When will the NFL team Denver Broncos appear in a Super Bowl again?

The Denver Broncos has appeared in the Super Bowl six times. They lost the first 4 times. They had lost in 1978, 1987, 1988 and 1990. Hence, at one point they were in the championship game three times in four years.

The Broncos were able to become victorious when they appeared in the Super Bowl in 1998 and 1999. John Elway had Mike Shanahan as his head coach for those games.

The other NFL teams that has appeared in the Super Bowl more times than the Broncos are the Dallas Cowboys (8), New England Patriots (7) and Pittsburgh Steelers (8). Also, the team made to the ultimate game when they were in a five-team division.

Can Peyton Manning be the third quarterback to lead the Broncos to the championship game? The other two were John Elway and Craig Morton.

Catch Passes From Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning has the following good players to throw the ball to:

Wide Receivers - Eric Decker, Demaryius Thomas and Wes Welker

Tight Ends - Joel Dressen and Jacob Tamme

As for the running back position, Peyton has the following players to hand the ball to: Lance Ball, Montee Ball, Ronnie Hillman and Knowshon Moreno.

Defensive Players

Linebacker Elvis Dumervil is now a Baltimore Raven only because of a paperwork snafu that his agent was responsible for.

The Broncos’ secondary players got burned by the Ravens in a divisional playoff game matchup at Denver. They lost the thrilling game in double overtime by a score of 38 - 35. Hence, they signed free agent cornerbacks Quentin Jammer and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. They also drafted cornerback Kayvon Webster in the third round.

Jack Del Rio is in his second year with the Broncos as the defensive coordinator.

Von Miller

Left side linebacker Von Miller was suspended for the first 4 games of the 2013 regular season. I don’t think his absence for one-fourth of the season would prevent the Broncos from winning their mediocre division. However, I do think it will affect their chance of repeating as the number one seeded team.

Head Coach

Head coach John Fox is in his third year with the Broncos. He now has Adam Gase as his offensive coordinator. He was promoted from quarterbacks coach.

John Elway

John played in the NFL from 1983 to 1998. he spent his entire playing career with the Broncos. In January 2011, he was hired to be the team’s executive vice president of football operations .

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Alphadogg16 profile image

Alphadogg16 3 years ago from Texas

well if they have a pretty good chance this season, they have the personnel, they look dam good on paper.......and you cant go wrong with Peyton Manning. However, that's why the play the games.....you cant measure another man/teams heart on paper. Im sure they will have a winning season at the very least.

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Whimsical Chair 3 years ago Author

Thank you Alphadogg16 for reading and commenting on my hub.

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