Variety Of Changes Equals Titantic Individualism/Part Two Of Three Parts

Putting Rod

To refute sameness or accept sameness one may need to look at diversity in two settings: environment and equipment, and simultaneously discerning one’s anatomy. We make tools to fit our anatomy. Don’t forget saying “thank you” for anatomy.

Today’s date is February 12th, 2009. Abraham Lincoln is not the only superstar born on this date two hundred years ago! It belongs to Darwin, too.

Could it be that to be tested in golf a Darwinian composition focuses upon knowing oneself? Our personal image challenged in the art form “golf” starts by knowing who we are and supports the artist, the tools, and canvas of our design.

We know the tool maker, the golf manufacturers, compete for economic reasons. In hard times, will advertising continue to compete and improve their golf balls, golf clubs etc. sales?
In hard times - will we become the nicotine addicted individual that suddenly quits smoking - declaring “ I’ve quit smoking”? Art supplies may diminish. In hard times it is so. When activity slows down - make the correct choices realizing the collective and the individual benefits - a cleaner act!

An analogy: The “ free throw” in basketball’s story is with Sam Porio, early 1950’s. Sam excelled at the “free throw”. He was short like Abe Saperstein of the Harlem Globe Trotters, but stockier.
Sam executed the underhand flip to perfection. The formula was both hands, starting at the knees the arms moving upward, a wristy motion that was almost dexterity/ambidextrously in one. It was one of a kind. Would uniqueness become it’s problem?

Sam’s way was symetrical. His way was centered. It was almost static, but it was a “throw”; an underhanded, two handed throw, a likable word “throw” that golf should embrace.. I like that word “throw”. It completes more than a swing can complete Why” Because of the “variety” of tools and change.

This free throw - it’s activity ( a controlled place )is always from the free throw line. While others wait and watch what’s happening during this free time for the free throw feels like quiet time - like golf time.


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