Wooden Gun Cabinet for your Home

The type of home gun cabinet I prefer is made of wood, Walnut, Cherry, Stained Oak and Natural Oak finishes all look great. The Wooden Gun Cabinet for the home can be a unique and stylish fixture in your home, office, study or den. A place to proudly display all of your locked up firearms with Pride. I would bet that when your father was growing up he did not keep his firearms locked. These types of gun cabinets are not as secure as a gun safe but, a lock is designed to keep the firearm curiosity seeker away. They are made to fit into your style of furnishings and decor chosen for a room or home. A wooden gun cabinet could be made by you or made by a family member to be passed on to each generation.

There second basic types of home gun cabinet the metal gun cabinet. They are also designed to fit or match into your home, office, study or den. Some of these home gun cabinet or gun safes are light weight in comparison and are designed to be mounted to the floor or studs in the wall of a home or closet. Others weigh several hundred pounds. To make it tougher on any burglars break-in attempts. The main beliefs behind both are they are not to be easily carried out the back door. Most are made of steel and the cabinet’s hinges are hidden. This type of Gun storage sytems help stop a quick grab and run that most burglars prefer. Stack-on gun cabinet, American Furniture Classics gun cabinet and HOMAK gun cabinets are a few manufacturers that come to mind.

Having your family’s guns protected from unwanted visitors and burglars will give you sense of security in knowing that you have control over when and who has access to your firearms. Gun cabinets will keep your entire firearms safe from getting into the wrong hands. The small hands of a child would be considered the wrong hands. How must price would you put on your first gun or the ones passed down from father to son and now is in your care, if they were taken could you really replace them? Yes, you could buy a new one but, would it truly be the same?

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astrosurfer profile image

astrosurfer 7 years ago from Canada

Wow Ted,

I suppose that even if you don't have guns, these cabinets make for a fine piece of furniture, maybe I could use them for fishing rods.


Ted Waggoner profile image

Ted Waggoner 7 years ago Author

Thanks for your comments. I have seen a friend of mine have one of his pride rod and reel in his Gun cabinet It look good inside that glass case.

Anne A. 7 years ago

These look way nicer than the metal kind. I like the idea of using them for fishing rods too. And, I saw a cabinet made for guitars!

Joanne Greco profile image

Joanne Greco 7 years ago from USA

Nice cabinet in the picture at the top of the page. A neighbor of mine has one that looks just like it.

I've never been much into guns, but my husband & I just bought out first one.

MaryRae profile image

MaryRae 7 years ago

I really like the cabinet you showed in the photo. It looks like a nice curio cabinet.

Michelle 7 years ago

Hi Ted, i agreed with u that wood types of cabinets look stunning and stylish for rooms...perhaps they are my choices too....great hub....

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