Youth Baseball Players: Never Give Up

I know it's hard for kids in youth baseball to believe they can come back from a big deficit. That's why it's so important for youth baseball coaches to provide real life examples of this instead of just talking about it. Well, here is a very recent example to share with your kids baseball team.

The 2008 NCAA Division 1 College World Series Super Regional Playoffs were held this past weekend. The LSU Tigers scored 5 runs in the top of the ninth inning to defeat the University of California -Irvine 9-7. That comeback helped LSU to win the next game, clinch the series and move on to the NCAA College World Series finals! Wow! what a story.

Now, let's be honest, these sensational comebacks aren't common, but when they do, we need to take advantage of them. I mean, what a great example to share with your kids baseball team - that by remaining strong, committed and confident we can overcome failure.

At the same time, we need to teach our young baseball players to remain confident and committed even when they lose. Believe it or not. failure is the key to success - the ability to accept it, learn from it and come back from it is what makes the successful people stand out!

Young players will continue to to doubt themselves! That's why the kids baseball coaches will constantly need to pick them up, brush them off and send them back out on that field.

How many personal success stories have you heard about? What do they all have in common? Failure, they all have failed but weren't afraid to fail; they overcame it, and eventually succeeded - must like the LSU Tigers.


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