Who Gets What Ball ? When? & Where Part Two

Who Gets What Ball? When & Where Part Two

Could it be that the marketing scheme of choose one or the other: chose for “spin” or chose for “distance” will disappear, and self-regulate?  The 1-2-3-iron did exactly that for the hybrid!  After almost two hundred years we finally figured it out - irons, hybrids, and the “sweeping metal driver and fairway clubs organized the “steep”, the “steep and sweep” , and the “sweep ” .angle of golf club motion.

An appeal to connect the everyday player to his/her ball, both in practice and play is through education!  Don’t separate your play and practice shots!  Connect them!  You don’t use range clubs to practice with, and then use your own on the golf course, do you?   Golf is “feel”!  Don’t separate!”

What golf ball company was it that had a ladies ball that was used by a PGA tour player?  The word got out  - other players tried and used it successfully .  Then it became the Laddy ball - no longer the Lassie.

Change the logo, but what of “feel”?  What ball suits your “feel” in what weather?  It’s not that the balls are not available.  Rather  we are told “spin” and “distance”.  The USGA and the Royal and Ancient should watch the behavior of the uneducated “spin” and “distance” survey participants.  “Winter Rules” will win out.  Start the golf hole with distance ball then change to the “spin” ball, along the way, to the green . 

The point being - play by the rules.  Play and practice by connecting your “feel”  Know the ball for you by weather variables.  Change your golf ball according to temperature change..  With so many “offerings” why not use them? 

Golf is diversified.  Many golf clubs on variable lie angles make golf a challenge unlike any other sport.  The golf ball should help us - not hinder us!  Making the correct choice goes beyond “spin” and “distance” The ball returns “feel” from the “strike” of the club head’s contact with it, and weather determines your choice of ball for a quality shot..

Could it be that the golf ball manufacturer’s dualistic survey of - this or that, or “spin” or “distance” should be a personal mantra of “ Don’t separate -

Jack  Thomsen   4-14-2009


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