What Makes My Saddle Sore, Poem & Tarwheels Union Groove To Eflin 5-19-10

Today we're headed to the big town of Eflin!

Yuki Kajiura-Desert Sunset

This is the avatar for Freya.
This is the avatar for Freya.

The video above I got through Freya Cesare and her hub about


Well, the music is pretty pretty! This piece is relaxing.

It's a beautiful morning!

The pretty girls are wearing their best hats today!

What Makes My Saddle Sore?

Here’s a salute to the butt.

The butt has gotten an awful rap.

It’s located right below the gut.

And that’s why it gets a lot of crap.

For a lot of jokes it has been the butt!

Sometimes the cut of the butt is the unkindliest cut!

Bruce is smiling because he HAS A GOOD SEAT!
Bruce is smiling because he HAS A GOOD SEAT!

It’s the rear, the behind,

And too often it’s on the mind.

One exercises it and tries to tone it.

And then we’re just going to sit on it!

There are lots of times when the legs start churning,

That a bad combination can make the bottom start burning.

The seat has to take a lot of heat!

Let's face it- a neat seat cannot be beat.

What makes my saddle sore?

When it’s not my saddle that’s sore!

Why has all my struggle and toil,

Been reduced to a big butt boil?

It’s not really a boil and what’s more,

It’s often called a “pressure sore”.

I know, “a rose is a rose by any other name”.

Let’s call it a rose if, to you, it’s all the same.

This rose is a rise from sitting on the rose.

The longer I rode the more it rose.

It’s a saddle too hard and a bumpy road.

It’s too many miles carrying a heavy load.

A soldier marches on his gut.

A cyclist perches on his butt.

We search for the latest cream to anoint,

This sensitive and very, very critical point!

Some of this stuff can seal up your pores,

And actually cause these “saddle sores”.

So what can you do to have a little “recess”,

A little relief, from this cursed abscess?

Get some good shorts with a really good fit.

Find a comfortable seat on which to sit.

Lower your miles if a “rose” starts to rise.

You might park that bicycle! That would be wise!

But then you might just be like Micky Dee.

Compared to the racers today- he’s an old Model T!

He’ll go ahead and ride, immerse himself in pain.

He pled “no pain, no gain” until he went insane.

But, and no buts, take care of your butt.

Even if it looks like a peanut, butternut,

A doughnut, a chestnut, or a coconut!

I say from here to beyond Connecticut,

Think about it -

Take care of your butt.

For in the end -

What does your butt abut?

For more links to poetry - you might start here!

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Freya Cesare profile image

Freya Cesare 6 years ago from Borneo Island, Indonesia

When you mentioned about Yuki's music and beautiful girl at first I thought I will read something romantic, but then you make me burst to laugh! Butt? Ah, sorry, should I called it Rose from now on? Hahahaha.... Ah, Micky, you are such a bless for the world because you keep bring laughs to all who visit on your pages.

By the way, thank you for promoting my Hub. ^_^ How's my avatar now? It's better?

50 Caliber profile image

50 Caliber 6 years ago from Arizona

Salute! Mic, my brother, I enjoyed this after our heavy morning of trying to understand, the hatred this world holds. A beautiful piece of music as well! Love and peace, 50

Micky Dee profile image

Micky Dee 6 years ago Author

Freya, your avatar is beautiful! Just like everything else about you! I love you Girl! Why if I was forty years younger I'd... well... I'd still be an idiot! But- you're still a wonderful, beautiful person!

Micky Dee profile image

Micky Dee 6 years ago Author

Thank you Brother 50 Caliber Dude!

We'll try not to be rude,

But we have to take folks to school,

It's all about the Golden Rule!

Thanks Brother Man!

always exploring 6 years ago

I loved the ride, felt like i was in Japan listening to the music.

It,s bad to get in a rut,

all day long you sit on your butt,

thinking up stories that rhymes,

remembering all the good old times.

I like it when you take me for a ride,

it gets me up and going and proves that i haven,t died.

hee hee

Micky Dee profile image

Micky Dee 6 years ago Author

Rap on Always Exploring!

It makes you more adoring!

I love the way you rhyme!

You can ride on my handlebars -anytime!

prettydarkhorse profile image

prettydarkhorse 6 years ago from US

Hi Mick, how's your bum now still sore? just kidding, smile for me, Maita

Micky Dee profile image

Micky Dee 6 years ago Author

I'm grinning for you Maita! Thank you Dear!

Pollyannalana profile image

Pollyannalana 6 years ago from US

Wow I have to say...the music was great!

Micky Dee profile image

Micky Dee 6 years ago Author

I'm glad you enjoyed it Pollyannalana! You might check out Freya's hub. The musician is very versatile! Thank you Dear.

billyaustindillon profile image

billyaustindillon 6 years ago

A great chuckle Micky - I was reading through that Landis roid admission and accusing Armstrong of cheating etc - a very dirty sport at that end of it. Then I remember how much fun a relaxing ride is and I thought of you Micky - that is what riding is, enjoying nature, with your mates getting fit etc

Joy56 profile image

Joy56 6 years ago

pressure sores are not funny, and should never be ignored. Sometimes the only release is bed rest. A lot of the old people have a special ripple mattress, which is plugged in all the time, and moves slightly like the ripple of the ocean. It is being in one position, and getting hot that will aggrivate and indeed could turn into something so nasty it could eventually take a persons life

So now you know be aware, great hub, but you look after yourself do you here.....

Micky Dee profile image

Micky Dee 6 years ago Author

Yo Billyaustindillon! The upper echelon of cycling stinks in my opinion. But then again -so is baseball, football, etc. Professional athletes? Models? Rock stars? Get a real job. I appreciate the talent, strength, whatever but the heck with these and the rest of the "separated stars". I haven't had regular TV to watch current cycling ever really. I've bought all of Armstrong's TDF victories on DVD well after the event. Armstrong is a "study" in perfection in that race. Great story. I don't know him. I hear conflicting things. I don't care though. He is not my "idol" but no other athlete is.

God bless the SOLDIER! That's where America's heart should be. These athletes, actors, and other icons including the so called "leaders" of our country can get on the next train to hell for all I care.

Sorry. I just need to say God bless Michael Jordan. God did. He's building another gazillion dollar home somewhere. Geet a conscience Michael Jordan. There's a God out here. There is Karma. There is "something" out here that you should be listening to! It's suffering.

These people could wield so much power and do so much good. After getting past every defender and obstacle in life they can't get past themselves.

Sorry Billy. I got carried away again. There is hardly anything more fluidly beautiful than the bicycle. Thank you Sir!

Micky Dee profile image

Micky Dee 6 years ago Author

Joy, you are so right. I didn't bring up a friend of my who had to have a doctor's help with one. His saddle sore was as big as a golf ball. Mine isn't bad yet but I do want to ride a little "side-saddle". God bless Joy!!!

Pollyannalana profile image

Pollyannalana 6 years ago from US

Here's your chance to get rich.(assuming you aren't) Make and sell saddle cushions. And tell me why it makes any sense the guy has the bar, shouldn't they just all NOT have bars? Lovely music. Polly

Tammy Lochmann profile image

Tammy Lochmann 6 years ago

Funny...You aint seen a saddle sore until you've been a nurse for 16 years.

Micky Dee profile image

Micky Dee 6 years ago Author

Oh Dear Tammy I know you speak the truth! I actually use a "lube" occasionally that was meant for bed-sores. It's called "Lanticeptic". I use it just occasionally. Any of these "lubes" will seal the pores and cause trouble at some point. Thank you Ma'am!

Micky Dee profile image

Micky Dee 6 years ago Author

Yo Pollyannalana! I can't be rich!!! Why if I were rich, I'd be going around the world screwing it up. That's what I see rich people doing anyway.

The design of the modern bicycle hasn't changed for a hundred years really. The "bar" or "top-tube" is there for strength and stability. The same century old design is for sprinting and lasting. The ladies frame or "mixte" would be too flexible. Strong riders would need a more rigid "mens" design.

thank you for enjoying the music!

Leptirela profile image

Leptirela 6 years ago from I don't know half the time

Oh Micky D ...Micky D... heheeh :) I found my self laughing.. I love your hubs.. Though I found all above a lil ' humorous :) you made me smile... so how's that rear ?? :/ hah.

Micky Dee profile image

Micky Dee 6 years ago Author

Yo Leptirela! You know Leptirela, the saddle sore has not grown in size. I have kept it in check at least with the proper lube at the proper time. However- it has split in two! There are now two small ones. I guess they figure two heads are better than one. I think I may be able to out-smart a saddle sore! We'll see! Thank you Dear!

Darknlovely3436 profile image

Darknlovely3436 6 years ago from NewYork

great hub, and i enjoy the images, profound

Micky Dee profile image

Micky Dee 6 years ago Author

God bless Darknlovely!

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