Who will win the 2010/2011 English Premier League?

Who will take out the premier league 2010/11?

With the English Premier League is starting we take a look at who will take it out.


 Arsenal received a boost with skipper Cesc Fabrigas opting to stay with the Gunners for at least another year. The Gunners have held the lead coming into the end of the season a hand full of times over the last five years but have not managed to pull it off in a while. It's been a long wait for silverware for the loyal Arsenal fans.They have even stayed in contention towards the last few games of recent seasons but seem to always drop off towards the end. Will this be the year that Arsenal finally go all the way again?

Manchester United.

 They have certainly not had that same spark of excitement since the Cristiano Ronaldo days however a believing mental edge has kept them fairly strong. They lost the title last year and it seems as though the house could continue rolling down the hill this season. Without some strong managing and a top season from some of the players they will find it a tough fight to take out the title once again.


 Looking fairly strong despite a loss to Dutch team Ajax Amsterdam in a friendly not too long ago. Chelsea are the defending champions and will look to make it back to back titles this year. They know it won't be easy, but it's certainly possible and they will be title contenders from day one.


 This season will define a phase for Liverpool fans that they will be happy to have seen the last of. Liverpool have had a rough few years and will be looking for major improvement this season. They have a strong side and will definitely be pushing for the coveted top 4 spot. Whether they can make it, or even go better into the top two or three remains to be seen. The Liverpool faithful will be believing for a title and there is no doubt that it's a possibility. 

 There are other teams who will be going for the title this year but it seems as though the top four's dominance is yet to be properly challenged. There will come a season when a team from outside the top 4 will make a serious challenge at the title, and when that day comes it may herald in a new era in the English Premier League, which will be positive for the league over all, and in the long run it will also benefit the English National Team. The signs for this have been good, with games during the season becoming tougher each year. This will most likely continue this year and may again seen one of the top 4 teams finish 5th or more.

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Richard Craig profile image

Richard Craig 6 years ago from West Midlands, England

Hello and welcome to Hubpages. Nice to see a fresh face. Not bad for a first hub, you'll naturally get better through time.

My top 4; 1)Man Utd




aususaeast profile image

aususaeast 6 years ago from Aus Author

Thanks!! my first comment ever :D:D:D

Aiden Roberts profile image

Aiden Roberts 6 years ago from United Kingdom

Welcome you have made a great start.

My top 4



Manchester City

Manchester United

and Blackpool to finish in the top 10 :)

ronaldo brazil 6 years ago



manchester city



henry 6 years ago

'Arsenal will definitely win the premier league this season 2010/2011'. I said Chelsea will win last season and they did. I only like to predict the first position after putting one or two things together about the top teams.Please do not underestimate this quote.

jaye 6 years ago

Arsenal will win the 2010/2011 premier league title!!I predicted the champions league title and I said that inter millan will win they won!! DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE!

K-Nash 6 years ago

1. Man Utd

2. Arsenal

3. Chelsea

4. Man City

5. Tottenham

6. Liverpool

7. Aston Villa

8. Everton

9. Blackburn



12.Stoke City



15.West Brom



18.West Ham



Xz 6 years ago

1.arsenal 2.man u 3.man city 4.tottenham 5.Chelsea relagation: west ham, wolves, Wigan

Benny boy 6 years ago

Arsenal man u chelsea man city last-tothenham (arsenal supporter)

Xz 5 years ago

Arsenal will win by one point over man u

nimeeee7 5 years ago

manchester united will win the title this season! I have NO doubt about it....

Zx 5 years ago

Arsenal to do triple, champions league, barcalys premier league, and fa cup

aususaeast profile image

aususaeast 4 years ago from Aus Author

guess that didn't work out lols

aususaeast profile image

aususaeast 4 years ago from Aus Author

you were correct.. I think

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