Will Steven Pienaar Stay at Everton

Steven Pienaar

For the last few years Evertonians have struggled to accept that so many of their players are leaving to go to other clubs. Once Wayne Rooney left, they realised that no players would consider the clubs needs before their own, so however good a player is it is more that likely we will lose them at some stage.

Throughout the summer it seemed as if it would be Mikel Arteta who left. As he had been the fans favourite for some time, and also had been injured for some time, it was hard to face him leaving, and fortunately that did not happen.

Now it seems Steven Pienaar is playing the same game. He wont sign a new contract, and while the full details of it are not known, it wont be a small amount. It worked for Wayne Rooney at Manchester United, as it is reported that his salary was increased when he said he wanted to leave.

The decision the Everton board must make now is whether or not to be held to ransom by a player. They are not in a position to throw money at the full squad, so the teams loyalty will soon be tested. At a time when some people may be concerned about their jobs, and annoyed at the attitude of players who are paid more in a week than they are in a year, there is the likelihood that some supporters will stop going to the match, or at least going to as many.

At 28, it has been said that Pienaar always wanted to play in a number of countries, and by staying at Everton for a few more years, he may be too old to do that. He has previously played in Holland, but the chance to play in the Spanish or Italian leagues would be attractive to him.

Only time will tell if he stays or goes, but if he does decide to stay, there will be a large section of the Everton support who say a little prayer to the God that Steven believes is good.

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quicklysilver profile image

quicklysilver 6 years ago from wexford, ireland

get rid of him i say. i'd drop him if i was moyes. we are dependent on him now and i think we will suffer when he goes

Karonher profile image

Karonher 6 years ago from Liverpool Author

Thanks quicklysilver - at least he seems to be still putting the effort in unlike Lescott.

quicklysilver profile image

quicklysilver 6 years ago from wexford, ireland

Don't get me started on lescott.

Nice to see chelsea fall again yesterday

Karonher profile image

Karonher 6 years ago from Liverpool Author

And for me Newcastle as well.

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