WWE Monday Night Raw 4/4/11 Review


Monday Night Raw post-WrestleMania is the most watched Raw episode last I heard. And so, I went in expecting some cool moments -- and the expectation was fulfilled... and not.

We opened with JR and Jerry Lawler at the commentating helm -- which just feels right, for some reason. After that, Triple H came out and humbly admitted defeat to the Undertaker and does a great job of putting over Undertaker as a performer and man. How Undertaker is willing to destroy himself to keep the streak alive, which was a very cool way of describing what they went through. Triple H ended the promo by saying that 'Taker will return one day and when that day comes, he'll be there waiting for 'Taker.


Next up... Michael Cole. He basically talks more and more trash to Lawler and sets up a match between Lawler and Swaggger. At the end of the "eh" match, Swagger made Lawyer tap and the ref DQed Swagger for not releasing the ankle lock. Cole, pissed, assaulted JR with BBQ sauce until JR chased him to the back.... *sighs*

I thought WrestleMania would've ended this sh*t already. Enough is enough. Please, no more Michael Cole getting involved in feuds -- better yet, NO MORE MICHAEL COLE. He's quite annoying and brings down matches with his "character" commentating... it was fun at first, but now it's RIDICULOUS.

Verdict: D

Up next?

Randy Orton and Rey Mysterio vs. Cody Rhodes and CM Punk

It was a tag match where everything flowed nicely and they did a great job getting the crowd into it. This was a smart idea for a post-WrestleMania match, combining two single matches that worked well at WM into a tag match -- and leaving things open for feuds to continue.


After a break, STONE COLD came out... to give us a Tough Enough plug. And then, brought ALL of the Tough Enough kids into the ring... this was pretty boring, aside from Stone Cold being there. And when The Miz interrupted? Things got interesting. Miz cut another great promo as he entered the ring and after mocking the Tough Enough kids that they'll never have a chance to be WWE Champion.... Miz then teased Austin with the WWE title belt, asking Austin if he's got one more run in him... and with that, Stone Cold's Tough Enough kids cleared the ring and Alex Riley jumped Austin for Miz... who's retreats to the ramp -- watching. Stone Cold stunned Riley after a brawl, and kicked off a beer bash with the kids.

I didn't like the boring plug, but since Tough Enough debuts after Raw... I guess it made sense, but it was boring. However, with The Miz interrupting and teasing a match with Stone Cold? It leaves us with a lot of questions, and assumptions... will we see Stone Cold vs. The Miz for the WWE Championship in the future...? If so, then that would be an amazing move! But it doesn't seem plausible at the moment...


And after that -- we get a tag match between Trish (she was cooler as a blonde) and Morrison vs. Vicky and Dolph... and... I tuned out. From what I saw in my zombie state, I didn't miss much.

Proceeding that marvelous tag match, we get Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan for the US title. Sheamus dominated, and won after a short match... wow. That sucked. And then we get an impressive debut from SIN CARA as he attacked Sheamus with graceful and seemingly effortless high flying moves... he will be fun to watch in the coming years, I assume. However, I expected an actual match from Sin Cara... and not an ambush -- so, I was half liking it and half disliking it.


And the final thing of the night?


Cena came out in another Fruity Pebble shirt, gave Miz props for retaining at WM, and called Rock -- who came out and said he respects Cena, but he doesn't like him. Cena says let's do the obvious thing and have a match. Rock accepts and makes the match ONE YEAR IN ADVANCE AT WRESTLEMANIA 28..... I say again, The Rock challenged John Cena for a match at WrestleMania 28 on the Raw that's right after WrestleMania 27...

... WHAT THE F*CK?!!!!!



Sorry, I just CANNOT believe it. After ALL THAT TALK... after ALL THAT HYPE... we have to WAIT ONE YEAR, ONE WHOLE YEAR... just to see the mighty Rock in action against John Cena... are you kidding me? Let me guess, The Rock will now disappear from WWE for a year and go back to Hollywood. Wow. This is a marketing gimmick. And then the Corre came out for no reason just to get their a**es kicked by Cena and The Rock. Yep.


I'm actually pretty upset at the turn of events here. I can see through their scheme, with more anticipation for The Rock vs. John Cena -- they'll make more money. Jeez. Just book the damn match already, let us fans find closure in this feud already and MOVE ON. It's been months of talking...and now they'll be a YEAR OF TALKING.

I'm taking a break from WWE, seriously -- really? REALLY, GUYS? REALLY?


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katiem2 profile image

katiem2 5 years ago from I'm outta here

Thanks for the honest look and review into Monday Night Raw, I appreciate it. I love fight club, but thats a whole nother movie sounds like. Great review. :) Katie

The Jet profile image

The Jet 5 years ago from The Bay Author

I try to be honest. Haha. I also love Fight Club. In fact, there's a huge Fight Club poster adjacent to my computer -- on the wall. Lol. Thanks for reading. Glad you thought it was great. =]

Nj17 profile image

Nj17 5 years ago from Peterborough, England

Good words mate. I like how you have laid out your Raw Review and it covers what happened on Raw so well. The best part of Raw in my opinion was The HHH promo, maybe seeing Sheamus defeat Daniel Bryan.

The Jet profile image

The Jet 5 years ago from The Bay Author

Thanks for reading it. Haha. I would have to agree on the HHH being the thing of the night. I wouldn't mind Sheamus/Bryan if they booked what should be an interesting feud properly. But they're not.

Always cool to chat with a fellow fan. Ala Foley -- "Have a nice day."

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