Will Yuvraj Singh Return To Play Cricket?

Will Yuvraj Singh Return To Play Cricket?

Will Yuvraj Singh Return To Play Cricket?

Lets wish Yuvraj Singh a speedy recovery
Lets wish Yuvraj Singh a speedy recovery | Source

Will Yuvraj Singh Return To Play Cricket?

Cancer and Chemotherapy Treatment

It is very unfortunate that the leading young cricketer of India, Yuvraj Singh, has been diagnosed of cancer and is taking chemotherapy treatment in USA. The entire nation and his millions of fans are praying for his speedy recovery and his return to the game of cricket. I am one among them.

Yuvraj Singh and Raina Smashed Lee and Johnson to Win the Match

Yuvraj Singh delighted all in the last World Cup Cricket tournament with his all round capability. In fact he was declared as the player of the tournament and awarded a special prize for that. His all round ability won the World Cup for India for the second time after a gap of 28 years. Consistently Yuvraj Singh scored runs with his bat, took vital wickets with the ball, held important catches and showed his athleticism while fielding the ball and stopping boundary hits by the opponents. I particularly remember Yuvraj Singh’s partnership with Suresh Raina in the quarter finals with Australia. In that match, India was in a losing position with the last recognized pair Raina and Yuvraj Singh left. These two players showed aggression with maturity and handled Mitchell Johnson and Lee very efficiently. The Australians fought till the end. In fact they brought back the injured and bleeding Lee to the attack again. But Yuvraj Singh and Raina played well and took India to the semi finals.

Yuvraj Singh Did Not Perform Well In Last IPL Season

But in the last IPL season, Yuvraj Singh was very reticent and did not show any exemplary performance. I could guess that something was wrong with him then. But I did not imagine that it would be a big disease like cancer. Now that doctors have diagnosed that it is a cancer, I could understand the reason for the poor performance of Yuvraj Singh in the IPL season.

Medical Technology Is Well Developed

The question before everybody’s mind is whether Yuvraj Singh can get cured fully and come back to cricket. The American and Indian doctors have stated that Yuvraj Singh is suffering from a rare form of cancer. Since the cancer is not in the lungs but in between the lungs, the doctors say that it is fully curable. Moreover medical technology has developed to a great extent to help cure any disease now. This is what the doctors are telling and the fans are hoping.

Cancer Patient Played In the World Cup Football Tournament

But I have a small doubt. Please don’t mistake me. I am a well wisher and fan of Yuvraj Singh. But still a question troubles my mind. It is okay that the doctors can cure the cancer and Yuvraj Singh can return to cricket, fully cured. I fully trust the doctors’ statement. But the question is, after getting cured, will the cancer not appear again and spread? Right from Apple’s Steve Jobs to ordinary people, cancer treatment involves only temporary cure till date. Medical technology has not found out a permanent cure for cancer. Only mouth cancer and breast cancer are not fatal. In case of Yuvraj Singh, if the cured cancer again starts spreading, it will make playing cricket tougher and will necessitate more vigorous treatment. Will any qualified doctor clear my doubt? I again wish Yuvraj Singh speedy recovery and active participation in cricket. After all, a cancer patent had played even World Cup Football tournament at the highest level and performed well. If my memory is correct, he was a French player and his name was Joel Bats.

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