WWE Raw Review 4/25/11


I was honestly excited for this week's Raw, because there was to be a WWE Draft Lottery deal tonight. With the retirement of Edge, Smackdown indeed needs someone credible to replace him. Plus, it's always nice to refresh the roster on each brand. Gives us the fans new feuds and new talent stepping up.

Battle Royal: Raw vs. Smackdown

It was a pretty long BR and whichever brand wins, gets a draft. Eventually, Big Show and Kingston of SD won and SD got the first draft pick. Okay. First draft pick for Smackdown? JOHN CENA.

That's huge, considering he's WWE's boy and Raw is their flagship show. Plus, Cena's been on Raw for six years. This is good...


Up next -- R-TRUTH. He basically explained his actions from last week and turned heel on the fans because pandering to them by rapping/dancing never got him any titles. 10 years wasted and now he's all about the Truth. After this surprisingly good promo, Morrison attacks Truth. Getting retribution for last week. Thoughts? R-Truth is actually getting more interesting. That's what a good heel turn does at times. I have a feeling he'll be involved in the WWE title match at Extreme Rules in that Steel Cage between Miz, Morrison, and Cena.


After a break, Awesome Kong (now known as Kharma) had another hype video and this time they showed her face. She looks scary... it'll be interesting as to what she'll inject in the Women's division of WWE... who are all mostly very sexy and very blonde. I'd be interested in a Beth Phoenix/Kharma feud.


Eve vs. Michelle McCool

A 30 second match? Come on... I'm sure these gals got more talent than that, especially Michelle. Anyway, Cole did his thing afterwards and which I ignored because he's Michael Cole and now I just can't stand him on Raw... and, also, Layla and Michelle had a fight... Layla beat down McCool and cried. Best friends no longer? I actually like LayCool. I mean they tried something different in a dull Women's division. Oh, and since Eve won... Raw gets a draft pick.

Who is?


I like this change. Let's see where this goes.


Up next, Sheamus vs. Kofi Kingston: it was okay. Short match and Sheamus dominated most of it until Kingston won seemingly out of the blue with Trouble in Paradise. Point is, Smackdown got another draft pick... who is... RANDY ORTON!

Man, WWE is desperately trying to raise SyFy's TV ratings. Can't blame them. Smackdown is a vital part of WWE and they need their own stable network. So the two top faces of WWE are on the "B" show? Maybe now Smackdown is the flagship...? Hmm... All I know is, I like that Orton is on Smackdown. A chance for new feuds and -- YES -- perhaps Christian vs. Orton?? That'd be cool.

And my night got turned to sh*t, because... JR vs. Michael Cole... *sighs* ...

I turned off the TV.


And when I turned it back on?

Yes, the same old sh*t. Swagger has JR in the ankle lock and Cole talking smack on the microphone -- and now WHIPPING JR (like a Government mule) with a belt. Jerry Lawler then rescued JR by taking out Cole and Swagger... and the GM chimed in and announced that their Tag Match at the PPV will now be... wait for it...



... WTF?! What the hell is that? I don't wanna see three broadcast announcers and a former World Champion whip each other! What is this? Get the gimp too, why don't you? Make it a party, WWE. Don't forget the safe word... and gag balls... anyway... this was sh*t.


Up next, Randy Orton vs Dolph Ziggler... in a short match that Orton dominated. How's that push and new direction for you, Dolph? So Smackdown gets TWO DRAFT PICKS, who are... Mark Henry. And SIN CARA!

The match was OK. But Sin Cara on Smackdown is a GREAT choice. Why? He's not used to WWE style yet and being on live TV doesn't help that. It'll just make him look green, when he's not. Being on Smackdown -- a taped show -- his matches can be edited to perfection. I'm indifferent with Mark Henry. I guess on Smackdown he can shine more and get TV time since he's retiring soon...? I guess.


Wade Barrett vs. Rey Mysterio: short match, but somewhat even. Rey won eventually and got Raw two lottery draft picks... who are? The Big Show! Since he's one half of the Tag Champs with Kane, it's a good excuse for both men two appear on both shows now that one is on Raw and the other is on Smackdown. I dig it. The other pick for Raw?


I saw that coming. Alberto is a bonified wrestler and entertainer. And a quality heel. He's been appearing on Raw constantly anyway, so it's obvious they want a superstar of that caliber on their flagship show every week. Officially.

Also, what I like most, it's an almost clear sign that Christian will walk away the new World Champion come Extreme Rules. They can't have two World Champs on one show and if I were WWE, I would NOT move the WWE Champion The Miz to Smackdown. He's too good right now. He belongs on live TV.

Christian as World Champion is LONG OVERDUE.


Up next? The Main Event: CM Punk, Alberto Del Rio, and The Miz vs. John Cena, Christian, and Mark Henry.

It was a good enough six-man tag match. Enough time for everyone to do his thing and we get a Mark Henry heel turn as he attacked Cena and Christian. Then left. I guess this makes him more interesting heading into a new show. Miz got the Skull Crushing Finale on Cena and the win. So Raw gets the last draft of the night... who is...


Yup. Two wasted drafts just so they can play out the stupid "shocker" and keep their boy on Raw. It just shows you that WWE favors Cena the most out of everyone in WWE. They can't even risk putting on Cena on Smackdown for ahwile. If they had, it would've been GREAT. Why?

Well, it'll give guys like John Morrison a chance to really step out as a main eventer. He's John Cena. Kids, girls, women, and MOMS love him. He'll make any show ratings go up, so put him on Smackdown. And Monday Night Raw is Monday Night Raw... there will be an audience every week. Enough said. So I'm just appalled at two wasted drafts.

Cena closed the show as he sent Miz, Punk, and Alberto out of the ring 'cause he's WWE's Superman.


It was a good show, but I couldn't stand the bullsh*t John Cena picks and Michael Cole's never ending feud with Lawler/JR. If you ignore those things, it was a pretty suspenseful show with much needed new roster change. The best change is Randy Orton on Smackdown.

With Edge gone, they needed a credible face on Smackdown. Christian is awesome -- no doubt -- but he hasn't been a main event face in WWE for a long time, which is a shame. But that's how things rolled... (true peeps will get that "rolled" part) and ratings are good for SyFy's Smackdown, but it can only get better now with a very over WWE superstar like Randy Orton on the show.

After Superstars got canceled and Smackdown moving from network to network... WWE is not taking chances, so hence Orton on Smackdown. I would've also liked Cena on Smackdown since Raw will do fine without him... but WWE just loves him too much to let him part ways with their "A" show.

However, the draft isn't done. It continues on WWE.com at noon tomorrow. I'm interested to see who else will drafted.


That's all for this week. Have a good one; The Jet signing out.

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Lady_E profile image

Lady_E 5 years ago from London, UK

Interesting Review, Thanks.

The Jet profile image

The Jet 5 years ago from The Bay Author

Thanks for reading. But I may not review WWE anymore after an atrocious episode of Smackdown. 17 years of hard work to finally become World champion and they stripped it from Christian solely because the Chairman doesn't think he "looks" like a main eventer. So I maybe done with WWE.

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