Unusual Fising Baits - Garlic Chickpeas - Recipe and Ingrediants

Carp can be caught on almost any type of bait these days as we all know, but we all search for the onebait that is really going to get the fish going mad and help us to dramtically improve our catch rate. I have tried many baits over the years to see which ones give me the best results, both in winter and in summer. One bait after another failed and failed again, and then i came across chickpeas. This is a home made bait that may seem a little unusual but a bait that i found great results from, and not just once or twice... but almost permanently, summer as well as winter.

To produce the bait you need certain ingrediants. These include:- Uncooked Chickpeas, Garlic paste, Salt, and Tumerick spice.

To prepare the bait you need to measure out however many grams of chickpeas that you wish to use. You should then put these in a saucepan, add water and boil untill cooked. You do not want the chickpeas to go too soft but you should be able to easily get a baiting needle through them. Once you are happy with the chickpeas, you need to add 2 table spoons of garlic paste for every 500 grams of chickpeas. Leave this to simmer in the pan for approx 10 minutes. Now strain the water from the saucepan. Put the chickpeas again back in to the saucepan (without water). Add 2 more table spoons of garlic paste for every 500 grams, and then add a couple of pinches of salt. Now add some Tumerick herb spices. Mix and leave for another 5 minutes. Now add some water to continue the boiling, but not too much water. Boil for a further 5 minutes and then remove the chickpeas via straining once again. Your bait is now ready. Keep refridgerated and catch some big fish!

I would recommend that if you are a member of a club water, or you tend to fish a certain lake where chickpeas are not a normal food source then you should bait up certain areas of the lake with these chickpeas consistantly for a for night running before fishing it. When you do decide to fish it you will find yourself with prolific catches one after the other.

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