Wrestilng Recap (1/20-1/24)

I didn’t do a recap of any of last week’s shows because I didn’t have much to write about. Basically Raw was filled with a bunch of rematches from weeks ago and Smackdown had a bunch of rematches from Raw, nothing of note happened other than Bryan getting out of the Wyatt’s family which brought forth a great sight with the entire arena chanting Yes with Bryan to close the show. TNA had nothing to offer either. It was the first part of their Genesis special but it just felt flat to me.

Raw 1/20

Raw opened up with Batista. The segment was overly long and a bit confusing. First of all is the fact that Batista is so close and nice to the Authority a sign that he is a heel or is it a sign that the Authority are faces? They really need to make up their minds on what they want to be, they can’t have it both ways. This wasn’t the best way to reintroduce Batista as it didn’t really accomplish anything other than making Orton look weak.

First match of the night was a six man tag between the Shield vs. the Rhodes brothers and Big E. Langston. Nice match that lasted around 10 minutes. It’s nice to see Rollins get the pin as I can’t recall the last time that he got one.

Bryan and Bray both had great promos although Bryan’s explanation was a bit weak but you can’t really blame him for that since that’s pretty much the only thing that makes some sort of sense. Hopefully their match at the Rumble will get enough time so that they can tell a good story and wrestle the match they want to wrestle.

Xavier Woods vs. Fandango typical throw away match. Fandango wins.

Kane having to apologize to CM Punk was not necessary since I don’t see this turning into anything. Does anyone actually want to see Punk wrestle Kane? CM Punk then has a very slow and boring match with a way to past his prime Billy Gunn. It’s nice to see him in such great shape especially at his age (50) but just like the Rock, ring rust has caught up to him and he can’t really wrestle a quality match anymore. Having CM Punk the number 1 entry to the Rumble makes things interesting. I don’t think he’s going to win it but who knows.

Rey Mysterio vs. Alberto Del Rio was a horrible match and I can’t be the only one that fells that way since the entire audience looked like they were asleep. I don’t know why WWE has these kind of matches last so long. Like last week’s horrible Kingston vs. Orton match this match lasted way to long for its own good. Batista coming out after the match was okay but he was rusty. Hopefully he can shake that off come this Sunday.

The Big show’s confrontation with Brock Lesnar was okay but I still feel like they don’t use Lesnar properly. He shouldn’t be just another superstar he should be protected and show as a beast. I get that they want him to look weaker then show and have him have someone who can man handle him but He should have gotten the upper hand this week leading up to the Rumble.

AJ Lee & Tamina Snuka vs. Naomi & Cameron was as expected, sloppy and short.

The Usos vs. Luke Harper and Erick Rowan was a boring match, too slow for my taste and nothing ever seemed to flow right. It probably should have been a much short match.

Randy Orton vs. Kofi Kingston wasn’t as bad as last week but that was probably because it didn’t last as long. The whole last segment was probably the worst thing I have since wrestling related in a long time. It was something straight out of TNA. Cena, Ortan and Kingston all seemed confused on what to do. Hopefully after Sunday they can move Cena onto something else since this rivalry is dead in the water.

ROH 1/18

For those of you who don’t know ROH TV can be watched online for free on their website every Thursday. They release a new episode a week after it has aired on Sinclair. This is my first time watching one of their TV shows and the first time watching ROH since there last PPV, Final Battle.

The show started off with a top prospects tournament that started last week. I didn’t see last week’s episode so can’t compete on the first two matches. The first match here though was the Romantic Touch vs. Andrew Everett. It was an okay match, short and had a lot of high spots. Everett reminds me of Pac but obviously he has a long way to go. He did a nice looking spring board shooting star and eventually won the match.

Prince Nana was on commentary and was not talking for some reason which just made thing awkward. Not sure if his mic just wasn’t working or what.

Jay Briscoe comes out to challenge the world champion Adam Cole. This is starting to get ridicules. Does every wrestling company currently have two world belts? WWE, TNA and ROH.

Up next was the last staring matches of the top prospect tournament. Cheeseburger vs. Hanson. This was a typical big man vs. little man match that didn’t last very long. Hanson won impressively kicking Cheeseburgers head off with a spinning wheel kick.

Mark Briscoe and Adam Page were supposed to have a match but it was interrupted by the Decade, Jimmy Rave, Roderick Strong and BJ Whitmer. This lead to a solid tag match between Jimmy Rave & Whitmer vs Mark and Page. Briscoe did a nice looking sideways flip DDV but he and Page couldn’t put the Decade away, Decade win.

Tommaso Ciampa vs. Silas Young was an okay match. It was competitive but the ending kind of felt a bit rushed and unorganized. This was a good hour of wrestling nothing like the old ROH but it was still fun to watch the newer guys.

TNA Impact 1/23

TNA’s Genesis part 2 kicked off with Dixie and the gang acting (poorly) nervous about the new investors. This redundant opening lead to Magnus heading down to the ring but not before Dixie ordered Rockstar Spud to find EC3. A few second later all three were heading down the ramp and into the ring. Rockstar is fast at finding people. This lead to more talking and Sting coming out to announce that Samoa Joe will be in his corner during the main event.

James Storm vs. Gunner for the “money in the bank” case was next. But before we get to the match we see Rockstar Spud walking backstage only to find Dixie in the same as earlier by her self doing nothing. She tells him that he will Face Joe later tonight. Back to the match. It ended up okay but the crowd was completely dead. There was a very ugly spot in the corner. Two men that big probably shouldn’t be doing top rope hurricanranas. Gunner won the match keeping his case. Not sure how or why they are going to continue this feud since it doesn’t really have any fuel to it.

Austin Aries vs. Chris Sabin was a good match but it was too short to be a great match. I have always felt that Aries was one of the best wrestlers in the world on the level of Daniel Bryan and CM Punk. Aries winning the X division belt should give him a bit of a boost.

Bobby Roode vs. Kurt Angle was a solid match but Kurt really doesn’t not need to be taking those kinds of bumps. It was crazy when he did the Moonsault off the top of the cage when he wrestled Benoit on Smackdown all those years ago but not it was just stupid. He’s too old to being doing that and shouldn’t have to.

Rockstar Spud vs. Samoa Joe was nothing more than a match meant to kill time. After that we got our main event, Sting vs. Magnus. It ended the same way as the AJ match two weeks ago a lot of interference but this time the fact that the faces didn’t do much to help made it that much worst. Was there really nothing else TNA could think of? Another bad ending.

Smackdown 1/24

Big Show & Rey Mysterio vs. the Real Americans open up Smackdown. There was a really awkward scene when the match went outside only to slowly return back to the ring. That was mostly aided by the lack of commentary. Big show wins showing off his strength and setting up his match with Lesnar.

Miz vs. Brodus Clay was great. Not because of the match itself but because Bad News Barrett came out on his podium and heckled through out the whole match. He should do this more often.

From now on I’m just skipping the Divas matches since they are the same each week.

Rybaxel vs. Los Matadores was a quick match that didn’t really lead to anything special. Rybaxel won. Next was a squash match between Rowan and Harper vs. the Prime Time Players. Harper and Rowan win. Another short match in Kingston vs. Fandango. Kingston wins. Nothing of note.

The main event was a ten man tag match. The shield & the Outlaws vs. the Usos & the Rhodes brothers & Big E Langston. This was a good match but it was only a set up for the mini battle royal that they always have at the last show before the Rumble. Overall this was a tame Smackdown with very short matches and not much else.


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