World Series of Beer Pong V

Day 1 of WSOBP V

Oh Pong Representing at WSOBP V

My partner and I at the World Series of Beer Pong V
My partner and I at the World Series of Beer Pong V

View of Las Vegas from hotel window

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Beer Pong

If you are unfamiliar with the sport of beer pong then this will enlighten you to a sport that is sweeping the world. However, if you are familiar with beer pong keep on reading because this is not the college frat house game you think it is. Yes, beer pong is a sport! It is a very competitive sport that is gaining popularity, and media coverage, with every major tournament held. The game is played with 40mm ping pong balls, 16 ounce cups and a table about 8 feet long. That is the basic equipment. Ten cups are placed at either end of the table in a triangle formation pointing toward the opposite end of the table in the same fashion you would rack pool (billiard) balls. The cups are filled about a quarter to a third of the way full with beer (or in a lot of professional events water). The game can be played one on one or in teams of two. Each team has a chance to throw two balls (one per person) with the goal of sinking the ball in the opposing teams cups. Each time a ball lands in the cup the cup is removed from the game. The team with no cups left looses.

That is the basic idea of the game. Everyone has the own house rules and even the two main professional leagues have differences in their rules.

World Series of Beer Pong

The World Series of Beer Pong (WSOBP) is an annual event held in Nevada. The past two years it was held at the Flamingo on the Strip in Las Vegas. The first WSOBP was held on January1-5 2006 and has been held the first week of January every year since. It started as a gathering of the best beer pong players from around the country playing for $10,000. It has since grown into a competition between the best players from around the globe competing for $50,000. Yes, that is not an error the winning team receives Fifty Thousand Dollars. And bragging rights.

The rules for the WSOBP are designed to make the game based on skill and competition. The front 6 cups are filled with beer (no one is required to drink the beer, but it does increase the fun) and the back four are filled with water. The game is started by one team throwing one ball then after that each team gets two balls per turn. Each player throws one ball. Bounces are also aloud but only count as one cup. The opposite team cannot touch the ball until it hits a cup, therefore a bounce can not be blocked but since it only counts as one cup its does not matter. The defensive team can not block the shot or block line of sight of the cups. Once the ball touches a cup it can be swatted away. So if the ball hits the rim of a cup and bounces up in the air it can be grabbed or swatted to prevent it from going into the cup. If bother players make the ball into a cup on the same turn then that team gets one ball back and either player is able to throw it. The cups get re-racked, or reformed, at 6 cups, 3 cups and 1 cup. The racks are always tight triangles except one cup witch is centered. Balls that are swirling around the cup can not be fingered out or blown out of the cups. Cups that are knocked over are good as long as it was apparent that the ball was going into the cup. Any cups knocked over by the team leaning to shot or swatting a ball or any other way count as cups hit and are removed from play.


This year from January 1st through the 5th the best beer pong players from North America and for the first time Japan, Germany and Ireland gathered at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino to compete in the World Series of Beer Pong V! This was the biggest beer pong event to date! Just under 500 teams competed for bragging rights and that big cardboard check worth $50,000. The competition was stiff this year. And the team everyone was gunning for was Smashing Time, who won the WSOBP IV and the World Pong Tour $25000 Title in Atlantic City. DJ Whoo Kid provided a live soundtrack to the entire event.

The first night was check in and registration. Wavers had to be signed and team schedules were handed out. Maryland Beer pong and Southern California beer pong put together an East coast West Coast cash tournament. It was very well organized and over 200 teams participated. Lots of teams also went to O'sheas to play in cash tournaments and practice. Other teams practiced in their rooms and some teams just relaxed and did their best to get over their hang overs from new years eve. At the WSOBP each team is guaranteed 12 games. 6 games are played on day 2 and 6 games are played on day 3. The teams were divided into 3 rounds with each round playing a game every 75 minutes or so. A score card was filled out for each game which included what the round number was, what the table number was, what the team names were, which team won, how many cups were left and a representative from each teams signature. Ranking was based on wins/losses and cup differential. The cup differential is determined by subtracting the number of cups left when the team looses from their total differential and adding the number of cups left when a team wins. For example if you lost your first game by 2 cups your cup differential would be -2. now say you win your next game by 1 cup. your new cup differential would be -1.

During the evening of day 2 (January 2nd) a singles tournament was held. It was double elimination just like the World Series. There was some confusion as to when this tournament started which caused some people to miss their first game. However, the tournament was fun and was also well organized aside from the starting time.

The finals are held on the 4th day. The top 128 teams after the first two days of play move onto the finals. The 128 teams were broken down into 8 double-elimination brackets. All winners bracket games were best 2 out of 3 and the loosers bracket games were single elimination. The winner of the loosers bracket had to beat the winner of the winners bracket three times to advance. However, the winner of the winners bracket only had to beat the loosers bracket winner twice. The 8 teams that won their brackets were split up into two groups of 4 which were double elimination brackets. With the winners brackets being best 2 out of 3 and loosers brackets being single elimination again. Once again the winner of the loosers bracket had to beat the winner of the winners bracket three times to advance. However, the winner of the winners bracket only had to beat the loosers bracket winner twice.The two remaining teams faced off in a best 3 out of 5 series. There was also a best 2 out of 3 series to determine 3rd place.

The final game was announced by Bruce Buffer. In the final game Smashing Time faced off against Since Sliced Bread. Since Sliced Bread gave Smashing Time a run for their money but in the end Smashing Time was victorious yet again. Making Smashing Time the first team to win back to back WSOBP titles.

In a Bar Near You

If this sounds fun, and trust me it is a blast spending 5 days in Vegas playing beer pong, then check out for more information. There are also tons of groups on facebook set up to promote local beer pong leagues. There bars all over the country that hold weekly cash tournaments and these same bars usually hold WSOBP satellite tournaments where you can win your trip to the World Series of Beer Pong. There are new pong leagues popping up every week. If there is not one in your area start one. If you need help there are plenty of people on the bpong forums that can help you out and answer your questions.

I hope to see you all at the World Series of Beer Pong VI!

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