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Who Is Gail Kim?

Gail Kim is a Canadain Wrestler who was born Feburary 20 1976. Gail is currently signed with the TNA . She is back with TNA again after she left and appeared with the WWE but was not happy there. Though she did get quite a push with WWE.

She began her pro wrestling career on the Canadian independent wrestling circuit where she went by the name LA Felina. In 2005 Gail was with TNA and she managed the TNA group Americas Most Wanted.

Gail currently lives in the United States in Tampa Florida where she also trains.

TNA Knock Out Champion

Gail Kim won the TNA Knock Out Championship in 2007. She won by defeating 10 other women in a Gauntlet Match. The current TNA Knockout Champion is Mickie James.

Gail Kim Tribute

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Gail Kim is the only current Wrestling Diva to have helt both the WWE Womens Championship title and the TNA Womens Championship title. Though it was at different times in her career it is still quite an accomplishment.

Gail Kim is of Korean ancestry and she has a extremly huge following in Korea and all of Asia for that matter. She is one of the most popular women wrestlers ever in Japan. You should see how the crowds go crazy when she makes an appearance in the orient.

Gail started her wrestling career on the independent wrestling circuit in Canada where she wrestled as " The Queen Of The Cats " She was hired by the WWE in 2002 after Molly Holly of the WWE saw her and encouraged her to send her tapes to the WWE. And as they say the rest is history.

She won the title at her first WWE event which was a seven woman battle royal. She helt the title for two weeks before she lost the title to Molly Holly who was getting a real push in the WWE at that time.

Gail Kim Is Currently With TNA Wrestling

Gail Kim at an autograph signing in 2008.
Gail Kim at an autograph signing in 2008.

TNA: Gail Kim Accepts The Women's Title

Gail Kim Won Her First Match In The WWE Winning The Womens Title

The first match Gail Kim fought in in the WWE she won the WWE Womens title. She has been back and forth between the WWE and TNA. The last time she was with the WWE she announced she was quiting the WWE via her Twitter account. She resigned with TNA in October 2011.

In 2012 Pro Wrestling Illustrated named Gail Kim the number one female wrestler in the world. And Gail Kim has lived up to it with TNA.

She was born in Toronto Ontario Canada on Feburary 20th 1977. Gail Kim married celebrity chef Robert Irvine in May of 2012. The couple had met on the set of Dinner Impossible. On August 18th 2012 the wedding of Gail Kim and Robert Irvine was shown on Irvines TV show Dinner Impossible.

Kim and Madison Rayne in January 2012.

Kim and Madison Rayne in January 2012.
Kim and Madison Rayne in January 2012.

Gail Kim Is Currently One Of TNA's Most Popular Divas

Gail Kim is currently one of the most popular Diva's in TNA. When she comes out to the ring the crowds go wild. And Kim seems to feel the electricity in the air because she always puts on a show that has the fans standing on their feet and shouting their support for Gail Kim.

The match in London against Tara was one of Gail Kims best ever matches. There is an enthusiasm with Gail Kim and TNA that you no longer see in the WWE. I would have to say that currently that TNA seems much more realistic than the WWE. If you can watch Gail Kim in action and you'll see that she gives it her all. She doesn't hold back. When she hits the ring she goes for it all.

To me Gail Kim is truly one of the best female wrestlers of all time. I would say the best three ever are Gail Kim, Trish Stratus, and Lita. Some people will say Stacy Keibler but in a real match I don't see her capable of competing with either of the three I mentioned.

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