WWE Monday Night Raw Review 4/18/11


I tuned into Monday Night Raw and by the end of the show, I was left... with mixed emotions. Let's kick this off.

R-Truth kicked off Raw and this made sense, because he got inserted into the WWE Championship picture last week after a double DQ. JR and Lawler were at the commentating helm -- so that's cool. Cole was in his "Cole Mine" too... anyway, Truth simply was estatic to finally get a shot at the biggest prize around. John Morrison then interrupted him and basically cut an insulting promo; questioned Truth's smoking habits and conditioning. Morrison essentially lured Truth to a match where Truth would have to put his WWE title shot on the line... Truth stupidly accepts and they have a match. After an okay match, Truth loses and beats down Morrison -- reluctantly. He went from angry to guilty in between beat downs and eventually smoked a cigarette, blowing smoke all over an unconscious Morrison.

This heel turn made R-Truth more interesting, but the whole switching #1 contenders the very next week was odd. Maybe the creative team suddenly changed their minds on R-Truth...? Anyway, I liked the heel turn -- but completely excluding R-Truth from the WWE title match a week later was odd. I didn't like it.


After the ad break, we get Dolph Ziggler vs. Evan Bourne:

Dolph has a new haircut and according to Vickie -- he's new and improved. In the ring, he seems more aggressive and even more methodical than usual. Bourne misssed a Shooting Star Press, landed on his feet, and Dolph nailed the Zig Zag outta nowhere for the win. It was a good little match. Too short, though. I liked it and I do hope they seriously push Dolph. He's got the ability to main event, as he's proven on Smackdown.


The Miz came out with Riley. Complained about his STEEL CAGE match versus Cena/Morrison at Extreme Rules; sits down and protests until the Anonymous GM makes things right. Eventually, the GM booked Sin Cara and John Cena vs. Alex Riley and The Miz.

The match itself was decent when John Cena was in the ring with Riley/Miz -- but when Sin Cara gets tagged in? Things got exciting. He pulled off fast moves that the commentary team couldn't keep up with. Eventually, Sin Cara picked up the win on Riley and the good guys remain in the ring -- celebrated with a bro hug.


Eve vs. Brie

... I was in the restroom. Urinating. Sorry. When I got back, the match was already over and Eve won. Wow... that was quick... when Awesome Kong arrives, let me know. Then we'll have some decent Diva matches on Raw.

On Smackdown, however, I actually like what LayCool is going through right now. Plus, they have Kelly and Beth Phoenix; which means decent matches!


Up next... *sigh* ..

MICHAEL COLE GETS KNIGHTED BY THE QUEEN... since they're in London. No, it's not the actual Queen. Anyway, Cole gets knighted and stuff happens that led to the same old sh*t... Swagger and Cole making JR tap out to the ankle lock. BUT this time -- WHOA -- Cole forces JR to KISS HIS FEET! How creative!

Yes. Sarcasm.

Look, this has gone on too far. We all long for a catharsis. We all wanted that catharsis at WrestleMania, since everything was built to that match at WrestleMania... WHY ARE THEY STILL DOING THIS FEUD? Are they lacking ideas? Here's an idea -- you'll love it, WWE:


Yes, Cole is annoying. But you can't deny his heat and his crediblity to utilize that heat. Swagger obviously is not a promo man; so make Cole his manager over on Smackdown. Get Cole out of the commentary team and into the Manager position. I'd accept that. It works, but to hear him call matches only makes for annoying TV... which means I start to dislike watching Raw just because it's annoying to listen to. Anyway...


After an ad... we get US Champion Sheamus vs. Santino... which was a squash. Not a match. Sheamus just beat the crap out of Santino.


*sips coffee*

Ahhhh... anyway. MAIN EVENT TIME! And a good main event too. It's a rematch from WrestleMania 27: CM Punk vs. Randy Orton (Nexus banned from ringside).

This was a 15-minute match, it seemed. It wasn't great as their WM match, but it was really a good free TV match. Like I basically said in my WrestleMania review, these two can bring it in the ring and it was an entertaining match, Orton won with the school boy outta nowhere. Post-match, we get a Nexus beat down. Mason Ryan wanted to punt Orton's head for revenge, but Punk demanded him to stand aside. Ryan obeyed. Punk attempted to punt Orton, but Randy nailed the RKO outta nowhere and escaped.

Raw closed with Orton up the ramp and Punk seething in the ring with his new Nexus. And I now I wonder what kind of match they will compete in at Extreme Rules.


*sips coffee*

Ahhh...nothing like coffee. So. It was an OK Raw. Only the main event stood out and obviously so when you have the calibers of CM Punk and Randy Orton at work -- though, it shouldn't have ended cleanly with Orton winning. The whole Truth/Morrison thing I'm 50/50 on. Sin Cara wrestling was great. The Edge career video package was bitter sweet and amazing. We'll miss you, Edge. Everything else was either trash or OK. And don't forget, the WWE Draft is next week. Hmm...


The Jet signing out.

Other than enjoying wrestling, I also make movies if you didn't know. ;)

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