When your Outdoor Gear is a Serious Business

Rab - Latok Ice Gauntlet
Rab - Latok Ice Gauntlet

Out on the streets coats, jackets and trousers – indeed any item of clothing – need only to be in vogue and possessed of an element of street cred to be de rigueur. Practicality and functionality are often way down the list of priorities. In fact millions of youngsters will wear the same brand of jacket or the same design of jeans as a means of stressing their individuality.

When one is climbing a steep hill or a mountain the demands of the situation are somewhat different. The climatic conditions that one is likely to encounter call for clothing with certain specific qualities. Jackets need to be warm whilst at the same time breathable. Trousers need to be loose fitting and quick drying. A hat needs to be substantial, sufficiently so as to insulate the wearer against the worst of the elements. Gloves need to be warm to the wearer but comfortable enough to enable the handling of ice, or indeed of climbing equipment in icy conditions.

Clothes For Mountaineering

The challenge when producing clothes for mountaineering or rock climbing is to manufacture something that is light enough not to become a burden on the wearer, but at the same time capable of doing the job it was designed to do. In practice this can mean jackets comprising a lightweight softshell that is water and wind resistant whilst remaining entirely breathable, and trousers that are light, portable and quick to dry (pockets for essential provisions can also prove to be something of an asset on long expeditions).

Rab - Scimitar Jacket
Rab - Scimitar Jacket

Practical & Stylish

An excellent example of this calibre of specialist clothing is this practical scimitar jacket by Rab , which is available in two styles and four separate sizes.

Rab clothing is in fact perfectly suited to the serious climber or hill walker, combining supreme functionality with a discernible element of style.

Rab - Feather Beanie
Rab - Feather Beanie

Keep Your Head Warm!

Of course it is not only about coats and trousers. Most hill walkers would wear a hat, particularly in more adverse conditions. Rab produces this knitted feather beanie in a choice of colours, with an internal fleece headband, made from a blend of wool and recycled cotton. As well as providing essential heat the beanie is specifically designed to prevent irritation and itching.

Hill walking is not an endeavour to be taken lightly. Attempting it without the right clothing is like trying to jog with uncomfortable shoes. Properly equipped, however, it can be a thrilling and exciting experience for the participant, and a most rewarding challenge.


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