by all accounts got untold shit,and went to the ground,.

I was with main group at London bridge at 11 oclock meet,we had good few hundred,all boys and lots of loons out for the fun,pure firm.

good old british rail were late,so we reach just as game kicking off, no millwall in site! clearly you were in ground thinking only small crew and brave scarfers had come,seriously and stupid believing panorama and your dumb threats had made us hide under xmas tree in north London.

the FENCE- all your kids on halfway line rush to fence and throw all sorts at us,i got a flatterned down coke can thrown like a frisbie just above my eye, once ammo ran out it was just verbals through fence,hardly BOTTLE it.

after match,you attack with bricks etc on road,then everytime you charge we counter,lots of toe to toe,but you never move us-fact pal.

we were holding our own all way back to elephant.lots got hurt both sides,but your pamarama promises did not come true.

our place bankhol.we had 2 huge mobs ,1 outside bell and hare,1 up near bruce grove ,if you come seven sister route, you came as one overground to w.h.lane, you charge down as far as park lane,bit of skirmish then old bill put you in ground,after old bill fuck you off back same way. end of.

so to say you done us is crap,keep it real!!!

Croc Belt 17 months ago

@Spurs Phil,

I got there let so had the dubious pleasure of seeing your lot bowling down from New Cross and I admit being taken aback by how many there were of you. Initially I'd mistaken you it for a NUPE demo what with all those Donkey Jackets. Fair play though, it was a fair old mob. Now as for there being no Millwall in the Illderton, don't know if you recall a delay in you lot being allowed in or not? If so, that was down to the locals being cleared out by the Metropolitan Police, who seemed intent on spoiling everybody's fun. That bit I can't swear to for as stated previously, I'd arrived late. THE FENCE... Our side of which was lined from top to bottom with coppers who, when Spurs finally approached it, linked arms - as they do, and shoved Millwall back. Leaving a good thirty foot gap. There were no coppers on your side and all those on ours, quite literally, had their hands full. That's when your bottle went. As for the post match fun and games we each have our own take. I make you right on the return at Spursm which largely speaking, was a nonevent. Though on a personal front I got a squeeze when walking straight into a few of yoours who'd stepped out of a boozer close to WHL station, sort of built into the flats?

Got a feeling it was your coachman's lot. Phil, if Millwall had underrated you, which they hadn't, it been Down to the League Cup game at yours about three years earlier. You're right though its wrong to say we done you after the game in 78 but there were a few that got it quite severely.

Now, as you Arsenal tryer, you're quite wrong to say you don't entertain me as you do - royally.

phil spurs old school 17 months ago

croc belt

fair play mate with your up date on that,

at our place after it took a while for you to get out of Tottenham as we tried to block the rail tracks further up,lol

but yes it was non advent with o.b all over it,but great hate in ground.

2nd div we had great firm,great days,and think millwall always respected our turn out after all the build up.

happy days.

phil spurs old school 17 months ago

skin 69

again I must say thanks for great site!!

where (most) of us can put our loyalties aside to talk sense about those days.

rip j.d

P.Goon 17 months ago

@Croc belt-I see that you've had a right touch by Skinhead 69 removing a few of your previous posts!,I think even you realised that you didn't make any sense hence you asking for them to be deleted-apologies for my 'churlish-ness'!-or 'cunti-ness' for those unfamiliar with Shakespear!!-I thought you were either on a wind up or completely off your nut!,no worries pal-we've all said & done things when we were intoxicated & later regretted it!.

@Phil-good read that mate,all the little details you put into your accounts makes your take on things sound legit-Wall didn't always have things go their way,neither did West Ham,just depended on who,where & how many of you were there-a firm like what Spurs had must've had a good pop at them both back then at some point.

I couldn't imagine the Spurs heavies of old being shy of a bit of a dance with Millwall or West Ham to be honest-I remember a lot of them back then & they had a lot of bottle about them-pre match at WHL we used to get small groups of 10-20 Spurs heavies come out of the Bull as we walked past & they just put it right on us-no tools either,even though there were 100's of us & knowing that they'd get wasted,fair play-it took some arsehole to do that & they were respected for it,ie,they didn't take much of a kicking when they went down & they didn't get cut-how many others would've acted the same back then ?!.


phil spurs old school 17 months ago

p.goon-thanks for your comments pal

ive always respected wall,and also they had to put up with lots our firms did not,ie with their rep everywhere they went,even the small towns,they had to face every nutter,people who never went they sure had to perform every away game!

and they have had top crew.but back then the panorama thing,even though it was good,really stired us up,not one bod in that massive firm at London bridge had fear,we never turned them over but we def held our own much to their west ham ,the fear factor won them battles which some they could of come unstuck.

like that dreadfull day at yours with west ham and j.d (rip),the fear factor was broken for good,as they found out with the hackney road wars etc! so yes pal even the firms full of monsters and loons can come unstuck!!!!

P.Goon 17 months ago

@Phil-I think that back then in the 70s & 80s the reputation most London mobs had made for themselves meant that every nutter up north came out to try & scalp a Cockney whenever any of us visited!!-that certainly seemed to be the case with us as we always seemed to get big welcoming parties.

For most ordinary league games we only took about 100 firm max away,just enough of us to have a good go at whatever came at us.

Big games we took about 300 boys plus 1000's of barmies like that Everton lad mentioned in a previous post-& I've seen plenty of our barmies go absolutely mental on quite a few occasions!!,they also saved our arses loads of times too when its badly come on top up north-doubt that most of em would've behaved like that if they were sober mind!,especially after they've kicked lumps out of snappy police dogs & steamed into the filth etc & got themselves nicked lol.

It's funny now though considering how much the northerners(& Welsh) despised us yet when we meet em on hol's or wherever they are usually good as gold,particularly the chaps from Lancashire & Yorkshire.

Its all over for us now-our current crop of 'supporters' are a fuckin embarrassment,filming every cunt that moves & uploading action less 'fights' on to youtube then offering meets to any cunt that argues or takes the piss-which they would never in a million years turn up for.

I hear the 'youth firms' are mad at it watching 'football factories' & 'Green street' whenever they can to try & get a clue-though most of em do seem to look like irons & 'One direction' rejects,well done!!.

P.Goon 17 months ago

@Croc belt-just seen what you wrote on your last post re: your last sentence-something about 'Arsenal tryer'?,perhaps you'd like to explain what you mean by that,after you've done that then you can explain to everyone what these 'tryers' did to you in Highbury fields in 88' & then again down the Old Kent road in the return leg !!.Your bubble had well & truly been burst by then,same as your pals from over the river.


Croc Belt 17 months ago

You didn't do anything to anyone -ever. You're a fantasist mate.

P.Goon 17 months ago

Sure pal-one of your lot already came on here & owned up it so stop trying to make yourself sound like a cunt-you know fuckall,lucky you had most of your posts deleted cos that was clear to see,your just another fanny with a computer,now fuck off mug.

P.Goon 17 months ago

This geezer ^ must be bang on the gear & living in cuckoo land-his deleted posts said it all really!.

MFC85 17 months ago

I was at Highbury fields after the cup game and I can honestly say we got pasted good and proper, no arguments here. I thought we'd had the result of the day when we caned the plimsoll arms before the game, so fair play to Arsenal who gave as good as they got and more!! Highbury fields was not a good sketch, TBH probably the most dodgy situation I've been in, it had got personal by then and people were being called by their names, the little guy from QPR was with us and got launched over the bonnet of a car by one of Arsenals main faces, people were laughing for weeks about it!! But at the time it was moody as fuck. Good day though.

P.Goon 17 months ago

Thanks for the input MFC85 & for being honest about what happened that day.I get the feeling that this Croc belt geezer ain't all there...& was NEVER there,he's too full of contradictions,& himself,& he was too way off the mark about certain things in his previous deleted posts to have ever been in the loop-probs just a scarfer or the mug that wrote your book!,or even worse-filth??,who calls ob/plod/filth/gavvers "metropolitan police" like he did?!.One things for certain-he knows f.a.

Croc Belt 17 months ago

I know you're a Multi.

P.Goon 17 months ago

Nice comeback Toby!,do yerself a favour & stop embarrassing the proper old Millwall on here & everywhere else.If your'e trying to imply that I'm a multi account holder & that I am MFC85 answering myself then your'e seriously more deluded & fucked up than I thought ya fuckin Brobat !.

Croc Belt 17 months ago

I'm not trying to imply anything mate, I'm saying it outright. Seek therapy.

P.Goon 17 months ago

LOL Crocofshit-give your head a shake fella,only genuine chaps can hold their hands up & admit to getting done every now & then,no shame in that,we've all been there(but not you,of course)-but if you lie about it you get caught out eventually & look a prize cunt,& that's exactly how you look right now.

If you know nothing about Highbury fields then like I said previously-you weren't there & you know nothing-or did you 'turn up late' again ?!?.

I rest my case.

Croc Belt 17 months ago

I know about Highbury Fields and don't deny the Whackers getting done. It's just that you personally weren't present. If you want to spend your life on the internet pretending to be a football thug, as bizarre a choice as that might be, it's entirely up to you. Again, seek therapy. You soppy cunt.

P.Goon 17 months ago

Clever strategy Croco-the accused became the accuser !,listen,I ain't the one who wrote so much crap I had to ask the admin to delete it,then make up stories about 'doing Spurs' etc only to backtrack when you got pulled up about it.I think we know whats what here ya toby.

greasyspoon 17 months ago

Interesting site and comments, obviously there are always going to be different versions of events but maybe there's one thing I can clear up from a while ago, when a Tottenham fella described it as 'Fact!!' that in 1984 vouchers were issued from Highbury to stop Tottenham fans getting in the North Bank. Well I'm sitting here looking at the programme of the last home game (Stoke) before the Tottenham game and it mentions that some seat tickets are available for the Tottenham game and asks all Clock Enders to use the North Bank or East Stand enclosure just for this game, but there is nothing about vouchers and nothing about the game being all ticket. Not denying that Tottenham had our number off the field for several years and I do remember the voucher thing happening at a different time but clearly in 84 neither the club nor police thought Tottenham were much of a threat to the North Bank, and they were proved right by Tottenham having a bad day and Arsenal proving the tide had definitely turned.

Croc Belt 17 months ago

P.Goon 2 days ago

Clever strategy Croco-the accused became the accuser !,listen,I ain't the one who wrote so much crap I had to ask the admin to delete it,then make up stories about 'doing Spurs' etc only to backtrack when you got pulled up about it.I think we know whats what here ya toby.

No you're not the one that wrote anything that might be revealing as to who you might be, largely because you've, given the amount of names you've stuck yourself up on here as, you've probably lost track. not got a clue as to who you are. Let me help you out with that, you are a complete and utter fraud who didn't even a punch up in the playground, never mind at the football. Why you've claimed Arsenal as you 'firm' I don't know, because there's on thing for sure about that Herd, they'd not have suffered a squeak like you in a million years. I'm not sure what your game is but whatever it is, you can stick up your arse, you fucking freak.

P.Goon 17 months ago

Are you still yapping u mad old cunt? ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Skinhead69-this nonce Croco is ruining a great site,if you would be so kind please remove all traces of this fuckwits existence.

With a mouth like Croco's it makes you wonder how he's still breathing-he's either the hardest fucker on the planet or the biggest fanny-take your pick!.

phil spurs old school 17 months ago

it was all ticket and vouchers,at highbury 75,

if my memory is right, correct me if im wrong,

and spurs did get in.

Skinhead 69 profile image

Skinhead 69 17 months ago from England Author

I'm pretty certain the vouchers were 1979. It wasn't all ticket but you needed a voucher to get in the North Bank. They were pretty poor quality and loads of both Arsenal and Tottenham were getting copies, but most of the main faces from both teams were in the Clock End anyway.

phil spurs old school 17 months ago

you may be right there skin.

I remember vouchers being copied,i was clockend that game.

but also 75 keeps coming in to my thoughts for some reason or other?!

BN 17 months ago

The vouchers were later. 1979 was a midweek match - Paul Millers debut and there were loads of spurs all over the North Bank - FACT! It kept happening until OB got on top of it and the vouchers were issued. If i'm wrong about 1984, then i hold my hands up.

The reason I wrote earlier that some arsenal fans were 're-writing history" was because you've only got to look at the beginning of this site and see some of the shit that's been written. You've got another now one who read a programme and then told us "clearly the police thought Tottenham weren't a threat in 1984". This is an Arsenal site, so i'm trying to be respectful, but I'll take a guess that perhaps the bloke wasn't around then.

As i've always said, arsenal's firm gamest mid to late 80's (and even into the early 90's). P Goon may back me up on that.

Skinhead 69 profile image

Skinhead 69 17 months ago from England Author

It was 1979 for certain. The game you refer to was April 1979 and the vouchers game was the following season in December (also 1979).

BN 17 months ago

Fair enough, I hold my hands up about when vouchers were issued.

But if you were around then, you'll know what happened in 1979 at Paul Miller's debut. And you've got people on here trying to tell us that Spurs got battered in 1984. Sorry, it didn't happen

Passerby 17 months ago

BN - Sorry mate, Spurs got whacked up early doors like West Ham in 82, same side the lot. You had to be in the ground early.

phil spurs old school 17 months ago

then the northbank fences appeared!!

BN 17 months ago

Sorry @passerby if you're talking about our 3-1 win at Highbury (April 82 - now checking dates), we were all over the north bank. Beating Arsenal away was/is so rare - we dont forget things like that.

That's why i think the vouchers thing was after that date. Nothing ever happened in the north bank again after that. As I say, mid to late 80's, imo your firm were game.

Passerby 17 months ago

Sorry BN 82 was as described by a neutral.

Neutral - "The way i saw it was tottenham had a go on the left hand side of the north bank and got as far as the beginning of the roof before the old bill steamed in and formed a line all the way down the north bank, after that there were sporadic scuffles going on but nothing major and tottenham stayed there until the end of the game."

And I said "1982 the year you refer to Tottenham are in the North Bank singing songs surrounded by the OB that’s about it mate. The vast Majority of the covered area is held by Arsenal, with Denton’s mob certainly making more of an effort than your lot. Stalemate I would say"

My comment yesterday happened in 84, just making the point it happened the same side and early doors the same as West Ham in 82.

phil spurs old school 17 months ago


I see your using a quote from a west ham bod in 82,surely we need to talk from games we were at,and rows we were involved in.

BN 17 months ago

Well said Phil. I was gonna raise it too.

My take - Spurs were given the bit of the clock end normally reserved for away teams. It was early, probably 2ish, and there wasn't much going on atmosphere wise in the ground. Then there was a bit of shouting and the call came - we went right through to under the roof/behind the goal - call it what you like, we were in the middle of the north bank. The Spurs in the clock end were all applauding.

For passerby to say we were surrounded by OB for our own protection is complete bollox. We all know why the OB moved in and it wasn't for our sakes. We stayed the whole match and as I say before, it was even more special because we won with an mom performance from Mickey hazard.

I'm even more convinced that the vouchers were issued in 84.

Croc Belt 17 months ago

phil spurs old school 4 hours ago


I see your using a quote from a west ham bod in 82,surely we need to talk from games we were at,and rows we were involved in.

That'd count out p-goon entirely then.

Skinhead 69 profile image

Skinhead 69 17 months ago from England Author

Not arguing with any of the comments about what happened, but the vouchers were December 1979. It was Boxing Day morning kick off, 100% certain without a shadow of doubt :-)

Passerby 17 months ago

Croc Belt - The full quote - " Funnily enough i was at the game v tottenham in 82 with half dozen other west ham in the clock end,we weren't there for a ruck we just wanted to take in a north london derby.

The way i saw it was tottenham had a go on the left hand side of the north bank and got as far as the beginning of the roof before the old bill steamed in and formed a line all the way down the north bank,after that there were sporadic scuffles going on but nothing major and tottenham stayed there until the end of the game"

Read up, Spurs main firm from Bethnel green, got legged through Avenell road turnstiles, shat themselves and melted. Spurs never had their main path clearers on the North Bank.

BN were you in the ground when the gates opened 84 yes or no? If not you missed it and would have seen later your mob in front of the West stand. There for a reason chum. Same as West Ham 82.

phil spurs old school 17 months ago

you know what-82 84 79 im getting dizzy .

the main point is I suppose,76-84 we were always in the n.b.

how ever much we took of it!!

also pat rices testimonial 77,

Skinhead 69 profile image

Skinhead 69 17 months ago from England Author

From what I can remember 75/76 two large mobs of Arsenal and Spurs fighting on and off throughout the game at the back of the North Bank and in the streets afterwards, even stevens.

76/77 lots of Spurs in the North Bank and a good result for them.

78/79 evening game and another good result in the North Bank for Spurs, this and the previous season possibly their best.

79/80 the vouchers game, most of the action in the Clock End.

80/81 two large firms seriously going for it in the North Bank.

81/82 and 82/83 I wasn't there.

83/84 I got there just before kick off and there were only a few Spurs in the North Bank. Certainly nothing like the numbers from the late 70's. But what had happened before I got there I don't know.

This is honestly how I remember it and only my opinion. Time does play tricks on the memory.

phil spurs old school 17 months ago

spot on skin

totally agree on late 70,s being best for us,

I was at all,including 77 testimonial

was at most 80,s games,and it looks like 82 will be argued about for ever.

but we had along run of being there.

then 84 it all changed,

P.Goon 17 months ago

@Croco-the saying goes "opinions are like arseholes....".

And here's another famous saying,I like quoting 'sayings'!,this one's from Churchill himself I believe-"your'e an already well established know fuckall well out of the loop prick who's been sparked once too often whilst attacking women,kids & scarfers in the family enclosures".No wonder no cunt likes you !!.

BN 17 months ago

I'm not changing my view on '82. I was right there.

Passerby - was I there when the gates opened? What do you mean? To the ground at 12 when they let a few old ladies in and a bloke with a wooden box to stand on? Definitely not. I was outside.

I was at the game in 84. There was little happening in the north bank.

Skin - fair enough with your take on the vouchers, I'm not going to argue if your 100% about it. I thought that after the vouchers season, Spurs never went in the north bank. But as I've said, I was inthere with a load of others in 82 which was after 79.

phil spurs old school 17 months ago

BN- agreed on 82

Croc Belt 17 months ago


As usual, trying a bit too hard.

Passerby 17 months ago

BN - In 1984 it kicked off very early, the same time as West Ham in 1982, because you were not there does not mean in did not happen.

I am not changing my view on 82 either.

phil spurs old school 17 months ago


and what was your exact view in 82?

in an earlier post you say

"you see our main lot running,then getting done outside,you describe them"

then in a later post,you say,

"you see few lads run past as you get a cuppa,you see NOTHING going on,you go back down the n.b,then your mate,then his brother tell you this and that."

so you need to make your mind up!

plus so many of you accounts & quotes seem to be spread around sites,word for word..

lots of what you say comes from magazine articals or hear say.

and as for arsenal bods leading us at west ham ,please stop it.

Croc Belt 17 months ago

I was in the NB for the night game in 79. The bulk of the Spurs mob, lumps in DJ's steamed in from the right (if facing pitch) and let's have it right, took the end. Their boys though (about 30 handed) were just below us lot on the lower section of the terracing. Their main bod was a blonde kid (think from Walthamstow). It was nil-nil until right near the end when Arsenal scored and sparked pandemonium. We used the chaos to get clear and through the police cordon stretching from top to bottom of the terracing. Once outside the eight of us (maximum 10) instantly split as, by then, it was every man for himself. Cutting a long story short, it was a fucking nightmare. Tottenham were everywhere that night and the fact that Arsenal turned it around within a couple of seasons is remarkable.

phil spurs old school 17 months ago

croc belt

good account,i was in n.b that time.

and yes goons turn it round,but not till 84 ish

Croc Belt 17 months ago

I encountered two separate lots of Spurs outside the ground. The first, a few hundred grizzlies, who'd been in the Clock End and looked more serious than the bulk of those in the NB. Then had the misfortune of walking into (and through) another lot coming down Avenell Rd. Which, at that point was more or less empty apart from them and me. This doesn't include the hordes of them along Blackstock Rd and at Finsbury Park... It was a bad night indeed.

Passerby 17 months ago

Phil SOS - Have no idea what you are on about that looks perfectly ok and understandable, And yes I did corroborate my experience against someone who it so happens was one of the heavies legging your lot through the turnstiles and who`s mate was the Chelsea fan. But to further clear up the misunderstanding I am referring to you main boys, the heavies, grizzlies from Bethnel Green the ones that did the damage previous years.

1982 – I was positioned early in the North Bank Avenell road side just under the cover mid-way down. I went to get teas for me and my mates, the tea shed was at the back of the North Bank. On the way bank, Some heavies scoot past me heading towards the turnstiles, one is wearing a bright green tee shirt he nearly ran into me and side stepped at the last moment. I remember him looking past me, I did not clock what was going on and looked into the North Bank to see if they were being chased saw nothing and carried on down the North Bank. 5 minutes later my mates younger came down the terrace pissing himself laughing saying the main yid firm just got clocked coming into the North Bank. They got ran back out a across the turnstiles and Arsenal followed. My mates brother then said Arsenal were in the road calling the rest of the spurs firm on who in turn saw their main boy scrabbling around on the floor, shit themselves and started to melt off down the road. I found out only a few years ago the lad in the green tee shirt was Chelsea with a well-known Gooner. These were your main path clearers of previous years , they piled in and the rest of you back filled singing we took the North Bank. Your run ended by running out of the North bank across the Turnstiles and bottling from a handful of heavies. Hence on the left that year you made no progress whatsoever. You sang Tottenham and were surrounded by OB.

BN 17 months ago


the problem is you've got 2 people who were actually involved in arsenal/spurs 82 and not giving second/third hand reports. As someone else wrote, "if having a view from behind the goal is not taking the North Bank what is?" You honestly think that would've been allowed back then at Upton Park, the Den and a few other places?

That's why i previously wrote "some arsenal fans are trying to re-write history". You can tell the people who were involved back then - the things they write and say etc. No question on this site who was involved and who wasn't.

Passerby 17 months ago

No there were four people involved in 82 from this forum, two spurs fans (You & SOS) me the Arsenal fan and a neutral West ham fan. Amazing then the account of the neutral somehow corroborates what I am saying. So it comes down to what constitutes taking an end.

So if you ask the Author he will confirm I sent him a picture of the Chelsea shed last year split right down the middle early 70`s. Arsenal one side Chelsea the other. If you ask the Arsenal lads from that era if they took it, hell no, Chelsea were still in it. Also late sixties Arsenal had half of the West Ham North Bank, do they claim to have taken it? No.

As described by Pgoon ,from the Authors period Arsenal were top with West ham in London and never actually ever considered Spurs worth a light. The fun was with Chelsea, West ham and Man utd. The Arsenal mob grew up and got married (Ie Johnny hoy) whereas West ham lot never hence they took the piss out of the Arsenal kids for a while at Highbury. It so happens Spurs were getting their act together and now had a firm of much older lads than Arsenal. So the fact is that fat lump one of spurs main boys who fell on his face out in the road after running back through the turnstiles in 1982 was 27. The lad chasing him was 18. Two years previous in 1980 he was 16, the fat lump was 25. So welcome to reality Spurs.

phil spurs old school 17 months ago


little you know,yes we had our older veterans,like most London crews.

but we also had a large lot who were late teen/early 20,s.

around 82/83. and I was one of them,so don't think you were the only ones mate.

if you were that clued up you would know or faced us,specially as lots of us were pals,connected,or just simply knew each other!!!

Croc Belt 17 months ago

You've got a point there about Arsenal's mob being young. That night in 79 when Spurs steamed in from the side, I met them and before long found myself surrounded by Tottenham and on looking back at where the home fans had been, what was behind me were kids. They were game but giving away a couple of stone to the invaders. It around that point that I managed to get myself back on the Arsenal side of the police - who'd appeared fairly sharply. I walked down the central steps and was on that that path separating the upper from lower NB heading towards the East Stand side of the terrace when a certain Turkish kid called me. That's when I discovered where Arsenal's mob were that night. On the lower bit, behind the first or second crash barrier. There were at most fifteen of them. By the end of the game it was down to ten. As for West Ham in the 80's there may have been a few older bods still knocking about but it's wrong to say they were a lot older than Arsenal's mob - they weren't. Oh, and Mr J Hoy had given up the ghost many years previously. His spot filled a gent from Bromley. Arsenal's rise from the depths of the late 70's was no mean feat but they weren't all kids, a few fellows my age who'd been through it all, helped with that rise and anyone from Arsenal will know who they are. A couple of whom were part of the ten on the NB that night. They turned up knowing they were going to be on the arse end of it- that alone takes a bit of bottle. Spurs terrorised Arsenal that night. Inside and more pertinently - outside, the ground.

BN 17 months ago


So you were involved in 82 were you? I thought you were getting a cup of tea for you and your mates (your words).

Everything you write is from "a reliable source" "a neutral" "my mates brother/sister/cousin".

Welcome to reality Spurs? You're a dreamer mate. You weren't there.

Passerby 17 months ago

BN - Oh dear, your worldview of what you want to believe is challenged and you throw your toys out the pram. Sadly for you I was so grow up mate.

mustard82 17 months ago

absolute top class read all this , fucking hilarious as well.

actually agree with a gooner for once, P.goon is genuine and has the savvy to explain what went on 30 odd years ago. listen , nobody deserves to die at a football match, jd rip. west ham cunts, hope the slag that had the blade got cancer. Passerby , talking some truth the rest complete bollocks.

went to arsenal v tottenham aug 1980, april 1982 and the yids had the upper hand, no question. didn't go dec 82 or april 84 but the gooners got their act together from people i know, but apr 85 they came to whl and caused the yids problems.

the yid firm however would go to naughtier places especially in europe and do naughtier things but when it came to west ham, their bottle went, yet went to chelsea and mill wall in big numbers

leeds , everton and middlesbrough were always tough places ago

remember going to everton and getting back to my car realising i was being followed , managed to drive off but had the back window caved in by a hammer, not a nice experience and a fucking cold journey back down to the smoke

Croc Belt 17 months ago

He's as genuine as you. There's no doubt about that. Oops - it is you!

phil spurs old school 17 months ago

we took top firms to Europe.

fyernoord 83 being the best in my time.2 days of madness.

them fuckers were shocked at how game we were.

phil spurs old school 17 months ago


while you were having a cuppa and reading program,

some of us were getting stuck in!

Croc Belt 17 months ago

Got yourself a multi problem here Skin. Ciao.

BN 17 months ago



So the old ICF never got married did they? Are you some sort of government statistician or something?

And you knew the ages of 2 people who were having a row in at arsenal/Spurs in 80 and 82. What do you do? Track them down in the 50,000 crowd, ask them their ages and make a note on your clip board?

P.Goon 17 months ago

Hahaha-this just keeps getting better & better!,everyone is me!!,you are some special kind of stupid cunt ain't ya Croco?!.

Let me get this right-so Millwall were the first casuals in 1976 & you were their top boy in the 70's,am I correct so far?,then you went to a few Arsenal games and was such an awesome fella you then became our top man?-righto cunto.

And who's this 'Turk' your'e talking about?,there were 3 Turks on our firm late 70's & through the 80's & I know/knew em all-one was killed in Bosnia & the other 2 were brothers,one had the nickname of a large stripy Asian cat,all game as fuck.

I've had enough of your bollocks,you are the fake,and a fuckin liar cos I aint got a scooby who the fuck YOU are,come on here trying to take over mug-I've said what I had to say,put a few things straight,but you've slaughtered what was a brilliant site so I'm out of here for good.

Regards to all the decent posters on here & big respect,cheers.

P.Goon 17 months ago

One more thing Croco before I leave you to boil in your own shit,a question/test for you-if you are so in the know & was ever one of 'us' give us the initials of the 2 well known Gooner brothers who were both murdered-one in the early 80's in Nam(Tottenham!) & the other in the Dominican republic in the 90's,neither were football related deaths.Come on mouthpiece..

phil spurs old school 17 months ago

right you lot,

this is not youtube,this is a good site,with great facts about the days when we were active,so lets keep it this way.

like bn said,us in the know can quickly suss out anyone who putting stuff on they stole off other sources!

so lets try and keep it to memory lane guys.

Passerby 17 months ago

Phil - Sadly mate I have put on stuff that substantiates my story. I used my right arm to drink tea and you used yours to flick V signs from behind the Old Bill. My story is correct and not a Spurs wonderland.

P.Goon 17 months ago

@Crocofshite-your silence speaks volumes,that test did the trick of finally shutting you up hey big man?.

It's easy for me to see right through your bollocks,it might take everyone else here a little longer-but I don't think there's any doubt now about whats what & who's who.

The fact that you started off your jackanory as the main man at Wall then all of a sudden your'e Arsenal's top boy...then your'e Millwall again when you admit to getting caned in Highbury fields says it all-a traitor like you would have warranted a target on your forehead & we would have all been queuing up to level you,but none of us proper Clockend boys knew who the fuck you were which leads me to the assumption that your'e just a divvy,mouthy,old northbank cunt.

I reckon your'e some old cunt from Kent who was going to Wall & Arsenal(north bank),& probably Chelsea as well,you may even have had a good few divs days out with the cockney reds an all.

You north bank divs never did fuckall home or away when it mattered unless we led & you followed-remember your song "Clockend Clockend do your job"?,that's right-we ruled Highbury from 75' onwards & without us in the northbank for the big games against West ham & spurs in the 80's you lot would have been smashed to fuckin pieces,like for the previous 5 seasons full stop.

I was a chap-you was a div,& a traitor.

Ciao & don't slam the door on your way out!!.

P.Goon 17 months ago

@Skinhead69-sorry mate for the rants,reading it back it makes me sound like I suffer from tourettes or something haha!.

I posted that comment (2nd one up) but it didn't appear so basically said the same thing in my last one-please remove that previous one as it makes me sound like a thick cunt!,& feel free to delete whatever you have to to keep your site clean,factual & user friendly!,I won't be offended !.

Apologies everyone for my disgusting language etc but you have to admit I was pushed into it!.

Skinhead 69 profile image

Skinhead 69 17 months ago from England Author

I think it's ok at the moment mate, nobody's complained about the language yet. But like phil spurs old school said, we don't really want it getting like the comments on you tube.

Skinhead 69 profile image

Skinhead 69 16 months ago from England Author

Ok, that's the last one. No more personal attacks, just peoples stories and opinions about what happened.

phil spurs old school 16 months ago

An account of aday in jan 83

only people involved will know the facts with this one!,as it was never documented,or put in books that pass us by!!.

jan 83 f.a cup 3rd round,arare day we both at home,arsenal v Bolton,spurs v southamton.

goons kick off an hour ahead of us at 2.

at around 1.15 about 30 of us leave the bull,after deciding to pay you a visit,mainly a young crew.some wanted to go in your ground,but some of us remember 78,when we done that after our 2nd div match called off at luton,and went in with walsall,where we came well unstuck from you and Walsall!

anyway,we get on to blackstock road and no one wanted to know,then some prick with us who really rated himself as a top boy wanted to stop for piss or something,and lots of young ones insisted waiting,idiots,that stopped our flow and arsenal to group up.

we had a rumble before few o.b turn up,we have another clash at Finsbury tube. I would say evens,but we had come to your manor with 30.

we get back spurs late o.b think we saints and let us in park lane,touch.

acouple rows in there,before o.b suss it.

we knew you would come for part 2.

with 5 mins to go in our game,amob of us were ready,we jogged up high road to find you,your lot got no where near our ground,we come across you well futher up,game over, we split you up and you got run towards Tottenham hale,abad day for you.

later on we had small even numbers row on west green road.

a top day and just one example of clashes between us.

that day was ours,others im first to admit weren't .!

Hugh TJ 16 months ago

As I recall Spurs well on top in NB 79 - 82 ish. Then we went in around 83-84 with paper vouchers. No Spurs we knew, so about 15 of us kids went quietly to left side, got grassed by a gooners who knew us and was soon surrounded by OB for our protection, 5 mins from end 50 Spurs ran up steps on left hand side and we got out in the confusion. Gooners on top for next few years

Bwood gooner 16 months ago

Talking of out of town idiots didn't Borehamwood gooners do miller and you hard lot from Islington in the early 80s

Goonerboy1 16 months ago

No bwood gooner, they did not. Dm and his mates slapped a few b/wood lads. At

A home game b/wood turned up with around 60-70 lads to have it with Dm ( in the clock end ). Dm and his firm were up for it with the older lads from b/wood. We were not part of dm firm, but we all part of the Young arsenal firm that was sticking together at that time. As there was around 60-70 of us from Wembley, Kingsbury & n/w London, we helped defuse the situation by letting the b/wood boys know even though some of ours knew some of the b/wood lads, we would be siding with dm and his mates. Big Bad sided with us and told b/wood that they should let it drop because we were all arsenal and should stick together, but if it went off b/wood would no longer be welcome over arsenal.

Goonerboy1 16 months ago

P.goon , I was at all of those incidents that you have posted, obviously over 30 odd years things change a bit, but overall I would have to agree with what you have said. Don't let the doughnut wind you up. I would say without a doubt that we know each other. One example, after millwall at home jan 88 we went into millwall on the blackstock rd, I flattend a black lad and then dm kicked him, as we went off after millwall again dm said to me , do you know who that was, I said no, he said it was salmons, didn't mean much to me and I flew into a lad at the front of Wall who tried to run but I managed to rip his white hoodie ( hood only ) off. Around 6 weeks later I was arrested along with around 35 others in operation evild. The mad thing was, was that tho old bill made up some story about milwall coming down blackstock road and me and around 20 others came out of the pub and started fighting with millwall, we was then joined by hundreds of arsenal from the pub and there was a massive fight involving hundreds of us, BOLLOCKS. Around 100 scarfers and plastic milwall came down the road singing, the old bill would not let anyone out of the pub, millwall walked past the pub and not a single punch was thrown.

park lane 16 months ago

Alright BN

H (lardy) was asking recently after you

Rip the two goon brothers from Hornsey/ Wood Green if true..

park lane 15 months ago

Alright P Some good and interesting posts..

The brothers resided on the infamous Chettle Court many years ago, they both came to ours on the odd occasion and we all knew them. Older P led a mixed lot turning over the stores on Wood Green High Road way back, got caught and birded off. Younger T who had the stall lived on the Roundway and was a regular in The Spurs pub and palled around with some of the locals, he was a bit fiery..

P was a gentlemen, he came with us on the train to Norwich in a long woollen smart cardi while we was all dressed in Sergio Tacchini tops, he was years ahead of his time and one of the first wearers of wear..

If your still about P there is another site (log in) with some decent posters

but no proper Arsenal, it would be good to get you on there..

Jesus said Paddy

P.Goon 15 months ago

@Park lane.

Cheers pal,I can assure you that the 2 Bo*es brothers you're thinking of are alive & well,we had quite a few set's of brothers with us in the 70's/80's-the 2 I mentioned were of Caribbean descent & lived in Highbury near Clissold park in the 70s early 80's-only proper old school Arsenal would know who they were which is why I asked that croc fanny about them,& he obviously aint got a clue who I'm talking about so even more reason to doubt anything he say's.

@Borehamwood boy-yeah we must know each other,there are/were some top chaps from your part of London-Beefy,Paul,Neil,Hughie,Phil,the Wembley black lot etc,lots of infighting late 80's early 90's around Islington,local's only involved-was all about the money & loyalties to a certain Kentish town family & the other lot from Barnsbury-killed our Clockend firm off big time just as we really got rolling-but early to mid 80's we all stuck together,as you know,it didn't matter where you came from as long as you were loyal & stood your ground.

@Phil-I can't remember that exact incident you're talking about but I must've been involved somewhere along the line-I do recall Spurs turning up unexpectedly after one of our home games & there was a mad row at Finsbury park tube with your lot led by H*w*ins?-blonde chap-he was wearing a red Borg top that day,quite a few black geezers in your mob-it went right off on the stairs & I got hit bang on the nut with a fire extinguisher-brilliant !-but we ended up scattering you & chasing half of you up Seven sisters towards Manor house-those were the days!.

Anyway-that's it from me,just wanted to clear that brothers thing up,I've said enough about them mad old days,let someone else have a turn-Borehamwood boy knows what he's talking about & was around back then,as was Jimmy M who was always getting well stuck in!.


P.Goon 15 months ago

Whoops-I meant to say Goonerboy 1 NOT Borehamwood boy-BB is just another div who knows f.a-"Borehamwood done us hard lot from Islington" hahaha-you'd be brown bread ya mug,& you know it-unless you're a fuckin Down syndrome which I suspect you might be?!

park lane 15 months ago

P. Yes mate that's them and good to hear, not seen either in a long time..

Do us a favour register yourself on the Yid Army forum resend validation

email (its easy and no hassle) and I will pm you

That's all we have these days , memories of days long gone and some still to be told.

phil spurs old school 15 months ago


im glad you clear up the brother thing,and we know it was not them.

as you said,you set a test and he failed.

I was not at the Finsbury park one,sounded a right ding dong,we had a few like that with you,many never really remembered till we drag them back from history.

and none of us thought for a second bore wood could turn you boys over.

what a laugh.

been great chatting fella,

but im sure some one will say something sooner or later from your lot,that again you will need & be expected to clear up.

park lanes last sentence says it all!!

BN 15 months ago

Alright Park Lane. I knew an H (surname of B), but not seen him for years. Also knew a lardy, but different circumstances.

As everyone's said, this is a great site as there's enough people on here who tell it the way it was. Unfortunately, a few who don't. Take care everyone and keep the faith whoever you support.

phil spurs old school 15 months ago

mad really how all them years ago stay with you like yesterday,the details we remember.

it could still be 78 in my head sometimes.

us lot who started mid 70,s or done the 80,s were so lucky to have the best of it,and the worst!

so many characters,no mobiles,old bill often clueless.

just turn up in a city or town and see how it goes.not all this meet there or here like nowdays,spotters,banning orders,grasses everywhere, your mug on youtube, knock,knock 2 years.!.

the phrase {stays in your blood} is so spot on.

still look at fixtures and automatically think who leaving Euston ,who coming kings x,etc.

us football lot were a breed it arsenal or spurs,or who ever.

we were warriors!!

Paddy got up 15 months ago

Just come across your site Skinhead

Fucking excellent read and not many jackanorys that I can see

J.B 15 months ago

just spent an enjoyable hour reading all the a neutral, must back p.goon up about their 80s mob.

i lived in london for a year 86-87(from bristol)and was made very welcome at highbury.i used to sometimes drink in moriartes on baker st station,with a load of young gooners from nw london,cricklewood,harrow,hendon,wembley.

i went to a few home games with them,arsenal were certainly joint number one with the icf at the time.spurs were on the slide.p.goon,you may remember my mate who introduced me to some of your lot,his nickname was guinness?

Rob old school 15 months ago

Previous post about wal v gooners after the game at Highbury very accurate .....bumped into salmons (RIP) a week later looked like he'd been hit by a truck, his version was that 30 wal had to have it with 200 gooners , obviously came seriously unstuck....pgoon don't rise to that div, shame idiots starting to come on

MFC85 15 months ago

Yeah mate they were after SS big time that day, I would've said we had a few more than 30 though, although the barmies/stragglers who latched onto us soon wished they hadn't when Arsenal came marching up the road!! I clocked them coming with DM right at the front surrounded by all their main faces, we tried to have it by that clock tower but to be honest Arsenal had too many game bods with them-we were getting overrun, at one point I had 4/5 Gooners all over me, one of them bottled me over the head but somehow it never smashed-fuckin hurt though!! We had to back off and big ginger 'J' was going mad at us to stand, we regrouped further up the road but Arsenal steamed in again, that's when I could hear them calling out names, Stevie S being one of them. This time we were in trouble, a massive roar went up from Arsenal and they came at us in waves we were scattered everywhere, it was only when I got to H+I station I realized my jacket hood was hanging off by a thread!! Someone had punched me in the ear and it was throbbing like fuck!! We had a few more scuffles round Highbury corner in which we fared 'slightly' better but really the damage was done. Our older panorama lot were not happy when they heard we'd been ironed out and it caused a bit of friction for a while. Never mind all these hooligan memoirs about-that day would be deserving of a book all by itself!!

Rob old school 15 months ago

Chetle court now that brings back memories!

Bumbles Wood Green happy days

Was with a few gooners all used to meet have a laugh drink , Southgate royalty and the like

One Sunday afternoon few lads approached us outside bumbles Wood Green , started to go offto my horror I realised it was Spurs got chased up the road big D in front

Fancy getting run by your own mob


Rob old school 15 months ago


Looking forward to your version of the friendly Wall v Spurs 2001.

We were in Bermondsey all day, sorted out a boozer week before but couldn't get near you, for proper row, OB took absolute liberties that day!


phil spurs old school 15 months ago

rob old school

your wood green experience--reminds me of game at Ipswich early 80,s.

agood sized mob of us ran at another mob,took time before we sussed we all spurs. I got black eye (great).I remember one of our main boys M going mental trying to find who smacked him,which I found bit silly.

then later another mob of us got shown up by bout 30 huge bods,who come out a snooker hall or something.

not the best of days.

MFC85 15 months ago

Rob old school

RIP SS indeed, he personally saved me from a definite shoeing at Portsmouth in the early 90s, much missed at ours. Once a season all the old guard at Wall turn out at a designated away match, last year Rotherham, before that Derby and so on. We have a whip round and donate money to someone in need, a couple of years ago it was given to Tinys family just after he had passed away, last year we raised a couple of grand for one of the old bermondsey lot who was suffering from the dreaded C. Also we have a flag made up with all the names of those no longer with us-Steve's name is on there of course-sadly the flag gets bigger every year :-(

2001? An opportunity missed in my opinion, yeah you had a good turn out and yes you had a pub sorted, the only thing is you never let us know where you were going. On that morning we were all trying to second guess your arrival, most were near Elephant+ castle, some surrey quays, only the young Peckham lot got it right and were in bermondsey at 11.00, by the time we got together OB had the morning session wrapped up. A real shame, if your main men had been more forthcoming over the phones we would've been all round Jamaica Rd like a rash and the only two firms (at that time) in London could've kicked it properly.

Afterwards was another balls up really, both mobs leaving en masse 10 mins from the end of the was never gonna fool OB, and while you lot headed toward Surrey Quays we plotted up on ilderton Rd, cue pandemonium when the ground emptied, once we clocked the proper Yid mob was up SQ it was full charge up there. A few scuffles and for a while it looked that we could get it on til the met spoiled the fun as per!!

We got into southwark park and managed to exchange pleasentries over the fence via a few token punches, fair play to the black lad in the yellow Stoney-game as fcuk! Then TSG got serious and started battering both sides!! Not good! It was then left to the whippersnappers to bombard you lot with missiles til OB got yous down the tube station.

A couple of things though, Tanners comment in his book that Spurs had taken the piss from morning til night was just bollocks really and just made him look silly in our eyes. Also the yid mob who sneaked back later that night don't get no respect from me, again a lot of those present could've easy called it on with us but didn't, why would that be? So really 10/10 for the turnout but there's no way tottenham can lay claim to that day. Just my opinion though fella.

I will say one thing though, the only game out there that would have us turn out proper one last time would be a cup draw against you lot-and I know a lot of yids feel the same. R+R to you anyways

Rob old school 15 months ago

fantastic account fella..... nice to hear refreshing and honest accounts, instead of the usual fairytales

We did give nod to couple your boys that we were coming, as pal mine lives in Bermondsey knows a few of your main lads, our little lot fucked off 6ish as OB bang on us, would have been very interesting if we had met.

Also never seen OB bash anyone and everyone as I saw that day!

As for Tanner well, lets say he's lost a lot of the little respect he had over Spurs, but that's another story.

Yes all our old lot would be out for the cup game if we were ever drawn against you.


Rob old school 15 months ago


Refreshingly honest account of the day fella

Pal of mine who lives in Bermondsey did give the nod to a couple of yours main boys that we were coming.

But as you pointed out earlier OB were intent on spooling the day, never seen then dish out truncheons like that!

Your lot in the park throwing all the debris , even OB and horses were getting hit

Anyway as for tanner he's lost a lot of the little respect he had over Spurs

Yes the cup game would be a bit naughty if we were ever drawn together

Your earlier comment (walk don't run! SS RIP) cracked me up.....memories!

j62 14 months ago

Arsenal was the smartest firm to come to Leicester in the 80s , great blogg , good read even though some people live in fantasy land , you soon know who was involved. I did my bit for Leicester in the 80s used to love the firms coming up from London was always an action filled day , we won some we lost some but we had a great time.

phil spurs old school 14 months ago


Leicester was always an eventful trip for us.

one trip in early 80,s we really had fun.

within minuets of getting off train we rowing with you in that big market,i was with the lot in side by away end,we had it with you there,and abig mob went round the street to your end and run you back in ground till you start to get more was manic all over place,then bout 100 of us got lost on some big housing estate.fighting locals,till we got back central and o.b throw us on trains.

great day, we done biz that occasion ,but you lot always game,and always out early on the prowl, it was great before mobiles a.

Skinhead 69 profile image

Skinhead 69 14 months ago from England Author

Remember going to see Leicester v Forest in a midweek game in 1971. A real old school battle. They were the days when you just got your mob into the home end and it was up to the away lot to try and take it, both Leicester and Forest certainly didn't disappoint in that respect.

Old School STFC 14 months ago

Brilliant site, great comments - the majority of which are honest accounts of what went on. Personally, I am old school Swindon. I was involved between 77 & 82 - I stopped going regularly after the 1982 World Cup.

Given that the majority of the comments are from Spurs & Arsenal, 2 of my main memories come from the 79/80 season when we played by both 2 times each: The Gooners in the League Cup 1/4 final (draw at Highbury, before beating you at the County Ground) and Spurs in the FA Cup (draw at our place, beaten at The Lane).

Do any of the Gooners on this site remember you ambushing our coaches just outside Kings Cross?

bob67 12 months ago

Brilliant memories wish I could live it all again. Some very honest stories on here.

bob67 12 months ago

The problem with football books is 90% of them are all bollocks, Cass p, Trevor tanner what a load of bollocks they wrote.. How the yids put up with him over the lane is comical.. Alot of the icf don't have it with Cass cos they say he,s a grass. Were the only firm who wont write a book shows were not grasses..

Jj 12 months ago

Arsenal show at the lane . P.s is the clothes man still about

bob67 12 months ago

There's 2 clothes men one was really fat and the other tall. I know them well

bob67 12 months ago

Heard we took about 100 and got of at Bruce grove

bob67 12 months ago

Any Gooner remember the champion pub in upper st we used to use.. And when spurs tried to take the duke in fontwell road, they came up the side street tooled up but got done by about twenty of the old lot.

Old School STFC 12 months ago

There’s a lot of comments here about the books which have been written & why they are so poor (not to mention largely fantasy). The first of this genre of book that I bought wasn’t poor though – it was Colin Ward’s ‘Steaming In’. I thought that this was a very good read and there was loads of stuff in it that I certainly recognised from my time of going to football every Saturday, up & down the country.

Because of this, I bought the next book………& the next one…………and the one after that, only to be left serially disappointed (not to mention permanently disbelieving).

In pretty much all of these books, there is a common theme or thread: First of all, we went somewhere and got done, then we got organised and went all over the country, getting results everywhere we went. Yeh, right. As is seemingly the case for virtually everyone on this forum, I believe virtually nothing I’ve read in any of these books, because apparently, the writers all belong to firms who have never taken a backward step, are the best dressed & the toughest ever. Come on!! No wonder nobody believes a word of it!

Where Steaming In differs is that, in several places, it describes the gut-wrenching fear that we all must’ve experienced at some point when things go horribly wrong & you wonder how (if) you’re ever going to get out of this alive. The best example of this is when Colin Ward describes Arsenal’s trip to Liverpool in the 1978 League Cup – it starts with the feeling of invincibility (Nobody will mess with this mob!) only for it to all go very wrong when it all comes unstuck. I read that entire chapter reminiscing & recalling the times when I was left with that feeling & the very real fear that anyone who went to football in the 70s and 80s would’ve felt at some point. If you didn’t, then you weren’t there; simple as.

For that reason, I think that an Arsenal book would be a good one, as long as it didn’t follow the well worn path of bullshit that a lot of the other books trod. It would be genuinely interesting, because it would seem as if the Arsenal firm’s fortunes started on a high in the early 70s, dipped alarmingly from the mid-70s to the late 70s/early 80s and then shot up again from around ’82 to ’89.

Someone who was around during that period (P.Goon from this forum being a good example) would have a genuinely interesting story to tell – especially during the times when things weren’t going so well and you were fighting an uphill battle to re-establish your firm when others were taking liberties and you were on the wrong end of a few kickings.

It’s only worth reading if you’re honest & recall the bad times as well as when you got a result – and as I said earlier, it’s the bad times that provide the most readable material, because we all read it & think, “Yeh – I’ve been there!”.

phil spurs old school 12 months ago

old school stfc

as I said in earlier post

I got good kicking at Swindon

keeping it real fella!!!

bob67 12 months ago

I've been going arsenal since 76, but with the gooners firm from 82 and we have had it on top many times even from our best years. Every firm does

bob67 12 months ago

I don't understand why certain people write books and know that the people who were involved will just laugh at the blatant lies they write, like west ham never getting done and that idiot over the yids also Chelsea and the mancs..

phil spurs old school 12 months ago

there is also a lot of good reading among the "win every fight" crap.

except spam & Chelsea!!

places,faces etc.

rows we been at, home and abroad.

the history of firms etc,specialy some of northern towns.

but like you said they must fucking admit when it goes badly pear shaped!

and felt that fear,like old school stfc say fear was part of the show,always lurking,often present.

be it slight fear or expectations or full fucking on "hope they don't kill me" shit,got to get away.!

apart of the small amount of complete loons who loved it.

us really involved lived it AND FELT IT.

I liked mickeys old book "the governors" very real.

but most are a fucking joke.!!!

bob67 12 months ago

Worst times for me was 78 at spurs and west ham 83 got battered both occasions. But that was all part of wanting to be involved..

bob67 11 months ago

Real football factories with Danny dyer with Trevor tanner saying Chelsea are the only mob who have it with them.. How do they put up with pricks like him over there, surely you'd fuck him off and with the pathetic books.

Old School STFC 11 months ago

Phil Spurs Old School - Yeh, totally agree with what you say....and that's why the majority of the comments on this thread are spot on - because they're honest.

By the way - I did read what you said about getting a kicking down at our place. I think that must've been when we played you in the FA Cup early in 1980 cos when you were in the old Div 2, we were in Div 3.

On the day of the FA Cup game, Spurs completely overran us.

It was definitely an 'on top' day for us.

I was glad to get away relatively unscathed, I have to admit.

phil spurs old school 11 months ago

old school stfc

yes my mistake with date,

we did take a huge mob to you.after game me and 5 mates went wrong way.and from nowhere a group of Swindon were on us, I trip up and took a bad one! one of yours pull them off me and maybe saved my life..

all I remember it was on a roundabout,looked like a new one?

getting back to FEAR. I felt it that day for sure.

and when I got back to station I had to put up with being one of a very small group of spurs who got hurt. took weeks for face to go down,my 4 pals escaped.

thank god the Swindon kid had mercy.

highs and lows of being full on involved a.things could change in aflash!!

bob67 11 months ago

Phil di u remember the year when spurs were on one side of the north bank and about 50 or so of us left the ground to meet u then u also had a mob leave the clockend and surrounded us both ways by the arsenal tube station.

phil spurs old school 11 months ago


I remember something like that happen 80/81 I think?

also before that in 77 Pat rice testimonial we sandwich you at some point near Finsbury park now that was war in the streets that night.

bob67 11 months ago

Was,nt there in 77 match but spurs were good 76 to 82ish remember them taking north bank 79.

bob67 11 months ago

Was,nt there in 77 match but spurs were good 76 to 82ish remember them taking north bank 79.

phil spurs old school 11 months ago


the 77 game we were 2nd div..,in my view is that year our firm grew huge,we rampaged round that league,

donkey jackets an all.

fucking amazing times.

carried on couple years,then started to fade,casual times come,crew changes with it.

for me late 70,s we were the business!!

bob67 11 months ago

Me more 82 onwards when we came into our own. Those were the days

bob67 11 months ago

Video on youtube showing 50 year old spurs fans calling dm a mug from behind a fence and o,bill. Cup match at the lane this year. How muggy and what do you reckon if fence and o,bill were,nt protecting them. Most of ours were laughing.

Dannyregal 10 months ago

Good read lads. Just came across this site. A lot of honesty out there. Though seems to have gone a bit quiet as late. Nothing for a month. I'm guessing might be a case of following the match day footie for a change as the title is hotting up. I might be wrong though.

Dannyregal 10 months ago

Add your Comment...btw. She wore

Dannyregal 10 months ago

Add your Comment...btw. To put my colours to the mast. She wore

bob67 10 months ago

Did anyone see the mighty yids wacking scarfers and normal people as usual.. Top firm they are.

mustard82 10 months ago

bob67….. lets get this right…the people who attempt to attack the arsenal escort and police every season at the corner of park lane, are just pissheads, coke heads who are an embarrassment to everyone concerned.

some of our main lot (most on banning orders) aint gonna put themselves on offer, what with helicopters, police dogs, cctv, tasers etc etc all on offer, for fuck sake….

we all know that in september, arsenal came down mob handed (round of applause), for the first time in years, and fair play to them, but why not have a meet a couple of miles away, where theres no cctv, grasses, etc

to be honest, football hooligans are treated worse than rapists and habitual thieves when convicted

phil spurs old school 10 months ago

mustard 82/bob 67

agreed,same lot of kids & pissheads same place every year.all willing to be a film star!-knock,knock -down the nick.!

but I suppose the rivalry and hate will always get silly.


you got your fair share at your gaff mate,keep it real.

and a few in clip were not scarfers, and had been playing up on high road before hand!! fact.

fair play in September,lots of old faces out on show for you, some I was surprised to see still out and about!!

but like mustard 82 say, would not be hard to sort a meet out the way.

so lets not get to carried away by the usual you tube stuff.

its all crap now

we had the best of it back then, I wish could transport back for weekend.

Dannyregal 10 months ago

Phil Spurs. Just as long as you wasn't transported back to the wrong weekend. Coz as was previous spoken there were far to many on tops I remember going down the lane for a bit of wrecky spy job bout 78. And a big grizzly firm of Birmingham brum marched down. Complete with donkey jackets that we're all the rage. Plenty non whites. And no pis heads or anyone trying to get into them. To be fair I think it was a surprise and out of character for them. Think it was a cup game.

phil spurs old school 10 months ago


ha,yes wrong weekend would not be good.

I think it was the league match in 78,i kind of remember brum bring a good firm,and it went off royal on high road not to far from ground and they did surprise us.

but as we all know it was so diff then,long before the mobile era,

respect to brum,always up for it.

them days it was a case of turn up,lot of coaches then and see what happens.

surprise was a regular event,made it more fun I think.

now days complete joke,plod on everything,every fucker got phones in air,rounded up before you even see other firms,

so much dancing when just a few yards away from foe.

the 70,s and 80,s were the biz,and it will never return.

was not about looking pretty,trying to look the part,who gave a fuck if donkey jacket got ripped,ha.

most you tube clips are a joke,back our day it was steam in with no fucking about.

I think most of us old warriors will agree bout that.

Dannyregal 10 months ago

Phil. Yeh remember looking at that brum mob as a kid and would have resembled something out of the matrix now. Big and strong all in there 20s plus and all looking the same. Well good to hear you lot might have got into them further up the road. Though that was your heyday 78/79. With Stig leading the charge.

bob67 10 months ago

Fairplay but I didn't see many spurs scarfers at the corner pin and every year it happens.. West ham Chelsea and other teams have said it. I know its not all your main boys

Dannyregal 10 months ago

I didn't go on Sunday. So are the stewards still so hostile down at the dump. Coz you always knew somebody would be.

Dannyregal 10 months ago

Not to confuse anybody,that should of read Saturday. But we are all intelligent people on here so what the hell. She wore

bob67 10 months ago

Cant get tickets for away games at lane and Upton park cup games alot easier suppose it applies to other teams that come to us, its ruined football

bob67 10 months ago

Would love to play the mancs in the semi of the fa cup.. Just to terrorise them.

bob67 10 months ago

Someone told me they saw s..n l.. Over the lane when we played them in the cup mouthing off, why do they have that rapist over there.. Been told by a spurs bod that their to scared to put it on him. Any spurs boys can tell us why he,s still allowed to walk round the lane.

Rob old school 10 months ago

Most of Spurs fans attacking gooners are mugs, fact is they think it's fair game to attack anyone in Arsenal colours.....our main lads cannot put themselves on offer in front of OB....firm we took to wet spam on Wednesday night was frightening loads of old heads, as usual WHam )their usual pre match threats came to nothing....

bob67 10 months ago

Surprised west ham didn't make a show they will probably say the o'bill had them wrapped up..

Ironhorsewall 9 months ago

Great read that and some blinding posts after . So much bull***t written about the 'casual' era so it's nice to read some clued up , honest accounts . It was a lifestyle that many of us adopted at the time and I feel stood us in good stead - self respect, loyalty, not bowing to anyone [particularly the establishment] and getting the most out of our young lives just a few of the positive things that spring to mind . One final thing - I hope you lot north of the river appreciate one of our [SE London's] finest exports - style mate , style - ha, ha [ok fair enough I know plenty of them were Gooners before anyone pulls me up ] RIP to JD .

Dannyregal 9 months ago

Ironwhorse. I take it your wall. Nice to see you found your way on here. South London gooners. Eie

Ironhorsewall 9 months ago

Yes Danny 'wall - although moved away many moons ago . So many Gooners in South London . Great era and hard to believe it's all over 30 years ago now . For donkeys the argument was whether the mickeys brought 'casual' [as you know never called that at first] to the world . We all know different hey ? - and a trip to SE or N1 in the late 70's would have confirmed that .

Dannyregal 9 months ago

Wall. As a whole I think your right. Coz it just comes down to choice what actually is casual. And scocers loved the wedge so set there look off differently. Probably more feminine haha. I see the casual floated your boat.

Dannyregal 9 months ago

Wall. Funny enough I remember bumping into one of your tops boys at Euston in late 70s. He had wedge and was doing an apprentice in Manchester. Said he never had it so good. His name Johnny b. Think he still goes On that occasion it went off with someone prob was the mickeys and he found himself chained in handcuffs to the staircase of the boozer in Euston. Good old days. Think his surname was the same as Ken in coronation st. Don't think there was any connection. Hehe

phil spurs old school 9 months ago

rest in peace j.d, rest in peace our B.F (Brussels 84)

rest in peace to the lads in istanbal.

and to all the others that never made it home.

could have been any of us,any match back then.

Ironhorsewall 9 months ago

@ Dannyregal 17 hours ago

Wall. As a whole I think your right. Coz it just comes down to choice what actually is casual. And scocers loved the wedge so set there look off differently. Probably more feminine haha. I see the casual floated your boat.

Yes mate - as the chap in the opening article says about this skinhead days - a lot was made of the violence but there was so much more to the whole scene that was positive . Just the way of thinking really .

Dannyregal 9 months ago

Yes wall Coz as I said johnie b was hardly wearing a zilli and a pair of fioricci jeans but with a wedge and whatever he was wearing he was casual and full of it. In his mind he would have been casual and the bees knees with plenty of bounce. Me there's a big difference being smart or looking a twat. Coz it didn't all work.

The thing is if you wasn't having fun then something was wrong.

And we had plenty of fun over the Arsenal. In fact even if it came on top ,you would be laughing 5 minutes later Coz that's just the way it was.

bob67 9 months ago

Was talking with the bear before Fe had that horrible car crash, we were both saying how it was more of a laugh what we used to do than wanting to really hurt anyone badly. He also said about books that you have to be honest and 90% of them are bollocks.

Dannyregal 9 months ago

Bob. The bear would just had on an old leather or something practical to stop a sly blade. Specially as he would have been the focal point at the front. And as they say it was so much fun you couldn't make it up.

And rightly so for a good young up and coming firm with not a care in the world. The good times far outweighing the bad. Eie

bob67 9 months ago

Very true Dan we were underrated but the proper people know the score,

bob67 9 months ago

Anyone go spurs in the cup anything happen at Bruce grove

Skinhead 69 profile image

Skinhead 69 9 months ago from England Author

Met up at Bethnal Green and came out at Bruce Grove. Someone was supposed to let them know we were coming but whether he did or not I don't know. I can't be doing with all this hi tech stuff like mobile phones. Preferred the old days when you just turned up. Nothing happened as you can see on youtube

Dannyregal 9 months ago

Skin It looks like a tourist heaven these days.

bob67 9 months ago

Anyone know ow big Dave smith is or Harvey.. Apparently the bear last saw Harvey in oxford street about 10 years ago dressed in full Jewish attire. Bear had a chat with him but was a bit shocked.

bob67 9 months ago

Anyone seen or heard from big Dave smith or Harvey. The bear told me he saw Harvey about 2005 in oxford street dressed in full Jewish attire, he had a chat but was a bit shocked.

bob67 9 months ago

Last post before this?

phil spurs old school 9 months ago

@skinhead 69

yes mate,ive said many times,total rubbish all this, hundreds of calls between sides,or missed calls.

"one side or other,saying no call,or misheard name of pub,

we were here,you were there,etc,etc.

mobiles really fucked easy for the grasses!

most of us were around back in the day,remember the sudden meets.

""arsenal coming down high street,tell the troops."

or-" spurs walking from manor house,lets go".

or even better 30 seconds warning!

today is bullshit most time.

bob67 9 months ago

Totally agree, and yer right to many grasses.

phil spurs old school 9 months ago

8 out of 10 meets old bill waiting.

rats all over, quick text,

game over!!

Dannyregal 9 months ago

Speaking of grasses. Was Dulu ever seen over football again. And I mean any football as before he was a gooner he was over West Ham.

bob67 9 months ago

Never seen him mate, there's one bloke that was told to go in 2004 he was a good mate off mine but we found out he was giving the o,bill our meets.. 2004 when we won the league at spurs he turned up and the o,bill put us in the Northumberland pub it was put on him and the bear gave him a squeeze, ain't seen him since.

Dannyregal 9 months ago

Bob. Do you boys access this site on ya phone or slip in an Internet cafe like your in a bit of work ha. Can't be to careful.

bob67 9 months ago

Know what you mean but there's nothing incriminating I put.

Dannyregal 9 months ago

Only your name and your age. Ha only kidding Bob.

Rich67 9 months ago

Really enjoyed reading this,the good and the bad

Never been a fan of football violence,but love the banter and passion of everyone,earliest memory was the 1979 fa cup final and then I was hooked.

Dannyregal 9 months ago

Bob. EIE

phil spurs old school 9 months ago

as we know arsenal never do books,for lots of valid reasons!!

but would one day like to hear or read exactly what went down in copenhagan,

not just the main punch up on square. but before,after. must have been madness! non stop.

you lot done us all proud taking it to them fuckers.

I know of at least couple of ours went over with goon pals.

would ave loved to been there for that tear up!!

and the revenge thing!..must have been shadey as fuck too.

bob67 9 months ago

West ham Saturday liberties 85

Dannyregal 9 months ago

Bob. Great day

bob67 9 months ago

Looks like the yids still have a chance...

Imagine it you,d never here the end of it after 55 years.

Dannyregal 9 months ago

So close but so far.

bob67 9 months ago

Phil... Was in Copenhagen and it all started on the Tuesday night there was about 30 of us in a club/bar, then Turkish camera men turned up out the blue and started filming then Turkish fans turned up as if planned to cause trouble.. Of course it led to trouble and pocket fights around the city but they well outnumbered us and a few of us got slapped. Next day different story hundreds of us including some Dutch had the battle in the square but the best was down the side streets after the police ended the fighting in the square, Turks were mainly all tooled up and alot of them had blades but we gave them as good as what we got..

phil spurs old school 9 months ago


yes sounds like an amazing couple days! everyone knows how they row,as all the clips show,afew jumping on lone lads within the battle!!

and its heavy when you know if you get caught out its odds on you getting cut.

must have been all out war,but they got it back big style in square etc,that must ave shocked them to the core!

respect to you lot with that.and the dutch and any other lads who went for the action.

I know you had same thing in paris with locals..

I miss the crack and action with spurs abroad back in the day.

some major rows.80,s.

bob67 9 months ago

Paris best ever police just let it happen, no tv coverage so no one really knows how bad it was...

Dannyregal 9 months ago

Yes Bob. One of the best ever.

You could say that by the end of the night in Paris that every local hooligan,pimp,drug dealer,bar owner and criminal had wanted to have a go and some. It went on for hours ,right through the streets of Paris. A war of sorts. Even the old bill hooly spotters from London were impressed and even thankful at times to survive. A complete battle raging. Proud to be gooners.

bob67 9 months ago

Great row at the blind beggar with the wall.. They got a shock.

Nutty ron 9 months ago

Went to Upton Park for the arsenal game first visit since 1982/83!season it was certainly an eye opener i had managed to get a ticket for the arsenal end and the 3000 goners were quite vocal though the game but at the end of the match they all seemed to disburst very quickly and by the time I traced the Maine road they was no sign of any arsenal fans at all in fact they was no sign of any rivalry of any sort all the way back to the underground station my point being has everything changed so much that the goners as a firm do not exist anymore or is that just because of the ticket situation I do hope someone can enlighten me Old nutty Ron p s can someone explaine about these scarves which were half West Ham and half arsenal? I was in the south bank with Spurs in the league cup semi final at Upton Park and was doing my bit against that scum RON

bob67 9 months ago

Its the tickets allocation and also arsenal and west ham old lot know each other quite well out of football, opening up old wounds would be a bit silly at our age .... We really only go to spurs if its a cup game cos of tickets

bob67 8 months ago

Sad news dentons brother Derek died at the weekend... Another soldier has left us... Rip del x

westlondonhammer 8 months ago

not read everything above. couple of points, NB 82 i was in the corner, 100- 150 of us, arsenal were on top. i ended up in the seats. but after the game when all of west ham firm joint up and waited out side the NB, it was embarrassing arsenal firm were too scared to come out. they got a escort out the NB!. all the way to finsbury park. i was round near JD... RIP. point 2. spurs! youth cup final UP 30 of you turned up, 400 waiting... now WHL return leg, we took a massive firm. spurs had a big mob waiting, no OB! outside was fun you lot wouldnt come near us, only when we were going in the paxton rd and the shelf. the shelf was all west ham. 23,000 crowd that night. point3 spurs! one of the best and funniest games ive been too, was 81 spurs v liverpool, our game at SW was called off. we went WHL, there was so many of us they gave us one half the park lane!!

bob67 8 months ago

Westlondonhammer... But you didn't take the north bank 82.....

westlondonhammer 8 months ago

nope, we never...

westlondonhammer 8 months ago

nope, we never...west ham at new cross was a good one too, that people are happy about[ west ham getting done] yep i was there. we were going CP we got to new cross 11.30 in the morning 300 maybe, we walked maybe half a mile up the high rd towards the pub at the top of the rd [something rose] we could see about 10 of them, yes 10, we all started to run up the hill, as we got nearer i reckon 30 of them came charging round the corner tooled up to the eyeballs! 300 of us they chased us everywhere. good day though

bob67 8 months ago

I've always said that west ham were the top firm. But its the book writers that wind me up when they say we never got done.

westlondonhammer 8 months ago

bob do you know osman?

westlondonhammer 8 months ago

would love spurs fans to come on here, and tell there side of the day spurs v livepool 81 when our game at SWFC got called off, and we came to you? there must have been two tube train of us,i know it sounds mad how many,but when we was walking up seven sisters rd half way up we were still coming out the station. maybe 700 hundred. after walking round the ground about five times the OB didnt know what to do, so they rounded up as many of us as they could and said if you all calm down we will put you in the ground!!! yesssss they gave us one half of the park lane right next to the shelf. one of the best games i went too! spurs fans how did your day go that day?

bob67 8 months ago

Would probably know his face how old is he

phil spurs old school 8 months ago


point 1--to say gooner firm needed protection back to Finsbury park in 82 is a joke,why no one pulled you on that I don't know.

point 2-yes the Liverpool game was agood call on your part,and I think it would ave been hard for anyone to get it togather quickly as it was complete surprise..but as for 700.more like 300..but fair play! will remember little offs going on after some with scousers too.the youth game I was not at...I remember you coming after agame v forest in 83,again a surprise,we ran head into you outside the bull as you come from tube,about 50 of you and you got split up and terrorized,old bill sort it for ya fella! but you never read that one in books a?

as for millwall,bit like our east ham then...30 tooled up loons.oh about 200 of us left manor house that terrible day not 400 book talk.

you were top firm them days,no question..and def had it on us for years as a whole,to many of out lot were done by mind games..but that was then.and the reason everyone was buzzing bout new cross was because your element of surprise was smashed that day..alot of your lot were getting below the belt,taking it beyond match day,even home for once it was you being the ones shown up big style by millwall.and it hurt ya.

Skinhead 69 profile image

Skinhead 69 8 months ago from England Author

Phil, agree with you on point 1 mate. Bit of a joke,

but I had to let it stand because I didn't want to delete the rest of the content in the post.

Dannyregal 8 months ago

Westlondonhammer. I'm sure you got s big axe to grind. And I'm sure you also had a few run ins with west London Spurs as there were a few of them back in the day. In fact I think west London Spurs was there main firm for a while.

On the day of the jd incident most gooners were buzzing all day so there weren't much fear coming from us. And the buzz only stopped on hearing of sad news.

And yes West Ham did like there home visits curtosy of bj and co. But they didn't do a lot really. Think it was a white cortina at the time. Mostly mind games.

Dannyregal 8 months ago

So if you spotted a cortina tailing your bus or parked up with 3or 4 dodgy teens and one with a wedge and a Ginge with boss eyes it was wham. Think it was a brown cortina or Granada

think they only came after lone victims. Bit comical really.

phil spurs old school 8 months ago


ha agreed bout that lot,but it was some older ones too.i can name afew times after rows with them where they were trying to get names of some of us after taking a slap...they clearly thought they were that special like it was a crime to give it back..bullys pal....and they wonder why we all pissed ourselves when there usual tactics got turned on them that day at new cross....(never get done) and all that!! r.i.p jd

bob67 8 months ago

That's the thing that always bothers me more than anything about west ham. In the books they have written they never get done.

Dannyregal 8 months ago

Thing is. We all know when we could have got done. Did get done or got a squeeze.

Also we know when on occasions some lucky so and so's got off lightly. Many occasions spring to mind. And remember also that old knocking van of wham turned up in some obscure manor with a soon to group up locals as the welcoming committee. With some unknown outcomes or they took off with there tail between to find an easier target. Haha seen

bob67 8 months ago

Make you 100% right

bob67 8 months ago


mchark 8 months ago

I was on the quiet ones behind my game gooner the y ds i recall the donkey jacket years where their mob was bigger and older.apr 82 falklands war game at highbury.our mob was coming together stopped the yds on the west side

But another mob had got in under covers.whu may 82 has been well discussed.recall after we had a big mob walked to fins pk and into the park for some reason ? I wasnt brave enough to go into tube station.mar 82 we had marched to whl in a big mob.yds stood at robert e lee but it was one way traffic.yds home xmas 82 line of fencing put up in nth bank following smoke bomb.yids were under covers but fencing stopped us getting at em on one side

After game we walkedto seven sisters and ran yds.apr 83 5.0 defeat.we had small mobs in paxton and shelf come unstuck

Big mob of us on high rd after.late 83 night cup game charlie scores a cracker.mob mainly from wood gn inpaxton had to get out on to pictch when we scored.lot of our mob lockd out.84 home hot apr day .3.2 yds in north bank getting grief on west side got out.some under cover but escorted out when game started

Their last show in north bank.after game a bizarre walk Round hornsey mobs following each other.

mickey 8 months ago

I like the bit where he says arsenal took liberties in east london rubbish never happened and never will get your facts right

mustard82 8 months ago

october 87 , the police decide to fill the cage (shelf side) with gooners , half time 20 or so of us try to spring a surprise , only for the filth to draw their batons and force us down the stairs from the main gangway, followed by police dogs by the refreshment area, funny at the time

january 90, last time we had the whole clock end, thousands of us locked out, a gooner mob got busy along drayton park, attacking scarfers , including a bloke on crutches, like to think it weren't gooners main crew, fucking embarrassing if it was

january 91, v chelsea league cup , shelf side( near park lane), all hell breaks

loose, mob of chelsea inc frain, when chelsea score, go mental, mob of us inc m asli give em what they came for, fighting goes on for 4/5 mins, two broken fingers from that

feb 92, west ham at home, came unstuck bruce grove after game , lacked numbers

boro sept 88, at home, police nowhere as boro, give chase along park lane, we regroup, and proper toe to toe in bromley road , lucky to not get a hiding there as outnumbered

days before mass mobile phones

portsmouth away 91, facup, fucking mayhem, outside and inside

Eddy Reddin 8 months ago

I was in the north bank after this year and we took it with twelve of us. We sat amongst the gooners right in the centre of it. About ten minutes before the game started arsenal started singing West Ham where are you. West Ham where are you. I said to my mates you ready. Yes they said. We stood up and I shouted out I'm forever blowing bubbles. My mates joining in.. The shock on the arsenal faces. That was it we threw punches out at any one near us all blokes no kids. running at them then backing back to the centre. They shit themselves. And would,not fight back we was in the having it for about ten minutes before the old bill got to us and pushed us down the front.started walking us round to the left to the clock end. Then came the arsenal boys singing you,ll never take the north

bank....muppets. Not one of us took a punch. As we got to the clock end all the West Ham were singing West Ham aggro West Ham Argo..the old bill let us in then walked off. No one nicked. But one copper said to me. You had some front to do that and I said back. West Ham mate taking the piss...he laughed and walked off

Patek Calatrava 8 months ago

@ Eddy Reddin... Complete and utter bollocks.

westlondonhammer 8 months ago

you know whats funny though, none of you lot arsenal chelsea spurs never came to west ham before escorts and hysel chelsea night match 79-80 none of them came a part from the ones that were hiding! spurs were the only ones that made a effort one year and we know what happened there. those digging west ham out did you come west ham before 82...... NO! you didnt

bob67 8 months ago

Disagree, I know a few of your old boys and we were the only London team that did quite a few times... Remember 85 and at barking road.. A lot of west ham old boys admitted getting done by us except for the book writer over your place who says you've never been done.

bob67 8 months ago

I've always said west ham were probably the best but every other firm admit to good days and bad ones.. Why not west ham apart from a few I know, its embarrassing.

Eddy reddin 8 months ago

Patel calatrava. The truth hurts mate. There must be enough gooners on here who saw it but won't admit it. You proberly was,not even born. I'm 55 now and was game for a row at any ground. It is true.we used to keep away from the main mob to go unidentified. Slip in kick off then find we was not the only West Ham in there..but this day we was. Say what you like mate. It happened. Get over it. We was at palace one year walked round the corner and came up against about 50 palace fans with no colours on. They run at us we run at them. Game on.kicked off. Punches being thrown. Then we realised we was all West Ham..fuck up but funny..we all walked off together laughing.

Dannyregal 8 months ago

Eddie Redfin. You would have had as much chance of having a tear up in the Vatican.

You could of tried arguing with the Arsene wenger out brigade, let em know you want him to stay.

Haha then it would have kicked off. Yet again you picked a soft target in our north bank. Why not pick a fight in one of the pubs where you could guarantee an off. I'm not sure you was really around back in the day otherwise you would have collected enough bail sheets and wouldn't be stupid enough to be throwing punches in a smudged up football stadium. In Spain they call that el wanker. Write yourself a book to go with the rest of that old waffle.

Patek Calatrava 8 months ago

WestLondon Hammer, if you're going to make statements like that at least know your history. Arsenal were in the North Bank Upton Pk in - I think- it was 69. Stayed in it all night an'all. West Ham were top draw for about 20 yrs and you won't catch me saying otherwise but no-one's taking anyone's end 12 handed. Might have had a shout up, got wrapped up and escorted out but that's about it.

bob67 8 months ago

Eddy reddin... Still have not admitted ever getting done. Are you seriously saying in 40 years you,ve never been done by arsenal Chelsea or spurs.. Or does the truth hurt.

bob67 8 months ago

Wembley 1980 cup final a mate of mine non-firm was with three main faces from Islington they bumped into loads of west hams boys around the stadium but not 1 west ham had the bottle to say anything to them because of who they were.. Amazing hey, but that is total fact, there's always certain people you don't wanna call it on with cos of repercussions.

Eddy reddin 8 months ago

Danny regal. Are you having a fucking laugh. When we played you at Highbury .the gunners pub was full of West Ham fans . You did,nt even have the bottle to come and have a go at us you prick. .i used to work at Kentish Town fair fax meadow meat delivery,s about 14 years ago. I had to deliver meat to the big pub on Highbury corner on a Saturday. I worn my West Ham shirt on purpose with pride while delivering there. Full of gooners watching the match or build up. I walked in . Got some verbal about my shirt. Fuck off I said and support a proper club you wankers. Not one followed me out after to have a go. Shit cunts...and bob 67. Yes we did get done a few times over the years. We admit it . If you read some of the boys books then you will know that. . We also took the shed at Chelsea. We hit them from three of the shed bottom right and bottom left.. I was in the other end, they run down left .then across the bottom then on the pitch to get away. They got battered .the old bill was holding arms to stop us getting on the pitch. One of my mates upped a copper. He dropped to the deck. Door open . All forward on we went.pitch battles everywhere. Then a few police horses came on to split it up.. Took about 45 mins to clear the pitch....irons win that one..Tottenham night match. Kicked off behind the goal around 100 hammers in there. Done the spuds. Moved up to the shelf kicked off in there. Then the other end. Done the spuds in there..irons win again.not one club can say they have come to West Ham. Got in and had a proper go at us. Always hiding behind the old bill..will never happen now

Ramsgate 8 months ago

What aloud of bollocks

Dannyregal 8 months ago

Eddie Redmuff Let me think How can I possibly respond to that. Oh yeh. The small matter of liberties 85 at your place. If your getting excited bout throwing few punches in north bank this year. Then yes we did get excited in 85. Good times. Or are you still in denial. Don't be a prick and just own up.

And yes you were rated number 1. But the fear had long gone.

Skinhead 69 profile image

Skinhead 69 8 months ago from England Author

Don't want to delete anything, but a couple of Jackanory type posts have appeared. Most people on here will know which ones.

bob67 8 months ago

3 main faces from Islington as I already said didn't get touched at Wembley 1980 cos west hams so called top boys shit themselves that's a lot better than west ham taking north bank with 12 blokes .... But we all know wich one is a porky.

bruce grove spurs 8 months ago

jackanorys should stick to you tube.eddie

bob67 8 months ago

As Danny regal said eddy what about liberties 85... We were'nt in our away end.

Jon rep 8 months ago

As someone said earlier, too many jackanorys coming on here now making it like YouTube.

12 West Ham take the north bank

Loads of West ham's top boys shit themselves from 3 arsenals main boys in 1980

Most of mcharks post - yids bigger numbers & older, yids got run 83, Arsenal in the Paxton. Doesn't know the score. Let's have it right, the only time Arsenal were EVER in a Spurs end was when about 15 of em stood in the shelf. Fair play, but they did fuck all and as soon as they got sussed, they got smashed.

Top boys names being mentioned. Like I was a chap cos I know his name. they definitely wouldn't like it

Real shame all this cos this is one of the few sites that has real stuff on it


westlondonhammer is right. No one went West Ham before 82 and took liberties

John 8 months ago

Decent site but plenty of bullshit on it. People talking with absolute authority about a subject they know fuck all about and passing off 3rd and 4th hand stories as their own. I gave it up when I about 22 because I realised it was fucking mugs game but lets clear a few things up here, between 67 -72 nobody took liberties at Arsenal. In fact, the only mob who ever turned with any real intent was West Ham. All this bollocks about Arsenal never turning up at WHL, hahahaha, fucking turn up? We used to take your fucking whole Ground every year and Skinhead(one of the few people on here who isnt talking crap) will confirm it. Tottenham wouldnt come near us. Thats why they kept changing ends every year. One year it was the Park Lane, then it was the Paxton and then back to the Park Lane and so on until they got chased onto the Shelf and between 70 - 72 they wouldnt even defend that end properly. Chelsea were probably gamer than the Yids but they never fancied it against us much either. We pretty much did what we wanted at SB for most of that period. After West Ham, I think Forest were probably the best mob we came up against. I copped a few hidings there when the numbers were against us. Re. Patek Calatrava. Yeah we turned up late 60`s in WH North Bank about 40 - 50 handed but we ended up getting a right fucking hiding if the truth be told. We were in there for ages though, we done the WH trick of getting in double early and manned a couple of the main turnstiles. When we spotted their main mob coming in we started battering every cunt who came through. They were going fucking mental as they couldnt get in. In the end they were climbing over walls, coming in from the sides and everywhere. The ob were steaming into us as well and we gradually got pushed further and further back. About 10 minutes into the game they surged at us again and split us up and it was every man for himself. I ended up on the pitch battling with 2 big cunts well into their 30`s. We got marched up to the other end to a good reception but we must have looked a right fucking sight because every cunt had bust lips, broken noses and black eyes. We (wisely)never went back the following year but we normally had the upper hand outside and we always done them at Highbury. One last thing, most of our mob that day came out of Islington school and we were all the same age. We would have been about 18 or 19, the main West Ham mob out of Mile End were much older and you used to get a load of Dockers in their mid 30`s having a row over there as well. It makes me fucking cringe when I hear geezers in their 40`s and 50`s who still talk about meeting up for a ruck, especially in todays game, soppy lot of cunts.

Jon rep 8 months ago

John - whos arguing about the late 60's early 70's? Most people been talking about the mid to late 70's, and 80's. If it aint clear, it is now.

John 8 months ago

And I was addressing the silly cunt who reckons that the only time Arsenal were EVER in a spurs end was when about 15 of em stood in the shelf. If it aint clear thats bollocks, it is now.

bob67 8 months ago

It was 3 main people from Islington that supported arsenal they were,nt involved in the firm.. ( cup final 1980 ) its 100% fact. Obviously west hams main boys knew who they were but woudnt do anything, you think your untouchable but when things go pear shaped they always come out with some bollocks excuse. Be honest most people give west ham credit but fir fuck sake yer only human admit it when you get done.

bob67 8 months ago

John rep.. The 3 main blokes at Wembley were arsenal supporters not firm from Islington and I'm telling you fact that west hams older lot knew who they were but would not do anything. West ham think their untouchable but your only

Jon rep 8 months ago

Bob - I'm not West Ham, I'm Spurs. 3 top boys from any club taking on loads of west hams main firm in 1980? Seems impossible just on numbers, but if your mate says so, fair enough.

Jon Rep 8 months ago

Bob I'm not west ham, i'm spurs. 3 top boys from Arsenal taking on a load of west hams main firm? Hows that working with all their numbers? But if your mate says so, then fair enough.

bob67 8 months ago

As I said they were,nt firm but 3 well known people that most people in the know would know.. They didn't start any trouble but walked past loads of west hams boys but never got any grief cos of who they were.

Skinhead 69 profile image

Skinhead 69 8 months ago from England Author

I'm afraid my time was late 60's and I'd say that John has got it spot on. He must be about the same age as me and was obviously there at the time. John Rep, I can see where you're coming from mate, mid 70's to mid 80's must have been your era.

bob67 8 months ago

As I've already said they was not arsenals firm but 3 well known faces from Islington.. West hams boys would have known who they were but would of not done anything.. The 3 blokes were,nt looking for trouble but if it happened and they got hurt the repercussions would of happened.

phil spurs old school 8 months ago

mchark~"" we walked to seven sisters and run the yids 82"

after the match there was diff groups all over the place,which was often the case at arsenal,small rows going down,the group I was with had 2 offs,2nd one opp Finsbury park.both pretty even being honest!!the fun seemed over and we made our way to manor house and somehow decided to walk all way back to Tottenham (mad)

we were spread out abit maybe 60 or so,we all young lot late teen ,early 20,s. what we did not know was agroup at the back were gooners,how this happen fuck knows,every one just thought all spurs.

at one point I was only 30 yards in front and did not even see my pal, s a gooner face from enfield,he see me but of course had to stay out view.we were still spread out a bit as we reach the bull,then your lot made your move.and yes the surprise made spurs near you move sharpish,but after you got well fucked off,and couple of ya got hurt! so full marks for a bold move and the walk,but run us you did not mate,simple.

eddy_all I can say that goner pub must ave been full of scarfers with kids,try going to any pub with any boys in acting Rambo selling ya meat,you would get proper BEEF. as if....whats up with you west ham lot? cant you keep it real on a real site! never got done, never honest guv.

John 7 months ago

Cheers Skinhead, I dont really want to get too involved on this site because I do think we were all a load of mugs to be honest. I wouldnt fucking dare tell half the stories anyway because you`d be getting an early morning knock. Seeing as you have given me a mention on one of your sites and maybe on here as well(cant be arsed to re-read all the comments) then I think its fairly certain our paths have crossed. As I say, I gave the game up a long long time ago and the last proper row I had at the football was probably against Manure early 73. I moved away 74 and realised that if you were going to get a nick then it might as well be tryin to earn a few quid. Still go to the odd game now and then and meet up with plenty of our little mob from back in the day. Recall all the fuckin stupid antics and have a laugh. Not being biased but we were definitely top dogs back then and only West Ham could really argue with that. One little correction to my original post, most of my group came outta Holloway school, myself included. Not sure where Islington came from, must have got caught between sentences or something. That or Ive had too many knocks to the nut, anyway, catch ya later.

Jon rep 7 months ago

Cheers skin for clearing it up.

And for john - you can have an apology out of me. Different times and I should've made it clear on my first post.

John 7 months ago

Re. Jon rep. No bother mate and I do remember being in East Upper and watching Tottenham take the piss on the North Bank late 70`s. Thats something that would have resulted in a complete fucking bloodbath 7 or 8 years earlier. Funny how we all had different eras, apart from the appy ammers who were a top mob throughout. Weve all got a lot to answer for IMO. Last time I was over The Arse I sat beside two herberts talking about Petr and Mr Arteta. I dont recognise the fanbase over there anymore and the football experience these days is shite and its mugs like us who are partly responsible for it.

phil spurs old school 7 months ago


intresting posts about your days,and I thought 70,s were mad.i don't think we were mugs,it was how it was,we all joined the band wagon for our own reasons,many just for the sense of belonging,we loved our clubs and had to defend our manors.i started to wind down mid 80,s kids and one jail sentence to many,thatcher,rave time etc.this site has been great with all us old heads saying how it was,except one or two complete bullshiters..your right bout now days 50 year olds spending so much time and cash on pointless meets to be wrapped up,grassed up,banged up...trying to live in the past. r.i.p j.d

Jon rep 7 months ago

John - couldn't agree with you more mate. We've got 'em at spurs, in fact they're everywhere. The game is so sterile now and those selfie cunts do my head in. For me Heysel changed everything. I'm sure many of us had been around when people had lost their lives. No one wanted that - a leeds fan was killed at our's in 81 i think. We might have been young and full of testosterone but to lose a life (as one of yours did in 82) is just plain wrong. May they all rip. Everyone knew that it as going to go off in Heysel and course it was an easy target to just blame the scouser fans. The authorities, the owners of the ground, Uefa, the politicians - do you remember how all those cunts squirmed and wriggled, covering their arses so they didn't have to clean their act up? After that, whenever it was about to go, there was always something inside of me saying "fuck me, what if that happens or this happens". Fuck it, there's too many good people who had their moments back then and now we can all hopefully take the piss a bit and have a laugh (although we spurs still aint recovered from the last day of this season).

Oh and you're right, our friends from the east were top throughout. Have to give a mention to the lot from south east london too. Always up against it with the numbers, but fuck me they gave as good as they got. Wish you all the best mate.

Dannyregal 7 months ago

John. That sounds bout right. Regards the fan base they don't know any better. For us it's a case of make the most of few laughs. Arsenal owners probably have now what they always wanted regards the product. Was in the Tolly with a few who go the away games there in there 40 Plus. Much older than the likes of me going as a 15 year old in the hay day. But I'm sure they enjoy themselves in a different way. Disposable income. Kids grown up. They still have a laugh,good group. But no interest in agro.

But you wouldn't want to cross them.

And mixed group just as we used to be.thats What set us apart as gooners or the Hurd. That was our edge. Black white or whatever. But yeh that healthy and unhealthy banter has gone at the match itself. As well as the smells and trepidation. Haha

phil spurs old school 7 months ago

yea,we all know the score.

of course life was so diff then 70,s in my case,not like now days,i think we were more like rebels kind of apart from most other folk,more underground like,even more so in skins & johns days.most of my mates were home watching blue peter when I was 15 on way to highbury or hitchhiking to west brom etc,crazy looking back. it was not all violence,lots of laughs good times,the belonging,sadly we lost pals along the way,how it was not so many more I don't know. it stays in our blood and that's why we here talking bout it,who thought it back then,should ave belived tomorrows world t.v.....but at least we can talk with respect to each other (most of us) when we used to be foes,what ever our take on events..ive thought many times bout going back for one more ding dong,but sense wins the I regret them times, not really,its just how it was.

Patek Calatrava 7 months ago

@ 'John'. I stand corrected on the Arsenal in West Ham's NB. Wasn't there and didn't pretend to be. Came along a few years later and dropped it out by the time I was 18/19. Obviously got pulled back in on the odd occasion. A few sensible bods on here but having read through a lot of it, quite a few of the posters sound like the same person under various monarchs. Make of that what you will. 'Bertie Mee said to Brian Clough'-

John 7 months ago

Re. Phil old school. Agree, it was just part of Youth culture back then and it was all about biggin up your manor but we were all fucking daft mate. You done a stretch and I was one of the first people to get done for FV(done borstal) and missed Swindown League Cup final(big game for us back then). Our Mob back then were all fucking lunatics and we were all a load of thieving cunts as well. Whenever we meet up now. we laugh more about the thieving&looting than some cunt pulling a hatchet out their sky or throwing a petrol bomb at some poor cunt at your gaff. I know what I`d rather do time for mate. Re. Jon rep. Agree 100% with that post, especially the impact of Heysel and any cunt who was still having a tear up after Hillsborough need their fucking arseole booting. We are all partly responsible for the sterile crap that is served up today, we killed the game we loved but I`m still fucking laughing at your late season collapse. Re. Dannyregal. Yeah its always a laugh when a load of old cunts meet up and reminisce, some of my best stories are getting a chasing after taking the piss but some people on here have never been turned over. However, we werent such a mixed group in my time, plenty of racism over the Arse in the late 60`s/early 70`s but one or two black kids who could have a row and were game. Anyway chaps, thats my lot. catch ya later.

Dannyregal 7 months ago

John. Don't get up I'm not staying long. our groups had a lot in common then. Can't teach an old dog new tricks haha all the best with your coco. Or warm chocolate. You must be knocking on 60 as I've just hit 59. Don't want anyone getting the wrong idea. Yeh different times with the racism.

phil spurs old school 7 months ago

spurs and arsenal were set apart from rest of London being very mixed race crews, not just black and white,but greek and turk etc.

Dannyregal 7 months ago

John. Or anyone else who's paying attention. That should have read I'm 50. So I'm strictly late late 70s eighties. Tons of experience.

Don't we all. Sounds like I'm applying a job.

Didn't want to mislead with what I know or don't know. So putting the record straight. It's all about no bullshit anyway.

Dannyregal 7 months ago

Patek calatrava. Are you telling me half the fellas on here I'm talking too are the same geezer with multiple personalities ha. Well I think you better put us wise and back it up to mark our card.

bob67 7 months ago

It was all fun at the time, I sometimes miss it but to old now and as already said grasses every were.

Dannyregal 7 months ago

The duke was Our pub of choice A lifetime ago. Didn't get anyone looking to come near there. Bitof a stronghold.

But after we beat Newcastle for the double the first time,most people had gone home including myself leaving bout 20 from a packed pub Good mate is driving home the monster can't use his real name. Comes across 200 Geordie firm that are looking for the pub to have go. They had walked up from the Kings cross. And roaming the back streets not far from the duke. Well what does he do. ?2choices. Well decides not to warn them in pub as that would probably resulting in the 20 going looking for it. So all speculation what the outcome would have been. . I think in football back in the day there was a lot of unknown outcomes. And remember the Geordies just got there timing wrong or maybe enough Dutch courage at the cross they would have got no where with the original full pub. That's for sure.

Dannyregal 7 months ago

Btw for anyone who don't know what happened or wonders what happened. The answer is nothing.

The Geordies couldnt find the pub. I don't know how. And the 20 remaining firm were none the wiser.

But anyway if they had and supposing they had got a result. Then would it be reported that they took a main pub. Who knows.

Another pub. This time West Ham. I don't think many ,if any would have tried taking the Brit. Let's face it most new where it was. But I think another point is that a pub off the Beaten track that is a top firm pub is harder to have it with than a pub in a high street. You certainly need to be braver.

bob67 7 months ago

Remember about 50-60 spurs trying to take the duke they were all tooled up, they came down the side street.. There was only about 20 in there that day as well but the wrong 20 for spurs they ended up dropping their tools and running quite a few got hurt but give them credit fir trying.

Patek Calatrava 7 months ago

@ D.regal. You ought to know.

Dannyregal 7 months ago

Patek calatrava. I should have known I might have a run in with you down to your name.

Hope your not punching above your weight. We should have another blog on kettles. Right and why should I know? And don't embarrass yourself.

bob67 7 months ago

Liberties 85... And we don't write books and grass.... Oh dear. We know that means if you have one on your firm and their still allowed to bowl around untouched.

cunthooks1 7 months ago

ive read most the accounts on here and really enjoyed them- most honest banter ive read in a long long time. Although it was dispariging yes Arseanl did come out of the station - think it was either 87/88 or 88/89 season- remember seeing a big coloured lad with Arsenal football shorts on over his jeans!! wtf- knocking one of our lads clean out straight over the road from the station. The scatter was mainly because of ob but there was a reception committee outside the station then. not our main lot (how many times have we heard this one, lol) but impressive Arsenal firm that day has to be said- earlier on in(gazzas first game after leaving us) season spurs lot of spurs chaps called it on up barrack road before the game but lost their bottle when we came out of black bull and got scattered into leazes park and down the road. Read Tanners account of Newcastle in early 2000's- embarrasing read imo- spurs kicked it off outside ground in FA cup game- lot of old faces at the front it appeared to me but right outside away end?? CCTV all over the place as there is all over the Town centre. Rate most of the London clubs- I was sent to a/s in Redhill as a boy and used to go to the odd Spurs game as my best pal was a confused Spurs/ Millwall follower(r.i.p j.f)- we were just kids but I saw spurs beat luton 3-0 in 85/6 season and get beat 3-0 I think from a great liverpool team. Chelsea are getting called a lot on here but again imo they brought the best mobs to Newcastle when we did actually have a decent firm in the early 80's- they brought over 5,000 up on two occasions - two Newcastle scarfers were badly cut up outside Farmers Rest but apart from that they had a real go - i was just an onlooker then- just 11 and 13 when they came up in the old second division- they got done very badly in gateshead in 83 and the escort got mullered (god I havent used that expression in a long time, lol) outside the star and waterloo pubs on way to ground. But in all honesty only them and Millwall in 89/90 only real big turnout from London clubs in Newcastle when it mattered in my humble opinion. lots of respect lads to you all- you all seem genuine lads. I missed the boat a little bit- went to games in early 80's and loved to watch the carry on but only came into my own in late 80's. This site is the best/fairest I've witnessed so fair play to you all for your honesty as you see/remember it.

bob67 7 months ago

No reply from eddy reddin.... Cant really answer my question though can he. Cant understand why those 12 hard west ham blokes who took the north bank couldn't get rid of 1 bloke over west ham who is a grass.. Strange that !

whtid 7 months ago

fucking hell thought this was an article about Arsenal West Ham 82,...MFC85.. bang on you did turn us over at New Cross and you had a smaller mob, but what a lot of Wall seem to forget about that day was the hardcore tools you were packing, no fool is going to stand around to get chopped up, London Bridge Wall got turned over, win some you lose some, i dontgo football to fight anymore, im to old, but ive seen alot since the late 60s and i can honestly say the top firms back then, late 60s, 70s, 80s, were West Ham Arsenal and Millwall, Chelsea were over rated, got their fame from smashing up trains, i was there 2 diferent times West Ham took the Shed, with ease, also took it other times i wasnt there, Spurs were no bother to us, i remember one game, think it was league cup midweek, cant remember the year, but the Shelf got smashed, 72 HC testimonial Mile End went in Walls end and it was a bloodbath,i went in NB Highbury couple times, 82 was one of them, it was mayhem, point im making is i cant remember any mob coming to UP and coming in our NB SB CR or WS, i think Spurs had fliers made up one year to pull a firm to come to UP and have a go, but no fucker showed, but you lot on here say West Ham were fuck all? pathetic

whtid 7 months ago

forgot to say RIP... IP Mfc, JD Afc and any other football fan to lose their life over the years, have a row yeah, but killing is to much

bob67 7 months ago

If you read it properly we all said west ham were the best on their day... You forgot about arsenal in your seats 85..

Eddy reddin 7 months ago

Hi Bob that yr age or iq..ha ha. Ain't been on here for a while. Seems funny after I said about us doing the spuds in both ends and the shelf. Now we here arsenal done it as well..ha ha...still no reply to us taking over the gunners pub on every visit is there...oh dear it never happened. Comes the reply.. Ha ha. The pub on Highbury corner I used to deliver to I think was called the crown. If I'm right. It's been called the junction. And is now the brew house I think according to google maps. On Corsica street..what makes me laugh on here is you all want to hear true full discussions. Yet when someone writes something. It never happened. Because you did,not see it personally. I stick by what I've wrote . And swear on my kids lives it's true. If you don't want to believe it I don't give a fuck..and 3 top blokes walk past 1000s of West Ham fans at Wembley and nothing done. I was there in 80, got on a train full of West Ham and arsenal fans going trouble. In the pubs together. No trouble. Chatting outside , no trouble. Great atmosphere and a even better win for us underdogs. So I'm not surprised no one said anything to them .all out for a great day.why waste it on 3 geezers walking down the street..proberly no one recognised .i won't be posting any other stories on here about event.s at games. What's the use. Everybody's story on here is a lie to you . So why have this place to post on.waste of time. Go read a jacqaline Wilson book or something. Get a life

bob67 7 months ago

I said to you why didn't 12 blokes get rid of 1 bloke over west ham and you couldn't answer that.. You know what he is and still he mugs you all off. I was in the north bank in 82 and there was far more than 12 in there.. I know a few of your old lot and one has a pub over west ham he was also there in 82 and would laugh at your account..

Dannyregal 7 months ago

Guys On here it's like being in a bar in Asia

Some people stay in there long time and no the score. And are generally honest and get along.

And some are just after a quick leg over

I think we all no what I mean

Stay safe fellas.

phil spurs old school 7 months ago


there were flyers printed for a home game against you83 I think,saying meet at bell and hare at 11,as soon as I read them I thought for fuck sake!but went I did,i was getting off bus dead on 11 opp pub,exact same time amob of your top boys were coming from whl overground{great}.I got to pub to warn us,to late you run us down side and we had to hold up in pub,yet another show then went in and outside the corner pin.we regroup and did ave odd row up park lane,inside your book writer and few others in shelf and they got well fucked off,what ever he write!!

but fair play yet another well worked result for you,bad few years against you..and your comment on wall with tools can apply to east ham then..!!oh I forgot you also had big mob come from seven sister an hour later,spraying your jiff bottles on any poor fucker.

Dannyregal 7 months ago

For anyone who didn't get it

Some people will say what ever old fanny to get satisfaction. And lie there bollocks off

Phil old school. Does Stuart b the axe man still get down the lane.

Dannyregal 7 months ago

Phil old school. That day you was going to the bell for the 11am meet,well that's when your life should have changed.

Let me explain,that's when you should have said enough is enough. You was let down big time with the numbers

That's when you should have converted to a red just as some of your local mates always told you haha. Never to be let down again.

Coz you sound like you was up for it back in the day.

phil spurs old school 7 months ago

danny regal

yes the numbers were terrible that morning,and who ever print flyers,(""lets show west ham a lesson,pride,this that.bell and hare"").....did they not think putting them out aweek before would not get back to them!!!!cause it did,like xmas for them,bang on time and they there to meet us at our if they were not giving us enough grief at time....

they were kings of planning and piss take at time,we all know that!!

but sir,not time to pack it in,we were taking great mobs elsewhere,great rows in Europe,we were good firm just west ham really had phyi over lots of our boys..mad looking back.that did all change in latter years till this day...but 85ish we start go down hill and you lot were well on your way up by then.but happy days and yea well up for it.

bob67 7 months ago

I remember spurs early 80's chasing some of our lot from Highbury all the way to kings x bloody nightmare.. Thank god we were probably fitter.

Eddy reddin 7 months ago

The one bloke your on about who ever he is. I don't know about and never heard of it. But you still ain't said nothing about us taking over the gunners pub every season. And you done nothing about it did you. Why if you tried to take over the Boleyn or the central you would of got battered

Dannyregal 7 months ago

I remember going up to Birmingham new street on a Friday night with DM Just the two of us. 81 I think. Jibbed the train as per usual. Pockets full of sweets and chocolate haha. Kids. Nothing happening up there ,so we came back down. Breakfast at franks street,then back up to Euston on the Saturday to do it all again. Happy days. Think we were expecting a bigger show.

Dannyregal 7 months ago

I remember going up to Birmingham new st on a Friday night with DM. Just the two of us. 81 I think. Jibbed the train up there. And pockets full with sweets and chocolate. Kids.

Nothing happening up there ,think some people didn't show. so we came back down to London.

Breakfast at frank street.

Then back up to Euston to do it all again with the firm. Happy Dayz Taking it to the enemies haha

Dannyregal 7 months ago

Don't worry you haven't had too many whiskies. Your not seeing double. My opologies. In my excitement I posted twice. I wish the postman would do so when expecting a cheque haha

MFC85 7 months ago

This WH bloke Eddy sounds a bit clueless to me. Talking about 'proudly wearing his West Ham shirt' tells you all you really need to know where he's coming from, also constantly making reference to the gunners pub as if that's where Arsenals chaps would be. I might be wrong but I thought The Herd back in the day would be found in the Arsenal tavern, that pub up Liverpool Rd (Adelaide?)or The Favourite or Plimsoll arms? Those that know and all that I suppose

bob67 7 months ago

Eddy reddin... Maybe you took the gunners a few times but that is were all the shirts go... As for the grass over your place he s very well known and makes money out of it... Andy S.. And a lot of his lot don't have it with him but he s still allowed to go over there.

Dave Monks 7 months ago

Some good accounts on here from a few honest posters who were obvs involved back in the day and know the score,the few planks on here the biggest of which has to be the full kit wanker Eddy Reddin,obvs a shirt,12 WH take the nb in 83 when 1000 failed to take it the previous year?,and if i remember correctly there were no WH were in the north bank in 83,still licking there wounds from previous year,Gardner and Bunters firms tried to get in the north bank 15 minutes before the end of the match in 83 and got destroyed so dont tell lies Eddy.The gunners was a shirts pub,you should of tried getting a drink in the tavern back then Rambo,you would of been the first and the last,same reason why no one tried having a go at Whams Queens or Millwalls blue in the 80s,it would have been a very painful experience at the very least,suicidal at worst.Eddy rowing with 50 Wham casuals at palace,they didnt recognise you because you are a no mark,are you Pinnochio in disguise?.

bob67 7 months ago

Well said.

Eddy reddin 7 months ago

I never said it was 83. As to tell you the truth I can't remember the exact year. As we was in there nearly every year..and if you so called big boys were just up the rd hiding in another pub why did,not they come down and have a go if they new we was in there..funny I'm a full kit wanker for wearing a shirt..and you lot do the same.. Your right Dave I'm a no mark and that's how we wanted to keep it.less old bill know you the better..I've just found a post about the time we took the shed.that was 83 got the news paper clipping.cant seem to post the pics here.see if I can post a link

Dave Monks 7 months ago

Eddy you said it was the year after 82 which makes it 83,after 83 the icf gave up trying to take the nb because they got slapped in there 2 years running,the main rows between us after 83 happened off the manor and WH come off second best 8 times out of 10.Your firm knew where we drank before a game in the 80s and the only time they came near the Arsenal tavern was in 81 when a WH game was called off and we was playing Leeds at home when about 400 icf turned up,that was the day where that infamous clip of the row with Leeds on Highbury hill was filmed,when about 200 of them had a go at about 6 of ours who stood like rocks but nothing happened between us and the icf that day as ob was all over it when we come out of the pub from the Mountgrove rd entrance to have it with your proper lads as they come onto Blackstock road,you wouldn't know any of that because your not a proper WH lad,just another melt in a shirt getting his happeths worth in,talking about hiding when the only ones getting a hiding were your lot throughout the 80's and 90's from us you clueless cunt.1975 to 1983 WH were the top firm in England,1984 til 92 it was us,as for Chelsea they were laughable during that whole period,they got turned over at home everytime us,WH,Millwall and Spurs played them at SB during the 70s and 80s,how fucking embarrassing is that,they are bigger liars than you Eddy boy,they made there name from vandalism and from bullying non entities like Watford and Brentford and from striping shirts like yourself .The less ob know you the better?,slapping shirts in the nb does tend to get you some unwanted attention and you say 12 of you fronted the whole end and battered everyone and you didn't get nicked?,fuck off you clown.

bob67 7 months ago

Yer right Dave 81 outside the clockend that was arsenal... People on hooligan 85 programme saying it was wham and someone else, cant remember exactly who but we stood with fewer numbers.

cunthooks1 7 months ago

Great stuff lads. Just an observation but there's lots of different perspectives on what went on during them years. Does it make some people liars or just people who see things differently? The recent commemoration of the battle of jut land has historians arguing to this day whether it was a British victory and shaped hoe the rest of the war went in favour of the British. However some argue that jellicoe got it very wrong and the massive loss of British life in comparison to the Germans to a degree bears this out? However we won the war so it viewed as a massive naval vi tory in hindsight.could it be the same with many of the old football battles. ? Makems will tell you that the chased the Geordies out of the Fullwell in 1985 but we argue that around 200 lads got in and kicked it off and held the center of the Fullwell before leaving en mass after only a few minutes. We hold the moral high ground but does this make us the winner? It's all about perspective lads.

bob67 7 months ago

Yes but not a load of lies... People are,nt stupid.. People in the know KNOW.

Dannyregal 7 months ago

Cunthooks. That's right but the first rules of engagement is to know where your enemies firm drink. I'm sure you knew the makems and them likewise.

In fact it's not very often it's done for many reasons. I've covered this before but to repeat its not an easy thing to do. Smaller numbers in pubs ,more tools. And even more staunch to defend it. But this only mostly applies top end. Corse you would find it easier with some clubs. So needs to be more thought out than invading a football end in the old days. So I think Eddie redface is talking out his rear end.

Another thing to consider is that we used to change our meets regular depending on our objective I think Highbury and surrounding areas was great for any battles to occur with so many possibilities for us or them,depending who we was playing. So we needed to have the best choice pub on any given day. Of course we had the tavern or duke or few others more often than not. But it was also for the away side to do there homework. That rarely happened. So we would use a barely used pub on occasion to stay ahead of plod.

But we would never use a scarfers pub or regular supporters pub.

So the away firm should have avoided these. Could of had women and children in them.

Other firms could tell similar accounts whether from north or south of the country.

But our place was made for a bit of Agro back in the day. Geography wise. Eie

Dannyregal 7 months ago

Plus I think from about 82/83 if we was playing someone without a good enough firm we would slip off early unobserved to do a bit of looting in the west end. Or surprise someone who deserved surprising. Teenagers or young men needed to get there kicks somehow.

Most normal scarfers would drink in there regular pub year or on year out and have a few beers and a chat. A different world to us.

I think that's why in our heyday we had such a big firm. But a few notable bods were not all suffered over the Arsenal. We had high ideals and they ended up having to follow some of the lesser clubs.

phil spurs old school 7 months ago

dave monks

your spot on fella.and the leeds clip been on many docs portrayed as another firm,west ham mainly .ive screamed at t.v- no no,that's arsenal v leeds!! glad you bring it up.respect.

westlondonhammer 7 months ago

this making out the gooners were one of the top firms is a bit of a laugh! IMHO after hysel 84 and loads getting nick it was the end. all you goons must have been in the escort around 83 that came west ham,apart from the 30 who came running round the corner and ended up in the hardwere store. and dannygirl, stop talking your pub nonsense! chelsea stopped us coming in the shed before the NB happened by the waiting at both side of the shed, no big deal. UP 85 in my eyes it was finished by then, but you lot were still in to it [in the seats] i had stop going in 84 as a lot of west ham had.

bob67 7 months ago

1985 sorry westlondonHammer all yer top boys were there.. In the end we had to get out of your seats down to sheer numbers but we through our tickets at you and got taken back to our end.. Who else has done that.

Dannyregal 7 months ago

westlondondiv. Well pull me up on something I've said that isn't true.

You can put your claret dummy back in now.

Think you can't. Typical bollocks as usual from your side. I think we we'll find that you lot was still trying. But as the heading states Arsenal West Ham at Highbury 1982. I bet you really enjoyed that. You was still going wasn't you in 1982.

Dannyregal 7 months ago

Westlondondiv. Does that mean your from Uxbridge. Sure your not a Chelsea div in disguise. My pub nonsense was explaining that before you or that other mouth piece Eddie talks about taking our pubs to get your facts right.

Dannyregal 7 months ago

Westlondonhammer. Well pull me up on something I've said that isn't true.

You can put your claret dummy back in now.

Think you can't . Typical bollocks as usual from your side. I think will find that your lot was still trying.

But as the heading states Arsenal West Ham at Highbury 1982 icf , I bet you really enjoyed that. You was still going in 1982 wasn't you.

westlondonhammer 7 months ago

haha you funny! three time you posted in a 4 hour period. new i would rattle your cage. said i was there 82. did you come UP before 82?! your leaflet, CALLING ALL GOONERS west ham v arsenal 3-12-81 this is our chance to put arsenal back on the map, and show west ham we are no mugs. everyone is to meet at either at A] THE ARSENAL TAVERN AT 1030 AM OR LATER AT B] THE BELL KINGS CROSS AT 12.30PM DONT SHIT OUT. [copied from original] two different meets, did you go to any of them? im from ladbroke grove. try telling some of your moody storys about coming to WHU!

Dave Monks 7 months ago

Westlondonhammer,the only thing that's funny is the way all you idiots seem to gravitate onto what is clearly an Arsenal site to make yourselves look like complete mugs,what is also hilarious is the fact that so many of your proper boys can admit to getting turned over by Arsenal on numerous occasions yet the wooly mugs like you still can't have it.Face it,you stopped going in 84 when the worm had turned and you were no longer no1 in London,the humiliation was too much for you to bare obviously and you probably fucked off back to your local club Qpr or Chelsea where humiliation was an accepted part of the game for you's.It didn't end in 84 or 85 like you say,Plaistow and Barking road 85 ring any bells?,ask your boys who were still getting nicked in 86 or the ferry mob,if you know any proper boys that is,or ask the fat dwarf grass who was still getting nicked as recently as 3 years ago for organising fv against Millwall which was in all the papers and got yet another aquittal,hmm now that is funny.Also read Johns account on here of Arsenals visits to UP in the 60's and early 70's,no bullshit there,John and his mob are legends,had more bottle than any WH mob ever and thats a fact.Arsenal was turning you over on your manor long before you did anything at Highbury.Go read some more fairytales mug.

westlondonhammer 7 months ago

davemonks 1000 in the N 82, yeah right. 150 more, like i was there . reason i stopped going 84-88 no choice. at least danny sounds clued up, you sound like a prick, saying i probably went back to my local club qpr or chelsea and going back to the 60s funking mug, and this is a arsenal site, yeah right!hysel and margaret thatcher bill 85 a lot of people stopped going. wonder when you got all brave and came UP? did you come 80-81-82-83

Dave Monks 7 months ago

Westlondonfarmer,150 in the nb in 82?,you obviously have never been involved with any firm in your entire fucking life you mug,just like I thought,another clueless cunt.

westlondonhammer 7 months ago

annnd why is it always the divs that mention bill gardner and co. and you said our pub was the queens. you really are a listening to what went on mug. ask danny what pub!

bob67 7 months ago

Listen fellas we all had our good and bad days, good and bad years..

Dave Monks 7 months ago

Westlondonhammer,shut up you clueless cunt,I could've said the Vic or Boleyn but I was speaking generally,as for the 2 firms I mentioned they were the main mobs back when you mugs tried and failed taking the nb 2 years running.The 1st mob in the nb in 82 got done,simple,your making out you was in that one,you know with the fat dwarf and the massive story teller,they came in early 150 handed and ended up in the west side seats,but there was another 400-500 still in there at the back and even more on the east side who made themselves known after the smoke bomb was let off-you could never have been involved in 82 if your saying only 150 were in there you.And for some reason my earlier reply didn't appear so here's another one anyway for you to suck on.

Dannyregal 7 months ago

Westlondonblagger. Haha love it

You got the old divide and conquer routine goin on. Good strategy Coz it's your only option.

Just don't post too many times in a four hour period. As we timing you. If I catch you posting il saw your legs right off. Knees up mother brown. Haha

Listen it's not rocket science on here but you probably need a bit of the old truth serum.

If you can't cut it ,best be going back to the story books or other poxy sites.

As has been said 81 we was finding our feet and then 82 it started to click into place.

phil spurs old school 7 months ago

yes,this is an arsenal site,and ive been happy to be part of it with my memories of so many rows with arsenal and everyone else at that time,i try to talk bout the mad ones never wrote in books,in which the real boys on here can relate to.unlike some who can repeat over and over again from fairy tale books and internet research!!

I will have my take on stuff,but also talk with respect to the clear real chaps on here! I know who you are and respect wherever it be, London,swindon,or Newcastle. and the biggest respect to skin,who lived it before most of us,and who control site with honesty and benefit of the doubt.of course west hams take will be different,but so so many times everyone admit and almost praise the strength,planning,and dam right piss taking of their nasty mob then,but it ended plain and fucking simple,certain people need to accept that,and keep it real instead of us and them mentality,being honest is what makes this site the best for us old fuckers to chat!!!

bob67 7 months ago

We have all had our day, but to all the wham boys at least we don't write books and say we've never been done and put peoples names up you think yer invincible.. Maybe we didn't do much over Upton park early 80,s but when we did you still deny everything.

westlondonhammer 7 months ago

yep, my strategy is, it would hard to agree with to much that muggy monks says, so trying you out! finding your feet mmmm you did say you were 59 i think. tell him there wasnt 1000 the foul mouthed div. ..... bob, of course we all had good and bad days

Dave Monks 7 months ago

Westlondonarsehole,100-150 in the first mob that got done,led by the dwarf,which you say you was part of and who got battered on the west side of the nb and you was put in west stand,lucky for you,if you really was there then you would of had a birdesye view of the other 2 big WH firms who came in from the Avenell road side,one big mob stood at the back and Gardner and co stood on the east side before it kicked off,at least another 8-900 in them 2 mobs,are you blind,stupid or a clueless cunt who wasn't there?.And Phil,I appreciate your honesty mate,I had way more respect for your mob back then than those liberty takers,they would not have thought twice about stabbing one of us if we was caught out on our jacks back then,RIP JD.

Dannyregal 7 months ago

Westlondonb. That's better haha

For what it's worth just turned 50. So long ago right. So got a good take on things from about 78/79. Anything before then,I weren't there. But good accounts from skin and the like.

Tell you a story that probably hasn't been in any book

81 I think. Preseason before the season started to Belgium. Wouldn't have a clue who we was playing

On the train on the way to the port me and a another unnamed Herbert befriended an army bod who I will mention later

So We was 20 handed on the train and boat.

So we soon realised there was two separate groups on board bout the same size Tottenham. And same size wham. They didn't actually join together but we had it with both of them and came off second best

By the way none of these groups were there firm but they wanted to really give it to us bad

There were fights all through the night and we got a bit of a pasting.

I was 15 and the oldest of us was 19 or 20 and He is sadly departed and was well known for his roar.

They were all geezers early 20s to mid 20s

They was well grouped and we was all over the place some even too much to drink. Asleep or making a few quid

We only really fully grouped up when we docked in Belgium and the ringleaders got payed big time

Some ended up in the drink. Some even worse. With the help of our army recruit mentioned earlier. I'm glad he was on ourside. So there you have it we took a pasting when it mattered.

But it's this kind of experience that put us in good sted for what was to come in the years ahead.

westlondonhammer 7 months ago

sounds like it might have been holland, maybe not. i was in amsterdam 80 and 81 we used to play den haag every year. about 20 of us walked into a burger bar, which had about 20 yids in. there was a bit of fear in both sides and not a lot happened. i started going 76 [52 me] was at every west ham game, mostly good haha, monkey boat will jump on me now. he chats....

Dannyregal 7 months ago

Westlondonb. Yes The wham we encountered might of been on there way to den Haag via Ostend

I'm also guessing that you was never part of the under 5s and was straight into the icf,maybe part of burnbacks firm.

You probably smoked a bit of pot and followed the music as well.

I'm surprised you didn't have any tear ups with the moluccans in the dam if you was there a bit.

I know Philspursoldschool if he went probably remembers the final there 82 ish and some offs with them.

Dannyregal 7 months ago

Just in case it wasn't clear in my previous post. We got done plain and simple. But we was up against it with some right older geezers. Us young upstarts did have a good go back. One of our lot a certain dependable chap probably had as many as 5/6 straighteners. He would have done well in the trenches. But they were picking us off. And even singling us off. But when we docked we gave it to them proper. We had regrouped and were out for revenge and got it. That nite we hit the clubs of Ostend ,entering in ones and twos as you do or we would never have got in. But strictly on our best behaviour. No more Agro. For the time being. Listen I bet most clubs who went pre season or had a good cup run had some blinding times.

westlondonhammer 7 months ago

yep, big in to puff, and music [still music] been to the dam so many times lost count, a lot non football. the moluccans! kicking off with them right into the early hours of the morning. pre-season was always good, as west ham euro adventures were only pre-season, did go madrid 81 though, it went right off. the return leg was behind closed doors. all good

bob67 7 months ago

Mancs 83 villa park semi final fa cup..... Fighting all the way back to the station.. Then row with Birmingham or west brom at new street.

phil spurs old school 7 months ago

yes 81 ajax cup winners cup

we had major battles wit the moluccans,stabbings,people in canals,etc.and per usual lot of people so smashed and unable to defend themselves getting caught out or lost.we also had with them in Rotterdam,as the pub we took over (one of feyernoids mains) was on edge of their manor,dirty slags picking off drunk loners.but belive me many of the moluccans got it back and could not handle the fact we were tooled up too,cowards.

but as everyone knows whenever in dam for whatever reason you got keep wits with them. all part of the show..i remember they use to whistle to each other as codes ,when they ready to come in for kill.

Dave Monks 7 months ago

Nice one,50% of my comments deleted.Westlondonliar,you gonna answer Dans question or what or are you going to keep blagging and swerving?.Would any other WH on here or anyone else present at the 82 war in the nb like to tell this imposter westlondonblagger roughly how many WH were in the north bank that day?,my guesstimate is that there was 100-150 in the first mob led by Swallow and Cass who come in from the tube side early doors(and got battered),I was right there amongst it and was the fella who gave TG a beauty of a black eye,the 2nd mob was stood at the back and there was 300-400 of them,they did nish all day,shit cunts.The 3rd mob who come in from Avenell road side stood on the east side before the smoke bomb was thrown,this was Gardner,Ted and Bunters finest and all in all here mutstve been 400 of them,and they could not shift us that day.Its like the 1st Sex pistols gig,50 were present,now you get 60'000 people saying they were there.

bob67 7 months ago

Danny.... Do you remember the George Roby pub at Finsbury park

westlondonhammer 7 months ago

the NB war! your just a name dropping mug. never heard so much bollocks. this topic been going for maybe 4 years, and you have this fantasy take on it! be hard for any sensible gooner to agree with you because your a div hahaha.... swallow, cass gardner, ted and bunters finest, go away will ya

Dannyregal 7 months ago

Bob. The George robey. Yes I do. Didn't the pill popping jeweller from the duke have a music night in there. Rolled in there one nite with Charlie the cat. And we got slung out for a minor brawl with a couple of yids. Westlondonblagger. He got ya haha

I'm also wondering what the Kilburn massive and the six million dollar man got up to on the day in question. Nb 1982 do hope ya was all there.

Dave Monks 7 months ago

All gone quiet over there westlondonblagger,you was never there and its plain to see,funny how I'm a name dropper when all you mugs do in yer fairytales is drop names so its no secret anymore is it you fucking clown?.The tide turned that day in 82 when we found out WH werent invincible,we smashed your younger lot that day and the only ones who put up any kind of fight was the older WH firm,who still came back the next year and come unstuck again,job done,we were no1.Without your older lot you were fuckall back then,when they started dropping out through old age and arthritis etc around 85 the playing field was levelled in our favour,and everyone elses.Tbh I had more respect for the Yids back then because they never took liberties like WH did,they played by the rules and they never stabbed people when they were caught out on there jacks,unlike you WH cunts.RIP JD.

westlondonhammer 7 months ago

you really are a proper prick. you read all the books then!? its where you got the names from. told my account of went on that day above. the OB PUT US IN THE SEATS, we were surrounding by gooners in the corner of the NB. you talk shit, try and find some west ham bods that wasnt in books. now fuck off

westlondonhammer 7 months ago

My last post don't seem to have gone through. Monks you got one thing right, we took liberties and you lot were nothing special, don't remember you lot at Up. Read above my account on the NB. We terrorised your mob well after 82, not Up because you always came in a escort.

Dave Monks 7 months ago

Oi oi farmer boy,you been sussed already,now why don't you fuck off back to fantasy island you cunt,westlondon?-that usually means places like Reading or Slough when it comes from a bullshit cunts mouth,Ladbrooke grove haha,wtf you doing supporting WH?,didn't you enjoy being bullied at Chelsea?

Dannyregal 7 months ago


There's nothing wrong with being prodded and reminded once in a while of true events as we are all getting on a bit. You could even be going senile haha but it sounds to me as mr monks has given you a right old slap on here.

I used to enjoy going over Upton Park against you lot,but never used to have that much fun

But got ta say 85 was pucker

After the game we got the tube from Upton Park Most firms would be pleased enough from the days goings on and heading home or there side of London

We were getting hard to please

Off at Plaistow sshhhh back through the back streets. Green st/barking rd. Let's find that big bad wolf. Haha

bob67 7 months ago

Posts on here about 85 have never been responded to... West ham never admit anything.

westlondonhammer 7 months ago

ok i give in, muggy monks has got me. so clued up is our monks, he still got the names of our main pubs wrong the the vic and boleyn!

Dannyregal 7 months ago

Westlondonblagger. Right just had a word with old Monksy, he reckons your an imposter like that other geezer Crock we had on here,and he says you read all your info online.

So I've been delegated to sound you out. Right simple test.

What one of your firm got birded off for doing cockney red Roy downes on the rattler. Just give me his initials. Think he was from your manor anyway. Easy one eh

westlondonhammer 7 months ago

i was there, TL

Dannyregal 7 months ago

Wlb. Said it was easy. Actually I thought you might be tony himself. Elementary dear Watson.

westlondonhammer 7 months ago

and roy downes is a grass! we were at stoke that day. we got on the train and there was roy downes and 3 others. so you know muggy monks over arsenal? and the kilburn massive!? please maybe give me some initials, because i know most of your lot from there and iv never heard them called that

westlondonhammer 7 months ago

and i mean i was there, as in downes was sitting in front of me

Dannyregal 7 months ago

Westlondonblagger. Thought your little lot was the Kilburn massive and you the Ladbroke warrior haha

but you stunk old Highbury down in 1982. That's a fact. Coz we knocked seven kinds of shit out ya.

westlondonhammer 7 months ago

so you really do have it with that mug! you had a little result in the NB. before the game and after, it was like we were the home team. we were all over the place taking the piss. you protected the NB that is all. and if one of ours had got done that day [JD] we would have at every meet up you lot had. your not going to enlightened on the so called kilburn massive?

Dannyregal 7 months ago

Wlb. That's not entirely true. Didn't you have a similar incident involving mill wall. And I didn't hear bout you going on all there meets after.

So that's all speculation. And glad there's bit of honesty in your numbers in 82 Yes you were all over the place. But hardly taking the piss. Frustrated more like on what you was up against. Remember you was the big bad icf. And any neutral would have been shocked at these kids giving to you.

westlondonhammer 7 months ago

he was just straight goer though. millwall thugs i think got him, not there sensible lot. my take on IT after the game is we all waited outside the NB for you to come out,and i think you put up a poor show. and yes i was at finsbury park after

Dannyregal 7 months ago

Westlondonb. what you probably did was stand about looking lemon. That weren't enough anymore. Penny for your thoughts haha

westlondonhammer 7 months ago

because you and muggy monks and charlie the cat were at the front haha..... kilburn massive come on

Dannyregal 7 months ago

Westlondonblagger. Mm sure Charlie was getting stuck in. His brother George was giving it you you mugs in the 70s haha. I'm sure Monks will give you a slap again When he reads your fairy tales.

As for me I was busy doing my school homework at the back hehe.

Dannyregal 7 months ago

Westlondonblagger. I think you been smoking too much of that home grown shit. Coz you are Kilburn massive. And lee majors was the six million dollar muppet. Or weren't you allowed into the inner circle. West London hammers.

Hope you weren't chasing scarfers after the

game. Coz we never wore em.

Dave Monks 7 months ago

Hahaha,this is hilarious Dan,serving it up to the blagger.The keyboard cunt mustve been 16 or 17 back in 82,wft did he do apart from hide behind all the fat cunts.West London?,I shit em,like all the little bullied kids he went over WH to try and act the part in the u5s,I wonder where they was all hiding when we was fucking every cunt up around Euston and Kings cross back then..

westlondonhammer 7 months ago

putting peoples names up while sitting behind your laptop. you talk a good game, been here and there with DM, then sounding like you were the bears right hand man, i wonder. bet your just another davemonks

Dannyregal 7 months ago

That's what we are saying bout you,that maybe your another crock of shite. He got found out too.

Yeh I'm just talking fact. You sound a bit deflated. Cheer up. But there's many like me.

You sound like that other geezer who came on here(quote come on Arsenal ,let us win the fighting talk Coz you won everything else in the football)did make me laugh

Go on take a happy pill. It will make you feel better about all the defeats you had against us.

westlondonhammer 7 months ago

whats you and monks, and your talking fact! sure you got loads more names to drop. axe man at the yids etc etc....your one of the main old men at the arse, so you think. i wonder who you are!? just cnut mug i think

westlondonhammer 7 months ago

jonny b at millwall your as bad as that other cnut on here.... but crack on your storys are mmmmm you could write a book!!! your full of shit

Dave Monks 7 months ago

Drop me out farmer boy,the bizzies will be on the plot soon.Hahaha this is hilarious,you deserve all the harassment yer bullshitting clown.

Dannyregal 7 months ago

Would never mention anyone that a didn't personally have some kind of dealings with. I'm afraid all real people. And they were having it big time. Glad you had a good read. And we would never incriminate anyone over the Arsenal so that's all your getting. A few initials and you fill in the crossword

And if you was clued up that would be enough.

So feel lucky your on a real site

By the way what was you picking on downes for. He was a grafter not a fighter

And your supposedly clued up mate got 4years for that. Bet he wished he had got another rattler. Did you give him a sly dig as well.

westlondonhammer 7 months ago

thought i was the blaggar. your welcome to play your initials game with your lot. or even your good self. i use to work weve one of your lot he got a 12. downes was slapping whu people at euston that morning. that happy pill is just kicking in

westlondonhammer 7 months ago

remember downes is a grass as well, or is that ok in your world

Dannyregal 7 months ago

Haha ok. That's all we want. A bit of honesty. Your 52 now. No need for bullshit. We'll take another one Coz I ain't finished with ya yet.

But for anyone else this is why we don't write books over the Arse Coz we just won't grass. And you can't write books without lollying Btw downes is sadly departed non football related.

Dannyregal 7 months ago

Haha ok. That's all we want. A bit of honesty.

Your 52 now,so need for bullshit. You better take another pill ,Coz I ain't finished with you just yet.

So the great bugsy downes was slapping wham about at Euston. All 11 stone of him in his lizard skin shoes.

Well we only have your word on it

No one likes a grass but we don't know the full story do we.

westlondonhammer 7 months ago

did you watch the dimitri payet show! good eh. on me 3rd pill now. with the cockney red downes slapping whu, true dat. and his white suit. thought you might know the full story. think its easy to work out, he said it was a racist attack in court

westlondonhammer 7 months ago

was you at luton v arsenal when 30 of us turned up in your end maybe 4000 arse. yeah it was on top but we did it. yes and i was there

westlondonhammer 7 months ago

try again. was you at the luton v arsenal early 80s when 30 of us went in the away end maybe 4000 gooners in the end....yep it was on top, but we did it and we didnt get done. and i was there

Dannyregal 7 months ago

You must have given him a right eyeball up and down in that white suit.

Wasn't there for that one at Luton but I'm sure someone on here was. And can give an account of events.

Looked a good goal.

westlondonhammer 7 months ago

He didn't have a white suit on that day. When Alex Higgins won a title he had his arm round him at the end (on the tv) Luton v arsenal our train train broke down in bedfordshire.30 of us nick a coach and went your game. We got there at 3.15 paid In the away end, went at the back of the tterrace and let you lot know we were there. Well tthere was hundreds of you round us but you didn't attack us when we were getting led out by the OB one of your lot smack a well know face at whu know one in the books. Can any of your lot tell what happened?

westlondonhammer 7 months ago

but not spunkymonky because hes a cnut

Dave Monks 7 months ago

Oi blagger,no ones interested in yer fairy tales,try the Brentford site,I would if I was you.P.s our S S got a 12,didn't know they put the details up online for blaggers like you to make out you done a bit of graft with him.Btw,great goal by Payet last night,sealed his departure from WH I reckon.

Dannyregal 7 months ago

WhBlagger. Looks like everyone's gone on holiday and left there laptops behind. Or we've bored the life outa them haha. I'm gonna leave the Luton one alone as I wasn't there and not gonna give some second hand account.

Think it went off big time that day as I'm gathering you already know. So your probably just want to know who chinned your boy. Jr. Ewing chored the bus right.

Dannyregal 7 months ago

Btw wasn't JR Ewing a dodgy character on Dallas. Hardly east Enders. Haha

So come on westlondonblagger tell us the rest of the day at Luton . Listen there was always kamikazes at football matches and that's all you were

I don't think there's anything clever trying to get nicked and getting someone else nicked in the process.

But no fairy tales

hackney cab 7 months ago

Let in Paxton rd most went right few slipped into shelf .

Quickly onto pitch

westlondonhammer 7 months ago

Like the way muggy monks Puts SS to let mme know he knows him, prick! And you went on about the icf turning up at your pub in 81, does that mean you were there (think your talking bollocks) so you must have been 17 18 or older so did ya come West ham 81-82-83-84 asked you this once already. Don't think you wanna answer it.

Dannyregal 7 months ago

Westlondonblagger. Was you actually in our division some of those years. Anyway look just do the maths. 82 we finally got it together at our place. Then we had to wait 3 more years to get it right at Upton Park.

Look that's not ta say we didn't have a bit of fun in between.

But you were the self proclaimed big bad boys.

So it was to be a nice adrenalin filled day for us in 85

bob67 7 months ago

I must have posted 4 or 5 times about liberties 85 and not one west ham bod has replied.. Like the books the Bertie smalls writes they never have been done.. We should put them lot in our army, we'd get our empire back.

westlondonhammer 7 months ago

Yep, we were in the same division. So if all clicked in 82 (I don't think you did anything before and especially after the game) why did it take 3 years to come UP without an escort

westlondonhammer 7 months ago

The thing is we were rated by all London clubs (and everyone else) you need other clubs to rate you lot. And I've not heard to much of that.... We never got escorts at London Derbys.

Dannyregal 7 months ago

Sure your not an Arsenal fan in disguise. You sound disappointed that we didn't do even more.

What you saying is that with our capabilities we should have Turned it on and done it sooner.

Praise indeed

Look you reached the top but as they say it's harder to stay at the top than getting there. Fact of life

This was all our generation as young men in the 80s. Not 70s or 90s

You blew it. Just like your fuckin bubbles

Ask yourself the same question. What did you do at Highbury after 82 ?

We stood in your way of invincibility in London for the 80s

And you hammers better accept it. 82 85 don't look good on the CV. As well as Hackney wars etc

I can see it meant a lot to you

Destiny my friend. Get yourself a time machine and try again.

Arsenal the herd

westlondonhammer 7 months ago

Hahaha self praise is no praise. We just never rated your mob. You keep going on about NB 82 little mobs of us come unstuck in the shed,81-82 they protected it. Just like you protected the NB nothing else

westlondonhammer 7 months ago

well its only me on here bob. im not saying it didnt happen, i came back to london in 88, and only started going whu again in 91, to watch football. just going back and forth with one complete idiot [monks] and you know who. its is a forum and to people to keep saying whu never admit to getting done is mad. many a time it come on top

Dannyregal 7 months ago

Westlondonblagger. Listen you just keep contradicting yourself.

And please don't mention Chelsea. They were a football club. Not a firm to challenge.

Me and you. Our time. Our generation. Before you had grey hair and balding. 80-89. We stopped you in your tracks.

Listen I'm not gonna mention mill wall. Coz we didn't play them regular Lower division. Not did you

You were no1 in London

Just not always when you played us haha

You as a person. Could you have done more

You could have got up earlier. Set some ambushes whatever. You didn't.

And that's our history

We stood up to you. And loved every minute of it.

westlondonhammer 7 months ago

you crack on with your fantasy. i mentioned chelsea to say it come on top in the shed because they waited at both ends, that is all. this is getting boring, money became more important after hysel, 89 you were still at it wow. i will pop here now and then to here some of your moody storys.... and you still never said you went whu before 85

Dannyregal 7 months ago

Westlondonblagger. So I think I'm being rather generous to you

Coz that's all you did with us ,on your toes a few times haha

Maybe you think you could have did more. Who gives a Fuck. Pots and pans.

westlondonhammer 7 months ago

asked millwall about euston, when they were going wallsall and we had villa. and we owned euston that day. they got escorted in to euston from the underground. we went wallsall after them. you might know about greavsie at old st

Dannyregal 7 months ago

Fuck me. The first sound of millwall now and your off

Look I wasn't implying you were 3rd rate

You become a bit of a comedian now and very cute to switch it to talk bout reddies haha

westlondonhammer 7 months ago

you made the sound and i responded, because it was our history and it was one of our best days! before i come on here you were a proper story teller. lets see you tell your late 80s storys, cant wait!yep, it was all about the reddies DID YOU COME WEST HAM 81-82-83-84 IN THEM 4 YEARS. its really boring now

Dannyregal 7 months ago

Westlondonblagger. Wow a real money getter. And there was me thinking you was working with Eddie redface in the meat market. Your be back ,you bullshitters are all the same. It's like a drug to you. Telling Porkies. Next your be telling me you was on cockys firm. Behave yourself an take another happy pill. The 3rd man. The one that got away. Got to go. Got some chicken legs to pack.

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