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Should the Olympic Games be discontinued?

Hosting the Olympics is nice for national pride and tourism but the cost of the event has become staggering. Building sports facilities, Olympic villages and the temporary drain to have extra security, transportation, city maintenance and etc. Another cost is finding and buying land in order to place the Olympics inside already congested cities. Very few countries/ cities can afford to host the Olympics now. Has the original point of the Olympics, bringing the world together in peace, been lost? Have the Olympics become too exclusive and outgrown their reason for being?

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Best Answer sradie says

4 years ago
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    Laura Brown (That Grrl) 4 years ago

    I wrote a Hub post about the abandoned and decaying Olympic sites of the past.

    Even if they break up the Olympics, as they have for the Winter Olympics, there are still over 200 countries and their athletes to be given food, shelter, etc.

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Sarah C Nason (Sarah Christina) says

4 years ago
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