Usain Bolt Set To Play For Manchester United in 2013

Manchester United Manager Sir Alex Ferguson has confirmed that the Jamaican Sprinting sensation Usain Bolt will get his chance to play for Manchester United next year when Manchester United take on Real Madrid in an annual Charity game.

Usain Bolt has been seen around Old Trafford and sporting the Manchester United kit for months now and he expressed a burning desire to represent the team he supports, especially now that he has dominated the world of Sprinting. He made a half time appearance at Old Trafford at the start of the season and reitterated his intentions to join to the fans.

Usain has taking his chances to get pictured with the English Premier League trophy and has had a unique shirt made in his honor which holds his Olympic Gold winning time on the back. Whilst Usain has been taking his picture opportunities with Manchester United, the players seem equally eager to get a picture with 'The fastest man on the planet'.

Sir Alex Ferguson revealed that it is not the first time that the Olympic 100m record holder has been to Old Trafford and revealed that he has been there before to work with Cristiano Ronaldo on his Sprinting, something which certainly seemed to have been on benefit, the idea of 2 World Superstar Athletes, working together is a good one and Usain Bolt is sure to have no shortage of work should he ever hang up his Sprinting Boots.

Rio Ferdinand being the character that he is, has already expressed his intention to try convince Sir Alex Ferguson to allow Usain Bolt to get a trial for the club and has seemingly been unsuccessful, however some are seeing the game vs Real Madrid as a trial and none more so than the legend Usain Bolt, the question will be, can he compete at that level, will his speed even be of any benefit?

If he does play well in the Real Madrid game, he just could have Fergie asking himself a big question.

Money and Merchandising Prospect

It wouldn't be too bad of a move from the financial big wigs up at the Manchester United offices, Usain would bring with him a strong home Jamiacan support, who would surely become Manchester United fans and buy the Bolt Shirt and then when you consider the amount of fans that he has, fans of his 100m exploits, the merchandising potential is huge!, Usain Bolt has already been named as 'The most marketable Sports man in the world' and Fergie has the opportunity to acquire his services for free.

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internpete profile image

internpete 4 years ago from At the Beach in Florida

Well, this should be entertaining! I think it is great he will play in a charity event because this is sure to draw a lot of attention. The big question will be if he is any good. If he can maintain possession or shoot/cross while sprinting he will be fine. But as any player knows, sprinting and controlling the ball takes a lot of practice.

CCahill profile image

CCahill 4 years ago from England Author

Just imagine how many people will tune in to find out :)

profile image

Richard-Murray 4 years ago

smart decision by him, stay relevant as long as you can. olympic athletes 4 year gap of interest is a killer so if he can latch on to man united that is smart by him

CCahill profile image

CCahill 4 years ago from England Author

indeed smart for him but i also do believe him when he says in that video about only being young once and wanting no regrets at 50yr old, i can understand that he wants to try his hand at as many things as he can now, since he probably doesnt feel he can beat his Beijing record ever again, otherwise he would have improved in London but i think in another 4 years he will be even more off his prime than before.

Liberum profile image

Liberum 4 years ago

That could be a great marketing move, but nothing more. He's a sprinter, not a footballer.

jtrader profile image

jtrader 4 years ago

This has been something he wanted to do for a while. I'm happy that he will have the opportunity.

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