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Don't you think it's time for the National League to adopt the designated hitter?

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CJ Kelly (lions44) says

3 years ago
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  • mfb711 3 years ago

    In answer to Lions, I'm not so committed to my own point of view that I'm unable to see a different way of thinking. I believe that either both leagues should have the DH or neither league should have it. Two different styles of baseball? Not for me

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William (William15) says

3 years ago
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Patrick Howes says

2 years ago
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  • lions44 profile image

    CJ Kelly (lions44) 2 years ago

    Thx Mr. Howes. As much as I'd like to see it go away, with the falling power #s in MLB, they will get desperate and adopt it in the NL.


mfb711 says

3 years ago
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