Crooked Lies

Is Jason Dufner being criticized unfairly and ignorantly?

Those who criticize Janson's "waggle" with its variables , as part of the pre-shot routine, and its inconsistent format (his number of waggles), don't know the difference between before the shot and during the shot!!!

Painting by the numbers would have one include the "waggle" in the pre-shot routine, and the number of "waggles" to be the same. However, I commend Dufner for doing his "waggle" like using primary colors in (art) in his golf game ie., mixing them, and using his pallet creatively for any and all golf shots, which will bring a "waggle" of sorts, for each occasion.(high, low, fade, or draw) A "waggle" can help shape a golf shot. The "waggle" includes the feet as well as the golf club. TV announcers have become in likeness to how they'd like Jason Dufner to "waggle" a golf club..... by the numbers. Forget it! I can read the newspaper and get black and white.

Anyone knows the pre-shot routine must be consistent. I'd say, "....the correct formula for "consistency" is that which sets up balance and alignment." Is the "waggle" really part of the pre-shot routine? Is it within the shot itself? Alignment falls into variables as well, because of the fade or draw shot, and high and low shots. What's my creativity say? Hey, " Play the correct shot."

What's your thoughts?

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