Who Dat?! The Saints Are Marching In

Saints Super bowl bound


                It’s a great time to be a New Orleans Saints fan. This team still remains undefeated for the season after taking on the undefeated New York Giants. Drew Brees once again proves to Saints fans that he is worthy of an M.V.P. award and also proves he is one of the best quarterbacks in the game. This game was the test to really see how good the Saints are, and they passed with flying colors. Both offense and defense were on point and showed no signs of slaking. After a few struggling seasons, the Saints have finally put together a dominant team along with a great leader in the back field for them.  Not only are the Saints having their best season yet, but talks about Saints being Super bowl bound does not sound impossible anymore. With the rest of the schedule in the Saints favor, with a few tough exceptions like the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots, the Saints look to have a very good chance of winning the division and making the playoffs for a chance of obtaining a Super bowl ring. So Saints fans keep asking that famous question, who dat, who dat say they going to beat them Saints? As long as the Saints keep marching to the sound of victory, fans get ready for the best season yet of Saints football.

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