Wimbledon 2012 Tennis Fashion And Inspirations: Victoria Azarenka, Maria Kirilenko and Others

Probably some of you know that I'm not only a hubber, but also a blogger. And I have a tennis fashion blog Trendy Tennis. The blog gives information on fashion and trends in tennis, shopping ideas, beauty, health and self-improvement tips. Basically it's like Cosmo or Vogue, but from tennis perspective. Usually, when there is a Grand Slam going on (like Wimbledon right now), I write day by day tennis fashion reviews, and then do some conclusions having "Best" fashions we all should follow on court and "Worst" no-nos. But this time I decided to do something different and write not a blog post, but a hub on the Wimbledon fashions I found most tasteful for all of us, tennis players, to inspire, and may be to add to our tennis wardrobe. And yes, it's Wimbledon and everything is white... But by no means it means "boring". Try to colorize your white outfits with some bright accessories and you'll look great on any court!

1. Victoria Azarenka


First of all, I really liked Victoria Azarenka's dress. I actually love Nike line in "tropical twist" (yes, this is the name of pale green color they use in their summer collection) and this dress seemed pretty. But most of all, I love the shoes in tropical twist. No, these are not the shoes Vika wore on court (remember, it's Wimbledon, and all the players are wearing special grass shoes which are not sold in regular stores), but these shoes are REALLY nice, I've recently bought them, and not only they are comfortable and light, they look great with any outfit.

2. Venus Williams


I would never have believed I'd say that, but I really like this year Venus Williams' Wimbledon outfit. At last something nice looking. I especially like the back - seems very fashionable. The only disadvantage - it's not sold anywhere... At least for now...

3. Maria Kirilenko


I also do like Maria Kirilenko's Adidas Adipure dress. And I like it much better than the dress Adidas made for Ana Ivanovic, which looks really weird... Though I wouldn't buy Maria's dress for me, because high-waisted dresses don't look well on me. But I still recommend it to those who like dresses with high waist, as the dress really looks very stylish.

Runner-Up: Serena Williams


Well, this is the dress that looks really nice, but unfortunately not on Serena. On Serena it's too short and resembles nighty, as for me. Will I buy it? Oh yes! Especially with the purple shorts (which I happen to find in Adidas store). Serena really nailed it with the color!

What tennis clothing brand do you prefer?

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breathing profile image

breathing 4 years ago from Bangladesh

I think Nike is the best brand and Adidas is second. You have written a very good hub. They are my favorite tennis player. Thanks.

Shushanik profile image

Shushanik 4 years ago from San Francisco Bay Area Author

Thanks for the comment, breathing. I also like Nike the most, but usually look at different brands in search for something unique or to combine different brands together :)

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