Wilderness Survival Tips

1. Mental preparation is crucial. Survival experts, as well as wilderness adventurers in life or death situations, continue to reinforce that mental outlook is vital for survival situations. The will to survive, perseverance, and hope are the mainstay of the survival mentality. Avoid and be ready to deal with anxiety, fear and guilt.

2. Physical preparation is equally important. You should be in good physical condition. This means regular workouts for strength, endurance and cardiovascular conditioning. Always stay within your skill level and physical limits.

3. Formal instruction in wilderness travel and survival is mandatory. Regular practice and routine updates in information are important to keep skills fresh, especially those that are not used on a regular basis. Read and reread survival books.

4. Take cardiopulmonary resuscitation and first aid courses and study wilderness first aid books.

5. Gather equipment and check, repair and replace parts if needed. Change batteries in electronics. Replace first aid survival kit components that are outdated or were used on a previous trip.

6. Choose your partners wisely. They should have skills and mental and physical conditioning similar to yours. Remember in a survival situation you may be relying on them.

7. Plan your route and leave it with someone. Allow for changes in plan due to route or weather conditions.

9. Continually reevaluate road, trails and weather conditions and forecastts. Check with rangers for updates on conditions. Confirm camping and trail permits.

9. Be preparedd to abandon the trip if weather, trail or other conditions are not sage. 

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