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The 2011 NFL football season has already started so if you want to watch nfl online live, you have a couple of different options. Which one you pick is going to depend on whether you live in the US or outside of North America.

In addition to the various paid options, we'll have to see what the NFL get up to this season. Last year, they streamed 17 of the regular season NFL football games online for free. Hopefully they will do it again this year, but generally live streaming online on an NFL owned website means the viewing is restricted to the US. I imagine it may also be subject to blackout as well.

Let's take a look at your best choices for now though.

NFL Supercast for US Viewers

If you are in the US, your best bet is the NFL Supercast. This is available as part of the NFL Superfan upgrade to the NFL Sunday Ticket. If you have access to NFL Supercast you have two ways to watch your football games. You can log into the Superfan website on Directv and stream the game through your web browser. Or you can download the Supercast player and stream NFL football straight to your desktop. If you can do the download, this is your best option as it comes with features you don't get on the web-based version.

NFL Sunday Ticket and NFL Superfan are exclusive to Directv in the US so you will need to sign up for a Directv subscription in order to get access to the NFL Supercast. Or you can Call Directv at 888-925-2387 to get more details, especially if you are looking at signing up for a mid-season subscription. You find out how it all works in my NFL Sunday Ticket hub. Or just sign up with one phone call: CALL 888-925-2387.

How about Canada?

I'm not sure how this works for Canadian viewers. NFL Sunday Ticket is available from the cable companies in Canada, but I believe that the NFL Supercast is a joint venture between Directv and Sling Media, so it may not be an option for online viewing in Canada if you access NFL Sunday Ticket through your cable company rather than Directv.

NFL Game Pass
NFL Game Pass

NFL Game Pass

NFL Game Pass is powered by Yahoo and it is for international viewers outside of North America. Restricted countries are the US, Canada, Bermuda, Mexico, Bahamas, Bermuda, Antigua and US Territories.

With the NFL Game Pass you can watch US footballs games live via online streaming or you can watch them "On Demand" the day afterwards. I believe the Game Pass covers the regular season only and not the Post Season games. Right now there is an off season pass available for cheap money (about $34.99) that let's you watch all of last season's games.

Last season, NFL Game Pass prices during the regular season depended on whether you wanted to watch in SD or HD. Your final price would naturally depend on the exchange rate, but it was roughly $210 US dollars for the entire regular season. I would expect this year's pricing to be about the same. You could also buy weekly passes last year for $19.99, so if there are just particular NFL games that you want to watch, that may be the best way to go.

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