Yo Baby Skateboard Lessons As Seen On TV

Yo Baby Skateboard As Seen On TV

One thing I was never able to get when I was little, mainly because my Dad would never let us even try, was Skateboarding. My parents thought it was way to dangerous for me to do so I would have to wait to go over to my friends houses to be able to try and use their skateboards. The thing is that I was never able to actually get it. I'd get on the skateboard and it would be to wobbly and I never had the guts to try. I eventually did get the hang of it and would be able to push myself but I was always afraid to go to fast.

I think the main reason is that I had not pads and that I never got to have one to practice on at home so instead of being able to skate with my friends, I was stuck with rollerbladers...i.e. why my screen name is still Rollerblader.

Skateboarding has always been one of those things I wish I could do but now that I am a bit older, I think it is something I never will get to do. That is why when I saw the brand new infomercial for a product called Yo Baby or My Yo Baby, I had to write about it.

My Yo Baby is basically a mini skateboard for kids without any wheels. My Yo Baby teaches kids how to stand on a skateboard, balance and then even starts to teach them how to spin, jump and do some of the more basic skateboarding tricks. My Yo Baby not only helps to teach kids how to skateboard, but since it is in your own home, does not have wheels, etc... it seems like it may be a bit safer than trying it on the street with a real skateboard. It is kind of brilliant actually to teach kids how to skateboard on a small plastic version without wheels and I think that if My Yo Baby had existed when I was younger, my parents may have rethought about me getting to skateboard and I may not have had to rollerblade, which I still love, while all of my friends were skateboarding.

My Yo Baby skateboarding as seen on tv comes in 6 colors. My Yo Baby teaches you how to do tricks including a 180 and a Yollie. The instructional skateboarding dvd also teaches you how to use your Yo Baby Skateboard to learn other tricks like how to do a 360, a kick flip and even how to learn to walk the board. The infomercial for the Yo Baby as seen on tv Skateboard lessons kit included the Yo Baby Kick Flipper, Boarding Basics Skateboarding DVD lessons, The fitness poster and even stickers for you to play with or decorate with.

Yo Baby As Seen On TV skateboarding kit looks like an awesome way to learn how to skateboard and if it would have been around when I was a kid, my parents may have thought twice about allowing me to skateboard. I wish I would have had My Yo Baby when I was younger and even though I am a bit to old to skate board or learn how to skateboard, I am definitely going to send it to my Sister and see if it would be a good gift for my Niece. Skateboarding is one of the most popular sports when you are growing up and I always hated that I never got to learn how to do it. Luckily you can now buy Yo Baby and to me it looks like a much safer way to learn how to Skateboard.

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RollerbladerDC 4 years ago Author

Click the links in this post.

joe 5 years ago

where can you get this at

stephanie 5 years ago

i want 1 sssooo bad i just told my mom some of the comments and it was just my b-day a few days ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ruth 5 years ago

I really want a yo baby.

shaniarose 5 years ago

i would love to have a yo baby

Randy 5 years ago

i'm saving up all my money just to get one

Jacob 5 years ago

I realy want a yobaby

ERIC 5 years ago


colton 5 years ago

i seen it on tv and it was the first time i seen it lol

Lance 5 years ago

I might get 1 I think they are awesome

tristan 5 years ago

those kids were great

amy nockedville 6 years ago

i want a yo baby so bad that when my mom said no i tryed to use a real skate board i ran into my sister camille so my mom saw and said you need to learn to skate boarb so then she finally got me a yo baby and that is how i got my first yo baby.

RobSkate 6 years ago

cool skateboard

ST. BERNARD 6 years ago

So awesome i could tricks i havent tried before.

sixto 6 years ago

this is amazinge

ant 6 years ago

yeah i seen it on tv right now so i looked it up and i want it

Kale Anderson 6 years ago

yo. Baby looks cool I really want. One

ri 6 years ago

i wish i can get one but my mom said that i can get if i shar with my brother

kierra 6 years ago

this is cool

LaRuth  6 years ago

I want a myyo baby so bad.....it's not funny. My mom promised to get me one very soon. I can't wait!!!!!!

grace 6 years ago

yo baby is like so awesome you ghys halft to try it.

sidney 6 years ago

i love it. it is so cool and my sister has one she loved it i just tot her to watch .it and she well watch it like a movie she will fall and get back up and it is just so funny i just thoute i would tell you lol. love your friend

Kdog 6 years ago

it is the greatest thing invented.im getting one for me andmy friend.

Seven tec 9 aka Geo from 79 6 years ago

Nice, I in the fact that I can watch over as my little ones practice... 10 1/2 stars....

leslie 6 years ago

the bord is cool

jason  6 years ago

my yo baby is awesome

@l3x!$ 6 years ago

my bro has a skate board he knows how to ride it but no tricks im gonna get him one for his birthday so he can learn

austyn 6 years ago

im geting 1 next week but im sure its going tobe awsome

maryjo 6 years ago


michael  6 years ago

I haven't tried youbaby yet, but i think its going to blow your guts out

cdog 6 years ago

i'm going to get one

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RollerbladerDC 6 years ago Author

I do to. Seriously cool product!

aaliyah 6 years ago

the myyobaby board is geniuse i like

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