WWE Raw Review 4/11/11


I know last week I said I'm taking a break from WWE...

... but I guess I tuned in because I knew something was gonna happen that would change WWE forever and it did. It was sad as hell, and I'm still shocked. Let's get down to it...

We opened Raw with Michael Cole being introduced to his glass box... aka "The Cole Mine." As I said last week, ENOUGH OF MICHAEL COLE. But I guess they wanna drag it out until Extreme Rules -- keep his heat in tact as he's still feuding with JR and Jerry Lawyer. Okay. Whatever.

Cena wants a WWE Championship Match...?

John Cena then came out and basically told us what happened last week between him and The Rock. He promises that their one-year in advance match will be for the WWE Championship. Afterward, a multitude of people came out claiming that Cena had his shot, he lost at WrestleMania, and he's in the back of the line. It's time for someone new. These people were John Morrison, Randy Orton, Dolph Ziggler, and R-Truth.

The Anonymous GM then books a 5-man Guanlet match. The last man remaining will face The Miz at EE for the WWE title. I liked the fact that we get fresh faces in the WWE title hunt. Dolph and Morrison, maybe R-Truth. I, quite frankly, have had enough of Cena and Orton in the title hunt. Especially Cena. I don't like that Cena promises his match with The Rock at WrestleMania 28 will be for the WWE title. Their feud will overshadow the most coveted prize in wrestling and that's stupid. Hopefully, that promise doesn't get fulfilled and the writing team come to their senses. Is The Rock REALLY WWE Championship worthy anymore? Really? He hasn't wrestled a damn match in 7 years. No. Do not devalue the WWE title any further, especially since The Miz has restored some value in it...


Up next... Divas Championship Eve (c) vs. Brie Bella:

This is why the Divas division on Raw has no respect from me. First off, don't call it the "Divas" division. Revert back to the "Womens Division" and bring back the title that has any worth -- the Womens Championship. Secondly, the match was "EH." And lastly, the match was barely 3 minutes... and Brie Bella won... okkaayyyy...? WWE, you have LayCool... you brought back Trish Stratus... you have Natalya... you have Kelly Kelly -- who has really improved -- and finally... you have Beth Phoenix. In my opinion, those women can put on decent and/or good matches... this was...


But before that marvelous match up, we got a teaser for Awesome Kong. She was impressive in TNA. Let's see what she can do in WWE's "Divas" division.

Debut Match: SIN CARA vs. Primo

This was a very cool match. Nice spots, great chemistry, and Sin Cara knows how to connect with a crowd. Not only does he delivers offense gracefully, he can also sell the other guy's move pretty well. Bottomline, he's EXCITING to watch. He pulls off seemingly dangerous moves effortlessly. I didn't even mind the botched top rope move towards the end as both men improvised and got right back on to end it well.

The only thing that bothered me was why didn't Sheamus come out to do or say anything to Sin Cara after last week...? Weren't they trying to start a feud or something? Maybe next week...?


Back from commercials...

Wade Barret of the Corre was in the ring cutting a promo with the Corre. Basically, they were starting to implode from within because of what happened last week with the Rock and Cena. Blaming each other... and then Santino came out with Mark Henry, Bryan Daniel, and Evan Bourne -- claiming to be a new stable called APPLE (ALLIED PEOPLE POWERED by LOATHING EVERYTHING the Corre stands for).

That was stupid.

But Santino made it funny, so he gets credit. And now they're gonna have an 8-Man Tag in the name of Kozlov, Santino's tag partner that the Corre f*cked up.

The 8-man was decent enough, but nothing too exciting as it was prettty short. The Corre won, which is the right call because it's too soon for an implosion.

And remember when we had two brands? Smackdown and Raw? And there was a ROSTER SPLIT? For a while now, Smackdown superstars are just randomly allowed to compete on Raw... hmm. I guess Syfy needs more ratings.






Sorry. Yet ANOTHER Jerry Lawyer vs. Jack Swagger match... ugh... only this time, if Lawler wins, he gets to choose a match at Extreme Rules with Micheal Cole. If Swagger wins, Cole no longer needs to "wrestle" anymore.

Anyway, the match was okay and Lawler won because Swagger got distracted by JR punching out Cole ringsisde (YES! YOU GO, JR!) and Lawler with the roll up for the win. It doesn't take a genius to assume what happens next: JR and Lawler vs. Cole and Swagger at the PPV... which is UGH. Cole in the ring was bad enough... and now JR. COME ON, WWE! Afterwards, Cole slapped Swagger for losing and now Cole has no allies. The man who's supposed to be on his side, now wants to kill him for slapping the taste out of his mouth. Why couldn't this be over with at WrestleMania...?


And now the SHOCKER of the year... even more so than The Rock returning, which is saying a lot. It involves the World Heavyweight Champ on Smackdown and an 11-times World Champion... Edge.

What's the shocker?




... I'm kinda sad. It was a genuine farewell, I could tell. There were tears in his eyes and regret in his voice. After an MRI, the Doctors told Edge that he needed to retire because of a neck injury he suffered 8 years ago. He's been wrestling on "burrowed time" and now it's caught up with him. If he doesn't retire, he will be in a wheelchair sooner than he thinks. He talked about dreaming of being in the WWE since he was a little kid, getting his chance, and evolving into a man in the WWE after all he's been through in his career in the WWE.

This was a shock. It wasn't a work; it was genuine and Edge left to an ovation... I cannot believe one of the greatest EVER retires out of the blue in his PRIME.... that's CRAZY and UNFORTUNATE. But he has accomplished so much in WWE. From revolutionizing the Ladder Match with Christian to main eventing WrestleMania with the Undertaker... he's got a lot to be proud of and he retires from after a great title defense at WrestleMania 27. Thank you, Edge. I'll always be an Edge Head.

The only thing that bothers me that this didn't close out the show. It should have.

VERDICT: A+ (not for the sad news, but because he's EDGE)

Then we see Edge backstage getting applauded by various WWE superstars as he left.


Gauntlet Match #1: Randy Orton vs. Dolph Ziggler

The Miz joined JR, Josh Matthews, and Lawler for commentating. The Orton/Ziggler match was entertaining enough until the New Nexus cost Orton the match and Ziggler Advanced.

Gauntlet #2: Ziggler vs. R-Truth

Dolph pretty much was in control and I expected him to beat R-Truth... but Truth got the win out of nowhere and advanced. Hmm. The Miz was awesome on commentary.

Gauntlet #3 R-Truth vs. Morrison

This was a good contest. Lots of counters and chemistry between the two. Morrison missed the Starship Pain, allowed Truth capitalize and pick up ANOTHER SURPRISING WIN. Wow.

Final Gauntlet: R-Truth vs. John Cena

They had a decent match. The story of Truth defying people's perception of him being the first eliminated and if he could survive Cena after surviving two matches already was interesting and Cena almost picked up the win, until The Miz and Alex Riley jumped both men causing a DOUBLE DQ.

The GM chimed in and stated that at Extreme Rules it will be a Triple Threat Match: The Miz defending the WWE title against John Cena and R-Truth. Miz doesn't like it, obviously, and then Cena/Truth sent Riley/Miz out of the ring. Truth and Cena tried to be friendly, but tensions rose as the show closed.

This was surprising. I like surprises. I'm not sure what's gonna happen. Truth is a fresh face in the WWE title picture and so this is unknown territory. So it has potential. Cena in the mix is obvious, but boring in my opinion. It's like I said, Cena's been in the WWE title picture too long. I would have preferred Morrison or Ziggler as they need that kind of push. Cena doesn't... he's Cena. Have him feud with someone who needs to get put over... like Daniel Bryan?


Interesting show, but an average one. Other than Edge retiring and Sin Cara wrestling, there's nothing else I was on the edge of my seat for. I am still in utter shock, by the way, that Edge has retired... it's mind-numbing.

Edge will be missed.


That's it for this week. Hoped you enjoyed. The Jet signing out.

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sweetie1 profile image

sweetie1 5 years ago from India

Hi gr8 hub. I like watching WWE too and any news of HBK.. is he going to come back?

The Jet profile image

The Jet 5 years ago from The Bay Author

Hello. Thanks for reading. No news of HBK so far, unfortunately. It'd be nice to have him back.

Nj17 profile image

Nj17 5 years ago from Peterborough, England

It was an okay Raw!

I would not have given a Bella twin the Diva's Championship...Yeah, thanks for that WWE! At the moment it looks like Brie will go up against Awesome Kong!

I like how Sin Cara keeps botching up his moves...I would be surprised if WWE give him a push towards the title now.

Last weeks team Santino match was more entertaining than this one, I just hope Santino is not always going to be in tag matches.

I say damn to Cena getting his rematch! If WWE really wanted R-Truth and someone else to go against Miz, it should have been Morrison!

Hun again soon!

The Jet profile image

The Jet 5 years ago from The Bay Author

I agree that Morrison should be the one getting the push! But rumors say that he's in the WWE dog house for saying something they didn't like.

Nell Rose profile image

Nell Rose 5 years ago from England

Hi, we get this in England, my son is the one that puts it on, and I am the one that keeps watching! ha ha

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