WWE Royal Rumble 2014

The first WWE PPV of the year is in my opinion the most exciting, The Royal Rumble.

The first match too kick things off was the Daniel Bryan vs. Bray Wyatt match. This was by far the best match of the night and the most satisfying. Both Bryan and Wyatt put on a hell of a performance that the crowd was deeply into. I like the decision to let Wyatt take the W as it takes him a notch higher and brings him closer to being a main event heel.

The Big Show vs. Brock Lesnar “match” was short and brutal. Show took a ton of punishment with those chair shots. It’s been awhile since I have seen that main chair shots in one match. This made Lesnar into a ruthless beast which is what he should be seen as and not just another heel but they should have let him wrestle and beat show before attacking him with the chair.

The crowd completely took over the Championship match between Randy Orton and John Cena. They wanted nothing to do with it. To their effort they did try and put on a good match but that’s not worth much if nobody cares. The best part of the match was the chants. They chanted Bryan’s name throughout as well as Randy Savage, Y2J, boring, this is awful and my favorite we want Divas.

Even Batista is confused.
Even Batista is confused.

The Royal Rumble was a complete dud it was boring and nothing exciting happened at all. It lost all its steam as soon as number 30 came out, poor Rey Mysterio and it wasn’t Bryan. After that the fans completely turned and could care less who won. Well that’s not entirely true as I’m sure most would have preferred someone new someone fresh to win someone like Roman Reigns but no instead a 45 year old man won, Batista. He’s not only rust but seems to be out of shape and they are betting on him carrying a WrestleMania match?

I get what Vince and Hunter are trying to do but this seems very risky to do. Unless they give the fans a little of what they want they risk lose a large portion of their audience which isn’t very big now days. Hopefully they have some idea as to what they want to do with Bryan because if they don’t they are going to have a really hard time with WrestleMania this year. Sure they might sell a lot especially with the network starting up but it should isn’t going to go down as anything special without Bryan’s involvement.

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