Yuvraj Singh Selected in Indian T20 squad : Sept 5 2012

Yuvraj Singh Returns

The warrior of the Indian Cricket Team, Yuvraj Singh, who was the hero of the world cup 2011, is back. Yes, good news for millions of Indian Cricket fans has arrived. Yuvraj Singh is completely fit and has been selected in the squad for two T20 matches against New Zealand and also the ICC World T20.

Yuvraj Singh had undergone chemotherapy in Boston for cancer and now fully recovered from the disease. The warrior is ready to make his comeback in the international cricket and hopefully it will be a great to watch him play again in the blue jersey.

Indian Cricket is blessed to have such a brave soul on their side. I sincerely congratulate Yuvraj Singh on his selection in the Indian Cricket team and hope that he gives a great show to the millions of audience who would be watching him play again!

Please wish Yuvi Goodluck for his second innings of his life in comment's section!

Squad for T20 against New Zealand and ICC World T20 : Dhoni (captain), Gambhir (vice-Captain), Sehwag, Raina, Kohli, Yuvraj Singh, Irfan Pathan, Ashwin, Zaheer, L. Balaji, Ashok Dinda, Rohit Sharma, Chawla, Harbhajan Singh, Manoj Tiwary.

Six Consecutive Sixes

Update: April 9 2012

The good news for Yuvraj Singh's and Indian Cricket fans has arrived. Yuvi's cancer has been treated who had been undergoing the chemotherapy in Boston. Yuvraj Singh is currently in London and is recovering from the cancer at very fast speed.
Yuvraj tweeted today on april 8th, "finally the day has come ! i am going home tomorrow ! cant wait , excited to see my friends and family ..see you india!! mera bharat mahan !"

It was good to see Yuvraj Singh's tweet about about his return to India and his feelings about missing his family and India.
The cricketer, however will not be playing cricket for a few more months and expected to return on the field in the end of 2012.

Yuvraj was discharged from his hospital in Boston last month, where he was undergoing chemotherapy for lung cancer. He will be announcing his future plans and details about treatment received in Boston when he reaches India.

Throughout his treatement, the Yuvi was active on Twitter and thanked well-wishers for their prayers and support. Lance Armstrong (his idol for fighting away the cancer) wrote to him on Thursday to forget the past and live strong.


The news about Yuvraj Singh’s Cancer has come as a shocker to the whole nation and cricket lovers around the world. The story that has been headline for most of the famous newspapers says that the star all rounder and the player because of whom India won the world cup 2011 has been diagnosed with cancer. But, fortunately the cancer is not life threatening and is curable. Yuvraj Singh’s doctor Nitesh Rohatgi says that he is confident that Yuvraj will recover from the tumour and can resume training in 10 weeks.

Rohatgi reported that Yuvraj is not suffering from lung cancer; it is a tumour which is located between the lungs. It’s a rare disease but it is curable. The disease which Yuvraj is suffering from is called mediastinal seminoma in medical terms.

Yuvraj Singh has been undergoing chemotherapy for 2 weeks now and only 7 weeks remain now. He is in United States for his treatment and the doctor says that he can resume training as soon as his condition improves.

As we all know that Yuvraj Singh has always been a fighter and let us hope that he proves it again and return to the Indian Cricket team with a bang!

His father Yograj singh also said the same thing about him like the whole nation is saying that Yuvraj singh will fight his cancer and will return on the field as soon as possible.

What is the present condition of Yuvraj Singh

At present Yuvraj Singh is in Boston( United States) undergoing chemotherapy(a treatment of cancer). He has been under treatment for 2 weeks of the total 9 weeks and as a common after effect of the medicines he has started losing weight.

Yuvraj Singh will be recovering from the disease soon and expected to return in April. However, Yuvraj will not be playing in IPL season 5.

Yuvraj Singh Hair Gone Picture

On Friday, 10th feb 2012, Yuvraj posted a picture on twitter with a message "Finally the hair has gone, But #livstrong #yuvstrong.". Yuvraj Singh has said that he is recovering from the disease and will be back in the Indian Cricket Team very strongly. Yuvraj thanked his fans for all their prayers and love and wishes of his recovery.

Yuvraj Singh has been Undergoing the Chemotherapy in the Cancer Research Institute in Boston since last one month. And in his free time he has been reading the autobiography of Cyclist Lance Armstrong seeking for an inspiration. Lance Armstrong was also diagnosed with cancer and he fought his cancer and won the world title in cycling. Yuvraj Singh is been treated by the same doctor who treated Lance Armstrong.

Yuvraj Singh posted a picture in which he has lost his hair due to chemotherapy. The chemotherapy involves high doses of medicines which reacts on the other parts of body such as hair fall, fatigue, tendency to lose blood easily etc. and as a result of this chemotherapy for last one month Yuvraj Singh has started showing signs of hairloss.

Yuvraj Singh's Cancer almost cured!

February 16, 2012, Boston: Good news for all Indian cricket fans and specially Yuvraj Singh's fan as Yuvi revealed that the caner treatment he has been undergoing is working and the tumour is almost gone from between his lungs. The doctors confirmed that the condition of yuvraj singh is better and the tumour which was located between his lungs has been almost out of his body.

Share the good news with your facebook friends! :)

Congratulations Yuvi for the comeback :)

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Smitha Dsouza 5 years ago

Yuraj i love and so do the whole world,we all will pray for ur good health.



mohitmitm profile image

mohitmitm 5 years ago Author

@smitha dsouza - yes every indian is praying for him..and hoping for him to return asap on the cricket field

Hadique hadi 5 years ago

Yuvi, you is a fighter , so you can fight against cancer. Hope u will back on ground as soon as possible.

Anand 5 years ago

yuvraj we love you and we pray for you.Get well soon and come back soon in ground.

namrata 5 years ago

gt well soon ..

suga 5 years ago

all indians are praying for you.get well soon.

VINOD GANESH 5 years ago


Shantanu 5 years ago

I pray god for you.You well soon

Sunil 5 years ago

Get well soon yuvi we loves u

zunee khan 5 years ago

get wel soon....dying 2 c u on field

mitul 5 years ago

yuvraj(india hero) plzzz rtrn..................

Annie Grover 5 years ago

Get well soon... waiting for u!!!

azhar uddin aanshu 5 years ago

yuvi dn afraid we all r praying for u & we all knw that u r the fighter. U will get well soon. U r the HERO Of our nation. Luv u yuvi.

chandra 5 years ago

we pray to got eagerly waiting to come back

NABAJIT PAUL 5 years ago

come back yubi. I think Team is waiting for you

bhargav rajvir 5 years ago

Get well soon yuvi we loves u

bhagya mohanty 5 years ago

get well soon we want to see in field

god will make everything ok.............

latha 5 years ago

may lord jesus cures you and all my prayers be with you

Deepti 5 years ago

Get Well Soon!!!!

Mohan is playing poker! 5 years ago

get well soon my swt cute yuve...plz pray for all.............cum back soon..... thank u jesus amen..

Shivlanki Tirumala Rao 5 years ago

You r pride of a nation, congratulation on soon recovery.

natarajan 5 years ago

get well soon yuvi.....we are all waiting for you

Stanly Moses 5 years ago

Wanna See one more 666666 from you soon.

kruthi 5 years ago

get well soon yuvi....................

soumi 5 years ago

get well soon.......................god bless

mohitmitm profile image

mohitmitm 5 years ago Author

@everybody- all your prayers are working. Yuvi is getting better day by day and soon he will be back in the indian cricket team.

Ankit Jain 5 years ago

Indian's are fighter not a loser.................YUVI get well back and show the australia that what is INDIA.....................

Thimmaiah 5 years ago

You will be alright man

We all are praying for you


l love u yuvi i stope watching india's match coz i love yuvi ur d backbone of indian middle order

alwin 5 years ago

our odi team is suffering huge defeats plz come soon and save our team yuvi (the prince of punjab)....

Darpan kanojiya 5 years ago

Yuvi u r my idol ....sure u will get well soon n srve for d nation ....ours teams conditions's vry bad without u.....millons fighters toghthr make one yuvi cancer is a vry small challnge fr u....get welll soon..we all r praying for u...:):)

sk 5 years ago

yuvi get wall soon

kisho 5 years ago

yuvraj God's heall u.

sneha 5 years ago

yuvraj ua d gem nd rock star of our indian cricket team .. v r praying 4 u !!! jus. dnt loose ua hopes. ul b-com alr8 sooonnn nd b bck 2 our team . v luv u . ul get vel soon

girish kumar 5 years ago

yuvi get well soon....

malathi 5 years ago

U r the HERO Of our Nation. Get well soon n god bless u dear.

V s tomar 5 years ago

You are strong man and you have nothing to worry about

You will bring the cup home in 2015

I believe in you

Riyaz Hyd 4 years ago

Comeback soon yuvi

Riyaz Ahmed Bhainsa 4 years ago

you are not in CB Series the team had lost come back yuvi

i am praying for you

balaji 4 years ago

get well soon yuvi

lokeshkolla 4 years ago

get well soon UV india is waiting for u!!!

navdeep banna 4 years ago

hi every body...dont worry yuvraj is cured and will come back in 6 months

Sarwar alam Muzaffarpur 4 years ago

Yuvi get well soon.....

mohitmitm profile image

mohitmitm 4 years ago Author

The prayers of all indians are with yuvi..he will surely come back in the squad and make the life of bowlers like hell

yuvi 4 years ago

this video is gift 2 yuvraj from me


sonal patil 4 years ago

yuvi aap to hajaro me 1 ho

hum subki duwaye aap ke saath hai

come soon in criket god bless u

shanto 4 years ago

Get well soon.We are waiting for another 6 sixes.

Amand 4 years ago

Yuvi you will get cured:-) god is there for you:-) and whole indians praying for you. Waiting for another six sixer:-)

nikita 4 years ago

UV u r gonna b alrit,

dnt worry v all r praying fr u nthng will.happen v all r wid u:-)

tc get well soon:-)

pushpaletha sasikumar 4 years ago

get well soon

pushpaletha sasikumar 4 years ago

hi yuvi , i am diagnosed with cancer recently .Now I am undergoing chemotherapy . Your articles are real inspirations . i am praying for me and you too.


mohitmitm profile image

mohitmitm 4 years ago Author

@pushpaletha - god bless you!

vibha 4 years ago

yuvi get well soon we are waiting to see you on field at the earliest. you are brave. you will be back wishing you a long and happy life ahead

Om Prakash Mishra 4 years ago

Hi Yuvi, Pl. be Optimistic. We think you will get well very soon and gift us another T20 trophy in 2012

shardul 4 years ago

yuvi get well soon man.your indian cricket team is waiting for you.

anand kumar edhara 4 years ago

yuvi come soon ur bat is waiting for u we love u get well soon

pawar sanjay r 4 years ago

you are the hero of youth..and idole..u must come back ..u will come..because i r our ...hero..our hero..real hero..

bhaskar 4 years ago

come on yuvi ur d record maker



Sachin 4 years ago

EvêrybodY Is waiting for u to se e you on the field cøme soon,"..............,. Còngrats for geting cured from cancer :-):-):-)INDIA IS WAITING FR U YuviB-) :-P we pray to god for ur bright future.#;-)

Ayush 4 years ago

First i wil appreciate the medical team for giving proper treatment to king of india and best wishes to yuviB-) for his upcoming life:-):-)come soøn on the field

Waleed haroon 4 years ago

hey I am not indian but i am a human 2 like every cricket fan i hope that yuvi gets well soon and may Allah save u :)

sunil chauhan 4 years ago

yovi is the fighter man.he will wins upon the cancer i am sure and i am prays to our god he will gave more & more power to yovi with the fight of cancer.

vahe guru ji ka khalsa vahe guru g ki fateh

priti 4 years ago

hey yuvi, my mother is also suffering from cacer.i requesr u to help those who cann't affored its expensive treatment/

mohitmitm profile image

mohitmitm 4 years ago Author

Congrats Yuvi and all Yuvi's fans. We will be watching him play again soon on sept8 :)

Pushpendr 4 years ago

get well soon we need you

Sarthak 4 years ago

you r the best cicketer in the word

MUN... 4 years ago


BESTTTT OF LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mehul 4 years ago

yuvi dont worry . everything will be alright

suyog y. kalani 4 years ago

get well soon !!!!!!!

whole world wants to see yo playing.......

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