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Do women feel like Fantasy Football is not meant for them?

I've noticed a growing interest in FFL amongst women I know and wanted a larger pool to see if this isn't just in my circles. To answer my own question, no. Many women who I've spoken to either had an interest in playing without my help or didn't play because they didn't understand it. One lady even said, "Had I known more of how it worked, I would have done it years ago. It's more fun than other types of games I spent a lot of time on and I'm not even a football fan. Now, it's something my husband and I spend a lot of time together doing."

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4 years ago
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Daniel Robbins (Cre8tor) says

5 years ago
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5 years ago
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Brian Baird says

5 years ago
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    Jay C OBrien 2 years ago

    Just keep in mind that Football itself is a fantasy. It is a made up game contained in a made up space with made up penalties. People buy into the fantasy which is football and spend billions of dollars on it. How might that money be better spent?