Turkey Hunting Boots Guide

Introduction to Good Turkey Boots

There are many different definitions as to what exactly would make a great pair of turkey hunting boots. Some hunters believe that any pair of hunting boots will work plenty fine, while there is a large group (especially around the wetlands in the South) who insist that a pair of snake proof hunting swamp boots are the ONLY way to go if you want a great boot that offers protection from everything that could be slithering around and ready to cause problems.  There are plenty of boots that are specifically aimed at turkey hunters, as well, making this question a harder one to answer since there are so many differing opinions and so many competing choices.  Maybe some of the answer depends heavily on where the hunter lives, as maybe the snake protection just isn't as important further north like it is in the South.  This is a basic guide trying to tackle a hard topic, but hopefully by the end of this page you'll have a better idea of what turkey hunting boots are best for you.

Hunting Boots for Spring Season

The decision in determining what the best type of hunting boot may be for turkey hunters in your area might be determined by what season you enjoy the most.  Many states have both spring turkey seasons, as well as fall hunting seasons.  If you only hunt for wild toms in the spring, then you will want a lighter boot with less insulation than for fall hunting season.  If you're a fall hunter, then obviously you want more insulation to keep your feet warmer for what will be colder weather than before.  Either way, you will want boots that are water proof, especially if you are hunting in a wetlands or marshy type of area.  A good pair of turkey hunting boots should be water proof, comfortable, and keep your feet warm without making them overly sweaty.  If you can get a pair that offers good snake protection to boot, then you'll be in great shape.

Some Popular Brands

Lacrosse boots are extremely popular with many hunters, and this company provides a wide range of footwear, and they even produce snake proof boots if that's the type of protection you're looking for. Danner boots is another example of this, an outdoor boot company that also chooses niche specialties for their footwear. Kenetrek Boots and Muck Boots are two more examples of companies who tend to be very popular with turkey hunters in all parts of the country.

Finding the right boots can be difficult, and it often depends on location, the turkey hunting season of choice, and a hunter's personal preferences when it comes to quality camouflage turkey hunting boots.

Look for Good Hunting Boots, Period.

While each individual hunter is going to have their preference about the best hunting footwear for hunting down the toms in Southern swamps or in the forests of the West, one good rule of thumb is that a good quality pair of regular hunting boots is most likely to work in virtually any environment.  If you have a good pair of snake boots, don't be afraid to make those double as your turkey hunting boots.  A good pair of rubber swamp boots is normally enough in and of itself for any specific needs that a turkey hunter comes across. The boots will need to be camouflage as turkeys, unlike most wild fowl, have really good vision, even including the ability to see colors.  Keeping these details in mind, finding a quality pair of turkey hunting boots is much easier.

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Hello, hello, 6 years ago from London, UK

Thank you, Jerry, for an interesting read. I never will be go hunting, in whatever, boots but I still enjoyed learning about it.

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Good information - I never thought about getting boots specifically for turkey hunting.

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