Airsoft Masks

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Airsoft Masks

A Little Background

Airsoft is defined to be a sport or a recreational activity in which the players shoot each other non-metal pellets (still hurts though) via special ‘firearms.’

Airsoft guns are produced to imitate real guns and due to this, several restrictions have been placed to avoid confusion when bringing airsoft guns to public places.

Airsoft makes use of several accessories including masks which is the topic of this article.

A Little History on the Sport

Airsoft unlike other popular sports is relatively younger. Airsoft as we know it today originally was played first in Japan during the 70s. It came to other countries like China, Hong Kong, and the UK (thanks to globalization) in the 80s where its popularity increased a hundredfold.

Are airsoft masks necessary?

Unlike paint ball, airsoft makes use of solid spherical projectiles. They aren’t fatal, but they can still hurt. Wearing face masks during the game is necessary, as getting hit in the face would likely to cause an injury like a broken nose or a cracked lip.

Airsoft Mask
Airsoft Mask

Types of Airsoft Masks

There are different kinds of masks used in this game. Some of these are:

  • Full faced mask. Obviously by its name, it covers your full face for maximum protection. You’ll look like a bad guy though.

  • Meshed masks. Usually used by those who wear glasses, they offer good protection while at the same time remains comfortable.

  • Eye goggles. This basically protects the eye specially. For full protection of your nose, mouth and other parts of the face, better go for other kinds.

What to look for when buying airsoft masks

Like with other sports accessories, there are lots of things that you should consider first before getting it for yourself. For airsoft masks, some of them are as follows:

  • Comfort. Nothing is more frustrating than playing with an uncomfortable mask. When buying masks, be sure to try them out first. Check if they’re too tight or too loose, and ask for other sizes if there are. Remember that his factor is the most important, and hence it should be at the top of your mask priorities.

  • Vision. Airsoft is a combat game, and to be able to play the game fully you’ll need to have a mask that is fit for your field of vision. Some masks have very limited field of vision, especially the rentable ones.

  • Design. Of course your mask’s design should be at least decent. There are lots of cool airsoft masks available today, with the most popular being the skull airsoft masks and the army of two airsoft masks models. There are also custom masks available, though they usually cost more than the ready-made ones. If you’re all out for the style, then fully customized airsoft masks might be the one for you.

  • Check the material the mask is made of. Though there are standards for this, it’s always best to make sure. Also, check if mist accumulates on the glass and if the foam inside mold according to the shape of your face.

There are lots of things to remember and think through when buying airsoft masks. Hence you should be vigilant with it.

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