UFC MMA Fighter bio Wanderlei Silva

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Wanderlei Silva

Nick name: “The axe murderer”, nicknamed for his extremely aggressive style

Record: 32-9-1

UFC Record: 2-4

Hometown: Brazil

Fights out of: Las Vegas, NV

Strengths: Very experienced, extremely aggressive, and excellent striker

Interesting facts:

•In Brazil, Wanderlei’s nickname was ‘Cashorro Louco’ which means ‘Crazy Dog’.

•He made his professional fighting debut in Vale Tudo, ‘anything goes’, tournaments in Brazil November of 1996. It wasn’t until October of 1998 that he made his UFC debut against Vitor Belfort, who knocked him out in only 44seconds.

•After loosing to Tito Ortiz in April 2000, Wanderlei moved to Pride FC organization, where he fought until he returned to the octagon in December of 2007 to face Chuck Liddel.


Wanderlei Silva has had two very distinctive careers in MMA, one in Pride and one in the UFC. His Pride career is a highlight reel full of knockouts, including the KO of Rampage Jackson. His career in the Octagon has been less than stellar, with only 2 wins. His aggressive striking was suited very well to fighting in a ring, verses fighting in the bigger cage of the UFC. Japanese rules also allowed for some more vicious tactics such as stomping, kicking and kneeing a downed opponent. There are only a few MMA fighters that train harder than Wanderlei, and even fewer that have show the ability to take a punch like him, His extreme aggressiveness gives him a reputation for exciting fights. His downfall over the years is his ability to transition his style to the cage, and now father time has become his toughest opponent. All of the vicious brawls that he has been involved in over his long career have caught up with him, He has lost his ability to take a punch, and has been knocked out several times in the last couple years. If you are a new MMA fan, look back through the Pride FC archives because his recent fights don’t do him justice for what he has accomplished as a Mixed Martial artist.

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Daman1111 profile image

Daman1111 7 years ago from Dayton, Ohio

Very informative. I'm not really familiar with PRIDE. could someone tell me more.

Willdawg profile image

Willdawg 7 years ago from Proud Ohio'an living in the south (SC) Author

In short, Pride FC or Pride Fighting Championships is an organization similar to the UFC that fought primarily out of Japan. They however fought in a ring, instead of a cage, and the fights that were in Japan allowed some more dangerous moves (such as stomps to a down opponent) and they fought a ten minute round and then a five minute round (however, the couple of fights they did in the US used the same unified rules that the UFC uses). For quite awhile Pride and UFC battled back and forth competing for fans. Pirde had fighters such as Dan Henderson, Rampage Jackson, Anderson Silva, Fedor, Wanderlei Silva, and Mirko Cro Cop. Everybody used to argue who had the best fighters. The UFC kept growing financially and Pride eventually started to fall off to the point that Pride could no longer operate. Zuffa, the company that owns the UFC and WEC bought out Pride and moved the best fighters over to the UFC. If you go to UFC.com, some of the Pride fights are available to be watched for a fee, but my suggestion is to go to Blockbuster or Netflix and rent them. I never really cared for the ring, believing that it is not designed for MMA and impacts the fight, but it is interesting to watch some of the fighters in the UFC in their older matches.

Willdawg profile image

Willdawg 7 years ago from Proud Ohio'an living in the south (SC) Author

Calling all UFC fans: UFC 99 is less than a week away. There is a challenge going on hub pages to see who can do the best job predicting the main event fights. Come check out UFC Challenge for UFC 99 The comeback hub page. Post your predictions in the comment section. After the fights, the hub page will be updated to acknowledge the winner. I am not making money off of my UFC hubs so this is not an attempt to self-promote, but rather an attempt to get UFC fans together for a little friendly competition. How well do you think you know MMA? Are you up to the challenge?


Daman1111 profile image

Daman1111 7 years ago from Dayton, Ohio

I think Wanderlei still has some fight left in him. He did very well against Rich but came up a little short.

Willdawg profile image

Willdawg 7 years ago from Proud Ohio'an living in the south (SC) Author

I agree that this was a very good fight, and Wanderlei is still dangerous.

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