Variety Of Change Equals Titantic Individualism/Part one of three parts

What brings titanic individualism? Do not prevent the truth! Emerson said, “ A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds. Adored by little statesmen, and philosophers, and divine; with consistency a great soul has simply nothing to do.”

“ Matter is energy slowed down”, yet a golf mantra for many is,
“ Slow your swing down.” Early on - golf tournament professionals, trying to observe Ben Hogan’s excellence in ball striking, to duplicate it, commented, “I can’t do it. I can’t follow his energy! It’s too fast!” Does the inside move the outside? Does the outside move the inside? What’s the mass moving what’s being moved? In other words, “ What club is being used and what’s the mass of one using the tool?”

Is slow a contradiction? Could it be that “slow” and “fast” represent a contrast like light and dark? An artist mixes his/her primary colors to cause an affect. Isn’t it just shadows & light reproducing our creativity?

Could it be that we need to look at the performer and the performance? If this isn’t enough we may need to observe the composer and the conductor - creativity and control.

When speaking of the swing being the same for all clubs, I find this statement easily refuted “Now” opposed to in the “Past”. Design has brought insights. Strangely, an effort to improve has been an economic transformation. There has been other design changes that we’ve not discovered. They’ve been past over, un-noticed, but vision and selection of putters is a disconnect. The hybrid is most significant and recent filling a gap.

Oddly, an effort to“keep it simple” was during a time of equipment disfuction ie., the irons game occupied 75 percent vs 25 percent of the action-irons vs woods. Trevino said,” Even God can’t strike a one iron! “

We hadn’t come out of the “woods” yet! The hybrids would wait another 50 years to make their appearance. Quantitative forces and qualitative forces could have been challenged simply by percentages 75% vs 25%. The design of/and the name “ Irons” camouflaged a need to “make room “ for the “ steep n’ sweep” - the hybrid!


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