How to easily lose weight walking in London

Walking Relieves Stress
Walking Relieves Stress

Misconceptions About Walking

Walking is one of the most beneficial exercises. All ages and fitness levels can safely participate in walks. The flexibility of walking means that you do not have to plan, have money nor fancy clothes to walk. Walking is long term; you can do it for the rest of your life. That's right, hit 100 years old and, if you're physically fit, you can still walk.

Walking, as a form of exercise, has a bad reputation. Most people cannot imagine that just doing what they normally do, to get from one destination to another, can be a form of exercise that will help with, the reduction of body fat, relieving stress and lift your mood by releasing positive endorphins. Why do we think we have to shake our bodies all about in order to lose weight? Perhaps it is to do with what our perception of exercise is? It's just a state of mind. You can burn the same amount of calories by walking as you do for running or jogging - and it's not so damaging to your knees and joints.

What you need to walk well

A good pair of traininers or walking shoes. A pair that are comfortable and will not give you blisters or rub.

Learn good walking techniques

Find a good walking pace

A safe place to walk

Start Slowly and Form the Habit

There is no need to rush into walking. If you over exert yourself you are more likely to give up or get injured - which means you still have to give up. You must ease into a new exercise routine and work slowly at increasing the intensity or time spent walking. When you start walking, depending on you fitness, you may only be able to do five or ten minutes. This is great, no need to do any more. Concentrate on getting your stride right and forming the habit.

Forming the habit is very important. It means that when you go for your walks you are reprogramming your mind so that eventually you will automatically just go walking and not think of it as a chore. Most of us are not lazy we just get out of the habit of doing an activity and then never return to it. This is why it is important that we get into the habit of walking and do not rush and try to do more than your body can physically do.

Benefits OF Walking

Promotes a good nights sleep

Reduces stress levels

Increases lifespan

Strengthens muscles and bones

Gives you a feeling of well being

Gives you a clearer and brighter complextion

Makes you feel less depressed 

Staying Motivated

Because of the misconception about walking as a form of exercise, many people think that it is a waste of time as they believe they will not lose any weight - this is far from the truth. If you believe in a form of exercise you are more likely to stay with it. Therefore, it is important that you know there are weight losing benefits to be gained from just putting one foot in front of the other and walking:

  1. Regular walking will tone your legs and bottom, improves your blood circulation and make you leaner all over.
  2. You can burn up to 300 calories walking briskly for an hour.
  3. Although walking is not as physical as some other forms of exercise, it still has cardiovascular benefits. Indeed it has been stated that walking has the same benefits for those who walk, the same distance, as those who run.
  4. Use a pedometer to measure the steps you take, this will keep you motivated as you can set yourself goals.
  5. Join a local walking club in your area, but only when you feel comfortable.
  6. Why not prepare to do a 5k fun walk/run? You will find many people running or walking.
  7. Why not find a walking partner? This could be a friend, family member or someone from your walking club.
  8. Don't think of walking as a form of exercise. Think of it as a pleasant rewarding experience for you and all the benefits you will gain.
  9. Some people find that when they first start to run or walk, they feel very uncomfortable and some even itchy - this is natural. Make sure you are not allergic to the material you are wearing -100% cotton is best. When you start to itch, stop your walk and call it a day until the next day. As time goes by, and you become fitter the itching will subside and stop. If it reoccurs, and you really do feel unwell, you should contact your GP/physician.
  10. You can walk up to five times a week. Make sure you have a rest half way - so after day 2, rest for a day. You do not need to exercise seven days a week, your body must have rest.
  11. Even if you miss a week, your body will remember the walking you did and quickly get back into walking.
  12. Listen to music or an audio book when you walk. Just be careful that you are in a safe environment - be safe. It might help if you walk with someone.
  13. No matter how small your garden, as long as it is a flat surface, you can walk in it. I have been walking around my garden for years. I designed a perimeter path around it and laid bark down.
  14. You may not see immediate results when your first start walking, as your body will be shaping, but keep going and within 16 weeks you should notice the difference in body shape and tone.
  15. Walking may increase your appetite. Stock up on low calorie foods, otherwise you will not lose any weight, as you will just be piling on more calories.
  16. Drink water so you do not become dehydrated.

Have fun walking and always be safe.

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thougtforce profile image

thougtforce 5 years ago from Sweden

I can so relate to this since I love walking as exercise! And at the same time it is kind of meditativ, a way to empty the brain from thoughts or just let the thoughts come and go. And in this time of the year, the spring, the scents from nature is magnificent and I feel relaxed and happy after a walk. You have done a great hub that will inspire many!


zanin profile image

zanin 5 years ago from London, England Author

Thank you, Tina. I do hope it will inspire those who have given up on exercise. Often we just try activities that are en vogue but not practical. Walking is definitely practical for all ages. Nina

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